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    Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)

    How enlightening! You're absolutely right - his choices don't dictate yours. I get so angry with my husband for sticking with the SAD diet. But he makes his own choices. It really only impacts me when we go out to dinner, and even then, I still get to make my own choices. Here's to doing our own Whole30s!
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    My mindless eating shows up a little differently, but I get you! This experiment has definitely shown me how much I was doing. I didn't realize how often I would eat a bite(s) of what my kids were snacking on, finish their dinners when they didn't, or lick the top of their yogurt container lid before throwing it away. I thought treats at work would be hard too, but I've noticed I need to stop and think before automatically popping something in my mouth. I can see how this will be a good habit to develop, Whole30 and beyond. if I had to pick a word to describe my first two weeks, it would be "consciousness" or "mindfulness". And I'm glad you shared that comment about being forced to finish dinner. As a parent, I pretty much question everything I'm doing (though you'd never admit that to your kids). It's hard to distinguish sometimes whether my kids just don't want to eat what I cooked or if they are legitimately full/not hungry. Regardless, if they've eaten a reasonable amount, we don't force them to finish everything on their plate (and we also try not to give them snacks after dinner so that they learn dinner is the last meal and they need to eat if they are hungry). Long rambling, but I guess what I've learned is to give them small portions and they can always have more if needed. I know "seconds" is generally frowned upon in dieting mentalities, but I think if you're trying to work on that guilty feeling/need to finish the food on your plate, it might worth a try and help you listen to your hunger signals (though I know you mentioned it in context to mindless eating...not necessarily meals)
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    Yes! The Primal Kitchen dressings/marinades are pretty good. We also bought the ranch one, it's ok...I feel like I could make the same thing at home for less money, but hey, convenience. Yes...the smells were wonderful at the fair and I did eat vicariously through everyone else, heheh. Good luck @MadyVanilla on your W30--how's it going? Today I am HALF WAY! It's going very well! I've been working out a lot too so I'm a little more tired than usual, but feel great! I want to continue even after day 30
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    A pound a week is great! I'm also losing weight and I've gotten on the scale at home, but it isn't really accurate so I don't really know how much until I use the one at the gym. It doesn't really matter because I can see and feel how clothes are sitting on me differently. Today I put on a jacket that was tight last winter and now it's loose. It was a really nice feeling. And my pants are dragging around my feet again because there is less leg to lift up the material. It's all good stuff. The sugar dragon is scary. I also have a tame gecko. I might even have a reptile free house at this point. In fact, I think I do. But I know, just like spiders seep in through the crevices when it rains, so do geckos, lizards, anoles, and dragons. Congratulations to getting through the weekend urges and the comment about it being an effort every day. Right now, I'm not feeling much effort, but I also feel like I'm cheating because I'm not going out of my safe zone - which is fine for now, but the real work is being able to eat and drink other things without going down the chute. Work today was so much better than yesterday. Home life this evening was good too. Not great, but good. There's so much to get done and I'm still so thankful that I've got this energy and health to muster through it fairly gracefully. Last night in bed I pictured myself waking up early and taking the dog for a walk. It was such a nice idea. And then this morning I woke up early and made coffee and read the computer. A walk would have been nice, but the coffee was nice too. Walking might be better for my soul, but my being is feeling a bit taxed so I'm not making myself do anything. Thus, why I haven't gone to the gym also. For dinner tonight, I again had my zucchini, onion, egg thing. It was filling and good. Before that, Ii chowed down on a bunch of cashews and salami which wasn't so good. And right before that I had a Greek Salad with feta cheese. It was a lot to eat in a short period of time, but overall, no big negatives. I might be a bit bloated, but not anything uncomfortable. I saw my chowing down behaviors and realized I needed to make something more substantial. Once I ate the zucchini egg dish, the pillaging stopped. Tomorrow will be a hard day too with lots of kid activities after school into the evening so I'm going to have to plan ahead. Maybe I can run to the store in the morning and pick up some more greens and veggies. Or maybe I can cook up the lamb and cabbage that's in the fridge when I wake up. Alas, no onions in the house! Who knows what the morning will bring. I'm off to sleep and will hopefully wake up early.
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    Day 3 (9/17/19) M1: three eggs + roasted bell pepper and eggplant hash + pea shoots + crispy trout skin + avocado oil + salt M2: pan-seared trout + avocado oil + rosemary + salt + lemon juice + pea shoots + sungold tomato + green olives + green beans + lemon zest + olive oil M3: pork shoulder + garlic + salt + arugula + sungold tomato + + red bell pepper + cholula + green olives Had a BM this morning upon waking. It was relatively loose and pretty dark, same as yesterday.i struggled with sugar cravings at work and almost instinctively reached my hand into the communal candy bowl for a mid-afternoon treat while walking past it, but was able to continue on without it. Last night, while falling asleep, I dreamt of accidentally eating cookies and felt so guilty! One of my big fears in committing to this process is being so mindless about my eating that I accidentally eat something non-compliant. But that’s one of the habits im trying to work on: mindless eating. It’s been helping to avoid eating meals while watching television (a common practice of K and I). Eating only three sustaining meals per day (vs. constantly grazing on/overeating whatever food is around) is also helping a ton. Eating at work has been a real challenge for me over the last three years. There’s always some kind of treat in the back office for folx to share and I always take a LOT. It feels instinctual. It’s like there’s a voice inside me that says “take a lot and eat it all… you never know when you’ll get food again.” I know that this is a human instinct that actually served a purpose at one point in history, but I think the impulse to eat whatever food is available has intensified in me for a few reasons: I grew up in a household where I was not allowed to leave the kitchen table until I’d finished all of my meal. I was literally not allowed to stop eating when my satiety cues said it was time to. As a result, I often don’t know how to recognize or listen to my body’s satiety signals, and usually feel compelled to finish whatever I’ve put on my plate, even if I recognize before eating it that I’m not even hungry for it. Often, even as I’m preparing a snack, I’ll think “im not hungry for this,” but eat it anyway because I’ve already gone through the effort of taking it out and plating it. If I don’t finish the food I front of me, I feel intense guilt. I'd rather eat when I’m not hungry, beyond the point of fullness, than put something back or throw it away. My anxiety often presented as nausea and intense vomit phobia, so whenever I was hungry enough to eat (or not even hungry, but calm enough to stomach eating without worrying that I’d throw up), I would eat whatever I could. In grad school, I would use eating as an excuse to avoid doing academic work (“If I’m in the middle of eating, I can’t work on that paper,”etc.). To prolong my procrastination, I’d end up bingeing; eating for an extraordinary length of time, beyond the point of feeling full. Looking back, I can recognize this as a misguided attempt to numb my emotions and avoid the discomfort and stress that came with grad school. I continued this pattern of eating as avoidance of feeling/responsibility nearly every day. I still do it. The responsibilities and feelings I’m trying to avoid have changed over time, it th coping strategy remains the same. Well, that’s probably enough self-analysis for tonight. None of these insights are new, actually. Knowing them has only rarely helped me out of the that unhelpful pattern. I’m hoping that, through this process, I’ll be able to dig a little deeper, uncover what’s left to be understood, and work towards healing in a more significant way.
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    Day 2 is going well for me. Breakfast took a full hour this morning, including eating it and dishes. I made the Diner Breakfast from the Whole30 cookbook. I’m looking forward to learning to cook meals from scratch. I’m 55, and I’ve always relied heavily on commercially prepared foods, it was just so much quicker. I’m going back into the kitchen now to cook meatballs from scratch and spaghetti squash. The sauce will be by La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces (W30 compliant). I have to cook a 2nd dinner tonight for the rest of the family, pasta with ground beef and non-compliant Ragu sauce, because it’s what they’ll eat. Progress, not perfection... How is everyone else’s Day 2 going?
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    First Journal

    This is a wonderful idea for my last serving, thank you! It actually wasn't terrible once I started eating it today, I really just need more vegetables in it, something to break up the monotony of the meat. A loaded potato will be perfect! The meatball recipe also sounds delicious. And thank you for the encouragement - it's one thing to *know* this is the way things are supposed to be, it's another to have others in the boat with you!
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Hi Emma! I lost you there for a bit, but found you again and have now caught up. All of this (food/health/family/work/life) is an amazing challenge, is it not? I think one of the hardest things for us as humans is to find joy in everyday life. It is a constant work in progress. But you keep saying something positive with each post, so I believe you are on the right track! Now that I'm well past day 30, I'm weighing again and I'm pretty content with what I'm seeing. The usual ups and downs, but I'm averaging about 1 lb lost per week. The joy I continue to celebrate is the sugar dragon is now a tame little gecko. She can be ignored and brushed aside fairly easily. The one time she flared up was Friday night. Possible factors: end of a work week, daughter home from college for the weekend, added an extra gym session, not planning to have wine until Saturday. I was SO, SO glad I did not have anything at home that would have served as sugar dragon fuel! The urge was very concrete. But I got through it. It's an effort every day, but that day it was a big effort and I beat it!
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    My Journey from a Day 31 perspective

    Now that the kids are grown, I have a little more disposable income so I also got braces and Lasik surgery. Both of these were VERY GOOD decisions for me! We're not getting older, we're getting better!!
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    Well, I've decided to pause my Whole30, just because I'm not really in the right headspace to give it the attention I want to. And when I say that, I mean the GOOD kind of attention, not the obsessive-controlling-worrying-I'm-doing-something-wrong kind of attention, which is where I could feel this going. Even though I've been able to stay technically compliant this week (Day 11!), I feel like focusing so much on what I eat, when I eat it, the amounts I'm eating, and how my eating is affecting me is pulling attention away from my other thoughts and feelings right now, which really need some space. I'm going to focus on taking care of my heart and processing what's been going on. Maybe once I get past the heartbreak and rage and into the growth part of this I'll revisit the Whole30 with more mental availability. In the meantime, let me just say: I've lost a few pounds (probably a combination of Whole30 and stress), and after OrangeTheory last night I actually slept for 5 hours straight - a real NSV for me. I will take it! And if I end up doing a technically compliant Whole30 by default (I don't think I realized just how thoroughly I'd prepped for an entire month), I'll report back here.
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    I was contemplating buying the Primal Kitchen thousand island, so I'm glad to hear you like it - I'm going to go ahead and add it to my list. I've started my next round this week, so I'm right behind you! It's been at least 5 years since I last did a reset (and boy, have I gone off the deep-end in these 5 years!) so I feel like I'm starting brand new and want to do this right, which includes trying new things. I'm excited! I love that you "ate" vicariously through all the smells at the fair! Yay for moving into week 2!
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    I'm still not doing a perfect Whole30. I caved to a few bites of peanut butter last night, and I'm sure that dressing was bound to have sugar in it. But I am determined to keep going, and hopefully improve each day. I will keep going past the end of the 30 days so I will eventually have 30 days in a row of no sugar. My planned meals are going well. Made a simple meal of pan fried thin cut pork chops last night. Served with a can of DelMonte canned sliced carrots and a side salad. Took all of 20 minutes to bring it together.