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    Day 6 - Sept. 7: I did it, you guys! I DID IT. I survived the baker’s market without eating any sweets. But oh man, it was touch and go there for a bit. I’m in Charlotte, NC, and it was 95 degrees today. Our table was outside on asphalt for 6 hours, it was SO HOT, and all I wanted was a damn cookie. It might not have been smart to do this during the “kill all the things” phase. My poor husband. But I prevailed! Thankfully I planned ahead and did a good job having things that were filling and easy. So here’s what I ate: Breakfast: scrambled eggs with some bacon crumbles and a dash of truffle oil Lunch: turkey burger on lettuce with tomato and compliant mayo Dinner: seasoned chicken with roasted broccoli and mashed potatoes. This was our first time using ghee and it was delish! We needed something hearty after sweating outside for so long. My energy level is better today than yesterday, which was much needed. And overall I’m feeling good! I’m much less testy now that I’m in AC away from good-smelling sweets. What are you guys prepping for the week tomorrow?
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    This might be a good thing to discuss with a nutritionist, especially if you can find one who is friendly to eating whole foods/paleo, to get more details on this. I am definitely not a doctor or an expert, but because one thing that often happens, even in people who are eating three meals a day, is that they undereat while doing Whole30 -- usually completely inadvertently, they just don't realize how few calories there can be even in what often feels like a large volume of food -- I would suggest setting a time for 4-5 hours between meals, and eat something. Try to make sure you're eating some protein, some fat, and some vegetables each time, but if you cannot stomach a full meal in one sitting, the portions might be smaller than called for, but aim for that kind of ratio. I think your hunger cues will become more normalized if you are eating on a schedule anyway, I don't think waiting for them to just happen, when they don't appear to have been happening before, is going to suddenly start working. But again, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or any kind of expert. I just know that undereating is not good for you, and this seems like a way to help ensure that you get enough food.
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    My husband birthday is only two weeks two, and I don't have any presents but that's ok. My only issue is CAKE. I'll be making one for him, and I would like to try it indeed
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    JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th

    You did it, of course you did! And from now on things are gonna look quite easier, you'll see, because your body is adjusting and because compared to that market pretty much any situation will be less stressful for a healthy diet. You are gonna do great! I don't do a lot of prepping on Sunday, I usually prep ingredients the day before I'm gonna eat them (and for those I use frequently I make a larger batch to store) but not huge Sunday prepping for me
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    They don't? They do sound like a whole lot to me, honestly. I only have one week to finish my Whole30 and I doubt my scale will show such a big difference, I'm sure it's gonna be tiny. But it's ok, because it has helped me to move in the right direction, so I'm happy I'm doing this. If the scale is not helping you, and you have already learned different ways to measure your improvements, DITCH IT. I mean it. Amen.
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    KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand

    its the early morning of DAY 6 for me (6.14 am NZ time Saturday 7th Sept as I start to write) I haven't slept much at all. Tossed and turned again for most of the night with indegistion and gas - sorry Its the second night in a row and now I'm not sure if its coconut milk that doesn't agrees with me... Heck I hope not!! Last night I had a portion of quick curry which I made using up the half can of Coconut milk leftover from the Shepherds Pie recipe the night before. I'm really struggling with breakfasts - have I mentioned that before? Its the main thing on my mind these days.... I do plan the night before but I do try to recall, when I wake in the middle of the night, what it was I decided to have for brekky the next day ?! Poached eggs and bacon was the most normal I've had in the past 6 days. I sat my eggs on a handful of spinach leaves and forced those down with it. Another thing I'm struggling with is food wastage - if I don't like it, its into the compost - I think my hubby is going to need a second bin real soon, what with the veg peelings and my throw outs, well at least the garden will appreciate it. @Emma, I haven't mentioned those before. And the dressings! I cant eat that much Mayo or Ranch Dressing (made from the Mayo) within 3 days.. I guess I'll have to mess with the recipes and attempt smaller batches. Hey look at me, messing with recipes!! I wouldn't have thought of attempting something like that 6 days ago. Anyways, I do have a few things in the freezer now for my lunches at work next week, and I'll make Protein Salads to mix it up a bit. I must say that the Day By Day is really helping, its like Melissa is a mind reader. LOL I'd be lost without it. Oh, and I am starting to like black coffee - I think I've had about 4 now in the past 6 days (that's a massive drop from at least 4-6 "flat whites" as we call them her in New Zealand. (it originated here by the way - just saying), which is a double shot espresso topped up with milk, less milkier than a latte. I'm off to the supermarket today to stock on some items for the coming week.....Stay strong peoples. We got this.
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    Picky Eater

    On my humble opinion, Whole30 is great for picky eaters. It forces you to try new things. I don't like tomato, but here I am eating it just because otherwise my salad would be too boring
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    KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand

    Thanks HEAPS Emma. It will be a whole different ball game this coming week when I am back at work! LOL
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    Prairie Dawn

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Wow, congratulations! Twelve pounds is AWESOME and all those other victories are awesome as well (more awesome, I'd say - totally feel you on the tyranny of the scale). You sound super chill and like you've hit a place where you know stress is going to be a part of life but it doesn't derail you from your goals. It's pretty inspiring to read
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    Can I have Iaso Tea?

    Technically, this one is compliant. It still contains a laxative, and a diuretic, so if you choose to drink this, drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
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    I will admit I'm sceptical about the whole sugar hangover thing. Do I feel awful after eating a whole bag of gummies in one sitting? Of course! But feeling like I've had a big night out the day after a piece of cake? I don't see why I would. Sugar isn't a foreign concept to the body - everything we eat is processed to glucose by the liver. Eating it as already glucose makes it hit the bloodstream faster, but that's really it. My grandparents ate cake every day and they never seemed to suffer for it. Sugar isn't an allergen, and intolerance of it is incredibly rare (fructose aside). Sugar is being majorly demonised at the moment - it's like fat in the 90s. There is no question that it's often "empty" calories, unless you need a boost of energy ASAP (think marathon runners and the like), but it's not only natural (yup, even the refined stuff!) but our bodies actually produce it. Our bodies of course produce a lot of things that an excess of would be a very bad idea (acid, formaldehyde to name a couple) but as far as non-toxic substances floating around in there, sugar (glucose) is a big one. So I'm interested to see how my sugar reintro goes, but I'm one of the folk who is expecting sugar to be the least of my issues.