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  1. Hi, so on this link https://whole30.com/whole30-pre-workout-post-workout/ it tells you to eat carbs and proteins before a workout, but then on the whole30 meal template and books, it tells you not to eat carbs before workout, and instead eat fat + protein. So my question is, whats the deal here, what am I supposed to eat? I train crossfit 1 hour everyday in medium to high intensity, and then on weekends I train 3 hours a day. Female, 22 years of age, overweight.
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    1. You need to check your attitude because the moderators on this forum are volunteers and deserve a little respect. Shannon definitely goes above and beyond with her explanations of how things work and has been a tremendous help to a lot of us who Whole30. 2. The Whole30 is free. All you need is the list of what's not allowed and the meal template. You may spend money on books or special products but neither is necessary in order to complete a Whole30. Changing and updating everything is expensive. I'm sure they could reprint the books every time a change is made if they decided to charg
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