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  1. Ann unfortunately I do not. I used my vita mix blender to make the Mayo. The first go round I had added the 1/4 cup of oil in with the egg and probably didn’t drizzle the rest of the oil slowly enough. After watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to not add any oil in with the egg and added the lemon juice at the beginning as well. After the egg and lemon was mixed I slowly ever so slowly drizzled the oil. It took close to five minutes, but it turned out lovely! Using it for chicken salad today. The grilled pears were delish! I had never made them before. Yes they would be a beau
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  2. 3:30 M2 chicken, carrots, broccoli with ghee and a clementine 7:30 M3 venison steak with herbed ghee, sweet potato with cinnamon, 1/2 cucumber. I did it! I was strong today, I didn’t cave when French fries were being waved about. I made food. I took care of me. Day 1 - is in the books.
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  3. love2tango

    Boars head meats

    Super handy ingredient site here . http://www.directionsforme.org/ Boars Head Simplicity all Natural Cap Off Top Round Oven Roasted beef ingredients are beef, salt, pepper, garlic.
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