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    Wrapping up Day 15...halfway point! I made a vile meal for my lunches this week. Super disappointed...I wanted to try something new and the Chicken Hash looked good but it tasted terrible today when I ate it for lunch. I came home and threw out the other 4 servings Rather than scrounge up another recipe to make, I'm just going to eat red pepper chicken sausage in a spinach salad with walnuts and lemon garlic tessemae's dressing for lunches for the rest of the week. Dinner is salmon cakes and butternut squash soup. Breakfast is my same old same old...hard boiled eggs with sausage and spinach / raspberries / almonds / balsamic vinaigrette and coffee with nutpods. Anyone going to do the Reintro after the 30 days are up? I did reintro during my first 2 whole30s. Not sure if I feel like doing it this time around. I noticed reactions to certain items when I reintro'd the first time- but second time, I noticed nothing new. So...I feel like I'll have the same reactions this time - so why bother going an additional 15 days, right? Plus I'm supposed to go apple picking on Day 41...and I don't want to wait another 5 days before I make a fresh apple pie from my pickings (is that so bad that I'm already thinking about that?! ) Maybe I'll just do 10 days of reintro and knock out one of the things I would normally reintro (like gluten-free alcohol- which I already know ALWAYS upsets my stomach so no need to reintro that, right?) and just not do full 2 days whole30 after my 4th reintro item...bringing me to 40 days total. I could reintro legumes on day 31, whole30 day 32 & 33, gluten-free grains on day 34, whole30 day 35 & 36, dairy on Day 37, whole30 on 38 & 39, grains with gluten on day 40...and then no whole30 recovery days after cuz I'm gonna eat apple pie on day 41, haha! Aaaaand this is why I gain weight when I'm done with these things *facepalm* Will I ever learn?!
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    Day 22 for me! I'm feeling really good & chugging along Huge non scale victory for me is I started doing Yoga again for the first time in years! I'm just doing 20 minutes a day but I feel like I am getting back in touch with my body and appreciating what it can do instead of hating myself for being overweight. It is a real flip for me; as every other time I have done the Whole30 I feel like I was more focused on losing weight than really letting the program take over and getting on a path to better health and happiness. It's not a diet, but I sort of was using it like one and I think this is why it didn't stick. If you are only focused on weight loss then your eyes are closed to all the other amazing things that are happening. I know my body isn't what I want it to be, but that doesn't make it less amazing! Also, I may have purchased some nutritional yeast at the store yesterday but have no plans for it-- any suggestions? I know it can make things taste "cheesy" which is something I have been missing. Please send some of your favorite recipe links. This one really intrigued me-- https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/bacon-cheeseburger-casserole-paleo-keto/ (Haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking about making it this week) I'm raising my cup of peppermint tea to you all! Thank you for your support!
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    Fig, Apricot or other Jam recipes?

    You can make jam without sugar, in smaller amounts. Sugar is a preservative, that's why it's added to jam in such a large amount (usually as much sugar as fruit). If you do not mean to preserve it, you don't really need the sugar. How-to? Well, you would usually cook your fruit with a little bit of water on a low setting until soft. You may blend it if you'd like the consistency better. I've never used dried figs, you may need to re-hydrate them beforehand or add more water to the pot while cooking. Of course it would not be as sweet as your usual sugary jam. You can add a bit of cinnamon, it's a sweet spice, if you like it. But if you are into cooking, I would suggest that you confit your shallots - they will bring sweetness to your dish.
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    Asking in a cooking website is a good suggestion. They'd probably have suggestions, especially if you want to make larger batches of it to keep on hand. I don't know how comfortable you are winging things in the kitchen, but I would probably just dice the figs and saute them in some coconut oil. You could maybe add some spices -- cinnamon, maybe some ginger. When they're nice and soft, smush them up, strain if you think you need to for seeds, and then use that for your jam. If your figs don't seem very sweet, you could add a splash of apple juice and let it reduce down as the figs cook.
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    Fig, Apricot or other Jam recipes?

    I know this isn't really what you were looking for, but I LOVE Mel Joulwan and found two recipes from her that use figs: Moroccan Steak Salad with Fig and Pistachio Dressing: https://meljoulwan.com/2019/02/13/moroccan-steak-salad-fig-pistachio-dressing/ Moroccan Sirloin with Fig-Pistachio Butter: https://meljoulwan.com/2013/01/27/sous-vide-moroccan-sirloin-w-fig-pistachio-butter/
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    True Primal

    Pancakes/Trail food

    Chomps are definitely "power fuel" in my mind, also Nick's Sticks.
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    Some people might have some tips but you might get more responses and better help if you post specific cooking questions on a cooking website. I think if you tell them that you want to make a fig jam with no sugar they'd probably be able to give you hints and tips. You can definitely post here but often specific cooking questions don't get a lot of responses.
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    Starting Whole30 Monday Sept 16

    I hear you! I tried not to over talk about W30 during my 30 days which ended on 9/10, but the people around me often asked about my food choices and marveled at the quantity I was eating. When I described W30 most people would exclaim that they could NEVER manage to follow the rules for 30 days. I always replied that I'm fairly disciplined in the short term so it's not the 30 days I'm concerned about but the 335 that follow! I need to keep on the forum after my W30 more so than during! Good luck to you Sweetbrook! I hope your sugar dragon is as tamed as mine has been!!
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    Pancakes/Trail food

    Just a quick note, because I think it might bear saying to avoid confusion -- my previous post is not in any way directed at the original poster. The OP was trying to get some ideas regarding trail food that follows the Whole30 food group restrictions while possibly (but not necessarily) following the W30 guidelines; this coming after having successfully completed a Whole30 round and liking how her body feels when the restricted food groups are removed, but wanting to have a convenient (and light) way of carrying additional protein on the trail. That's totally understandable, and seems to me like that's part of learning to ride her own bike -- she's taking what works well for her into her everyday life, allowing for some flexibility because sometimes life demands that (and darnit, sometimes we just plain need it). My previous post was directed specifically at the idea of planning a "Whole30" round with the mindset that the rules don't matter, because they really do, especially for people who have never done an elimination diet and may be struggling with severe food relationship issues.
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    Lorna from Canada

    Must use throat lozenges

    I'd say this trumps the rules. My opinion.