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    Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life

    I'm starting Whole30 with my fiance this coming Monday. We've been preparing for a few weeks, trying out different milks for coffee creamer, practicing Whole30 meals, incorporating a Time Restricted Eating schedule, etc. I'm excited by all the good reviews, but also nervous. We've tried a few different lifestyles including AIP. We generally eat well, having learned so much with AIP. However, a mistake we seem to always make is staying consistent. We would get 2-3 weeks in and then reward ourselves with a pizza or Jack in the Box. I think that has prevented me from ever really seeing results in decreased inflammation. I'm hoping that by committing to Whole 30, along with a few other combined restrictions, we can finally do this. Completely. Without any falling off the wagon. Also, what about eggs? I dont think I have sensitivity to eggs, I love them. But I'm scared of wasting my time with this commitment only to find out 1-2 months down the road that eggs were a major culprit the whole time. But I also dont want to give them up if I dont have to. Do alot of Whole30ers with inflammation end up finding they need to cut out eggs? Also, can there be variability to reactions to nightshades? I've never noticed anything with tomatoes or eggplants. But I have immediate reactions to anything with chili powder, paprika, cayenne, or peppers. Unfortunately. My cheeks and ears get red and painful, and I start forming telangiectasia on my cheeks. Anyway, super excited about beginning this journey and joining this community!
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    hollysmokes log

    Friday, Dec 6, Day 14: Had a slight hissy fit and pouted for about two hours last night when I realized that I can eat nothing except the prime rib at an upcoming Christmas party/wine tasting. Nothing! It kinda took the wind out of my Tiger Blood sails but I'm trying to put my big girl pants on and come up with an hors d' oeuvre and veg side dishes that I can eat, everyone else will enjoy and won't be a duplicate of something that's already there. I'm glad I have a couple of weeks to brainstorm because I'm drawing a blank. Anyway... Sleep: 6h 41m + 1h 35m awake= 8h 17m in bed 20 minutes of weights (forgot to document 20 minutes of mobility yesterday morning) M1: same + fermented radishes M2: same as M3 yesterday M3: pan-seared chicken breast diced and added to broccoli, cherry tomatoes and green onion w ranch dressing- delicious and gorgeous enough that my husband was jealous that he only had steamed broccoli w cheese to go with his chicken Steps: 8,954 I need to start checking my steps late in the evening- it would have been a good mental boost to get another 47 steps in! That's two days in a row!
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    Day 18 & I could be falling apart!

    I hope cutting down potatoes and tomato sauce worked for you. Did it? Were you able to complete the program? I'm just starting and I know I have a sensitivity to at least some nightshades. I'm really hoping I can get away with tomatoes. Anyway, hope everything worked out and that you are still making gains!!
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    New to Whole30 and On Day 5

    Hello one and all! My name is Lori and I live in North Carolina. Today is day 5 of my husband and I doing Whole30. We WERE doing Paleo and doing a great job until *insert dramatic music* the holidays hit. We were doing Paleo for weight loss but are doing Whole30 for health. If weight loss comes with it...score! I have read It Starts with Food and LOVED it! There are many dog eared pages, hand written notes & highlighted lines! It's wonderfully written! I'm also using Whole30 Day by Day. I'm a very visual person so that book is great for me. For recipes I'm using a cookbook called Cook Once Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia (but the recipes don't last a week LOL). The menus are inexpensive, adaptable for whatever diet you're on and easy to follow. I was using this cookbook when we were doing Paleo. We have yet to have a recipe that we don't all love. Neither of us have had a slip up (no big deal, just day 5 HA) but I am SUPER tired of water, coffee & tea. We're sticking to no caffeine after 12:00pm which is leaving us with water for the remainder of the day (I REALLY miss having my glass of skim milk with my dinner *sniffle*). I don't like sparkling water so that takes out a huge alternative choices. I do drink fruit infused water but...I'm just tired of water. Does anyone have any suggestions?