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    Starting December 30th!!

    Hello!! I know December 30th is a fair bit away, but I wanted to plan my Whole30 start date after all the holiday parties we have already committed to. My whole family will be joining in this journey, kids too! My husband and I have 4 young boys. We are not going to force them to be 100% Whole30 compliant, as they are still young and can't fully comprehend the lifestyle changes. We are, however, going to include them in every step of the way. We have talked as a family and decided to get healthy together. If anyone has tips/tricks/kid friendly meals, send them my way!! I'll take all the support I can get!!
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    Tired after sugar

    I'm not sure specifically why this happens but my guess is that because your body isn't used to processing that amount of added sugars anymore, it has to ramp up the systems to do so. Or maybe that happens to everyone but after Whole30 we realize how much energy we have and the people that are using sugar for energy are using it over and over for short term spikes which create deep drops afterwards.