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    Hi everyone! I’m new to this but I’m am so tired of being tired! I am uncomfortable in my body and just overall sluggish all the time. Oh, and oddly moody lately. What is making me the most nervous is the “reintroduction” period! How has that been for folks? I couldn’t find any info on this. Anyway, I’m committed to figuring out why I feel so junky. I’m sure it’s food related, considering all the garbage out in food these days! Looking forward to having a forum community for support and answer questions that come up along the way.
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    lactose intolerant

    Your understanding is right. When your body does not tolerate dairy, your body builds up a mucosal lining to protect your gut from the damage. when you do a whole30, that lining is unnecessary and sluffs off. If you go back to eating dairy and you find you're having problems, then it's likely you ALWAYS had problems with it but that your body built up that mechanism to help protect itself. You have two choices in that case... you can honor that your body is telling you it doesn't want dairy, or you can eat dairy consistently until that lining builds back up.
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    Day 24 Mood Swings

    I'm on day 24 and the last week or so I have been super struggling with my moods. One day I was in a rage all day. Yesterday I cried multiple times at work. I'm trying to figure out if I could improve this by eating differently? (I've been eating consistently throughout my 24 days, though the mood problems are getting worse.) Here's a typical day of food for me: Breakfast: Coffee with ghee and coconut oil 2 eggs Mid-morning: Beef broth Lunch: Beef Mixed greens Sweet potato Banana Mid-afternoon: Kombucha Dinner: Chicken breast (cooked in coconut oil) Avocado Plantain (cooked in coconut oil) Broccoli Raspberries I appreciate any tips! I feel like these strange swings of emotions are going to do me in.
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    Day 24 Mood Swings

    My suspicion is if this is typical menu for you, then you've been undereating for the last 24 days and while it does seem sustainable for a while, it always catches up to you. Eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... usually a minimum of 3-4. There's no veggies in your breakfast, no fat in your lunch and you're probably short on veg there too since greens don't have a ton of volume once chewed down. Try making your meals more closely match the template and honestly, I'd replace that fruit with veg until you start feeling better as it may be keeping your sugar cravings alive which also does nothing for our moods...
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    Hot flashes worse?

    I experienced the same thing in the first week or 2. I'm 55. But they were not full heat, drenching hot flashes like in the past that are mostly over with. These felt to be about 40-50% of the intensity of those and much shorter duration. I'm on day 28 now and I haven't noticed them at all lately. I don't have any science to back it up, but I think that "detox" is a good way to put it!