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    Starting October 1

    Hey everyone, as a W30 coach and someone who loved those daily emails, I created some for my clients. I don’t charge clients right now because my schedule doesn’t allow “in depth” coaching, so if anyone wants to be added to the daily email list or a Facebook group (I can make one), let me know!
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    Issues with leafy greens

    @heb2014 I don't know how you guys are doing now, but I and my partner experienced something similar,--he wasn't even doing the W30, but our together meals changed. It can be frustrating when one person's body reacts totally differently than another person's, but of course, that was the point of this whole thing for me, to figure out what makes you feel your best, and what's seldom worth making yourself feel crappy. It can be kind of disheartening to find it's a 'good for you' food. My husband turned out to have a digestive allergy to raw carrots, and then, when vegetables became a much more significant portion of our meals, we realized he was always having a reaction to cooked carrots, as well, he'd just never eaten a whole bunch of them. Carrots are like my second-favorite vegetable, and he doesn't like my first-favorite! We are careful with all root vegetables with him, parsnips and beets, and it just means that sometimes, I make a big ole batch of something I like, knowing it's just for my lunches, and we are both eating in a way (mostly) that makes us feel good.
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    Am I doing this right?

    @Mackenzy In general though, there are lots of fat options! Here are some of my personal favorites. Some are pretty well integrated with my meals and some are just handfuls of stuff I add in to satisfy the need for fat at every meal. ghee (I eat potatoes a lot, so I generously use ghee with my potatoes) oil-based salad dressing on a salad (sometimes I'll just have a small side salad so that this can be my fat option) large handful of olives (I was never an olive fan, but I've come to like Castelvetrano olives) bacon (did you know bacon counts as fat? it does! and I kinda eat a lot of it) handful of coconut flakes guacamole (I love dipping chicken in it) This thread has more ideas: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/57495-some-fat-options/?tab=comments#comment-510530.
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    Am I doing this right?

    I also struggled with breakfast for a long time. I'm a Lucky-Charms-for-breakfast-kind-of-girl. I can wake up and immediately eat sugary deliciousness all day, every day. But waking up and eating real food quite literally made me want to throw up. When I first began experimenting with Whole30 (I'm nearly through my third round now), I would regularly have an actual gag reflex when I would try to eat a Whole30 meal in the morning. But, I've now come to enjoy warm cauliflower soup and scrambled eggs. I was never a scrambled eggs person, but, for some reason, I can stomach them with some warm soup. Here's my very favorite recipe: http://meljoulwan.com/2012/10/24/golden-cauliflower-soup/. It's mild and creamy and delicious! Anyway, I hope this helps! To me, it definitely looks like you need to be eating more food and fat!
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    Issues with leafy greens

    I dealt with digestive issues for a couple of years and ended up reading a book on Traditional Chinese Medicine hoping to remedy the issues. The book said to think of your stomach as a pot of stew. Anything you add to it has to be warmed up in order to "cook". So if we eat things that are cold or uncooked, it takes our stomach longer to heat them up and start to digest them. It really made sense to me because I can eat a steak and be fine. However, if I eat a salad I end up looking like I'm nine months pregnant within 30 minutes or so. Now I limit my salads (and only drink room temperature water as that cools your stew down also) and it has helped me tremendously.
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    I suffer from both severe GERD (I’m not really overweight) and overlapping autoimmune diseases. I haven’t felt well in years. I did my 30 days and I have to say, I may have felt better but not great. I slept better for sure and I lost a few pounds which didn’t hurt but I wouldn’t say I felt WELL. I’m 7 days into reintro but I pretty much eat Whole 30 anyway because I like it. Only difference is I don’t go too crazy if there is a small amount of natural sweetener in something. I did try a little milk in my tea but it tasted gross so I didn’t reintroduce dairy. The reason I’m posting is that today I woke up and NOW I GET WHAT TIGER BLOOD IS. I did read it sometimes takes longer if there is chronic illness but man I am glad I stuck to it another week. Just in case you are discouraged!