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    The days I'm reintroducing, I'm only eating some of the food, and saving the rest for later. This is a BIG deal for me. I have been a notorious binge eater. This was the most apparent when I could have corn again. My biggest problem pre-W30 has been tortilla chips. I would eat at LEAST half a bad a night. Well, on Saturday I opened a whole bag with some salsa, sat down ready to just enjoy as much as I wanted "because I deserve it", and amazingly only ate 5-6 chips. They just weren't that great. I've NEVER eaten that few before and just put them away. The same happened when I got a large order of fries when I was with my family. I slowly ate and enjoyed a handful, and everyone else shared the rest. TOTALLY not something I'd do before!
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    Vanilla extract is fine - we are going to change that last article, thank you for catching our oversight!
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    This is wonderful to hear! You've really reset your limits! Well done!
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    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    Thanks @hollysmokes, that's very kind of you. It's been very difficult but it was most definitely for the best and I know things will be better. For now, I'm focusing more on me and health and fitness are once again going to be a very big part of that! Today is now Day 2. I should finish just in time to indulge in Thanksgiving goodness! LOL. I hope all is well for you!
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    A bout of pneumonia forced my hand into turning my first Whole30 into a Whole45. I'm posting in here because my friends are all sick and tired of hearing me talk about food already. I need spaces to vent and journal my food thoughts. Whole30 Day by Day only goes so far. :')
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    Morning everyone!! (aka Mark. Lol) Well...we're on to day 9. Almost a 1/3 of the way there. The next couple days will be challenging. Dinner out with Joe's family tonight b/c his brother's in town from Miami. (Joe's 49th birthday is Halloween - we are going to see a play at a theatre I work at and make a yummy Whole 30 meal on Friday. His brother's 50th birthday is Friday.) I plan to eat salad at the restaurant tonight and drink tea. I packed a bunch of extra food today so I won't be hungry at that time. Tomorrow is dinner at Joe's mom's. That will be even more of a struggle. They don't really even get Joe's good issues, but they try. I have to work late that day, so I'm hoping to just show up, hang for a bit, then go home and eat my own food. It's really about seeing family, not eating anyway. hopefully they will understand. Not everyone does, which can be frustrating. Anywho... positive thoughts. I haven't worked out much this week. Always busy with work, and just a little more tired than normal. Trying to listen to my body. The most important thing is Whole 30 at this point. I do have a session with my trainer friend Wednesday & Friday this week. Maybe I'll try and hit the gym with Joe this weekend. I love WhatsApp. My mom is in Spain right now and is sending me the coolest pics! Congrats on getting some runs in. I'm glad you're feeling good. Off to get ready for the day! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Anissa
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    Tevenie's Whole30 Diary

    If you google search peas and Whole-30, you'll find the "Can I have..." forum for green peas. I think your decision to just keep going is a good one. I seriously doubt you are in danger of doing what my mom used to do when she was on Weight Watchers back in the 1970s...she would open a can of peas or green beans and eat them right out of the can, cold, because she was so hungry!
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    A whole tablespoon of sugar per cup of coffee seems a bit high, when just coming out of having no added sweeteners for the past 30 days... I read in your other thread that the sugary coffee made you sick, and now seeing how much you added that makes total sense to me. (As a reference, my first added sugar was a little less than a tsp of honey added to 2 cups of hot tea; and when I did finally try adding sugar to my coffee, I started at 1/2 tsp per cup and learned I can handle up to 1 tsp per large mug but more than that one mug of coffee will make me sick to my stomach; since then, I stopped drinking coffee about 3 months ago, except when I grab an occasional cup where I work.) Think of Whole30 like rehab. When an addict gets clean, their resistance to the drug of choice is lowered, and they're much more likely to overdose at that point because of that lowered resistance (e.g., they want a hit and grab the dose they used to take, then that overloads their system and problems ensue). Our bodies have the same thing happen during Whole30 -- our resistances are lowered, so if we test the same level of sugar or dairy or whatever that we previously used (especially if we were heavy-handed), we're likely to experience problems. Give your body a little grace by taking it slow on things like this, especially since you noticed that reaction with the coffee on your first try I'd definitely suggest total W30 compliance until you feel back to your W30 normal, and then try a day of only added sugar without the caffeine as well (and in smaller amounts than you would've been prone to use prior to your W30 round). Give it a few/handful of days for you to normalize, and then keep moving forward with other stuff. Some other ideas on added sugar: -- honey in hot tea -- a little brown sugar mixed into sweet potato mash -- molasses as sweetener for homemade bbq -- honey as sweetener for a homemade vinaigrette
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    Starting October 1

    Hi, @Yepa! Just to let you know, the daily emails no longer exist. Instead, there is a Whole30 Day By Day book, which has daily tips and room for journaling.
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    Pre-wo is most important if it's been several hours since you ate -- for instance, working out first thing in the morning, or working out after work when you haven't eaten since lunch time. If you aren't hungry and feel okay during your workouts without it, it's okay not to have it. Post-wo is a little different, in that it can help aid muscle recovery, so it may be more important after strength training than it would be after cardio. This article explains a little more about that: http://whole9life.com/2015/02/eat-post-workout/. Even this is somewhat variable for each person, though. If you're eating starchy vegetables with meals, your post-workout may just be a few bites of lean protein. If you're not eating starchy vegetables with meals, you may also need some with your post-workout. And on days when you just do cardio or just do yoga, you may not need pre or post at all, but if you find you're not recovering well, if you're getting more and more tired and worn out over time, you can try adding them. For whole30 purposes, it's not really about calories, it's about giving your body the fuel it needs to perform and to recover.