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    Stephanie Sprowl

    Worried About Day 3

    I just had a friend ask to get happy hour and dinner before going on a local artwork. I told her I was doing a month of no alcohol and she was very supportive. I suggest a taco place that will do lettuce instead of tortillas and I called and asked about how they prepare their proteins. I will be able to eat pretty much all of the proteins they have. I’m very excited now and feel good about today.
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    Anew in Arkansas - Round 2

    You are absolutely correct, @JessFind Jim, I have moved your thread into your own log which can be found here:
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    Anew in Arkansas - Round 2

    @Jim Baunach I would also suggest you start your own thread with these questions. Right now you're taking over @heb2014's journal and this probably isn't the tone she wants to start her journey on. (I don't mean to speak for you, heb.) Like with any lifestyle change, it's best not to be so literal about it. There is no fast and easy way to get rid of cravings forever. If you're looking for a magic pill, this isn't the program for you. But if you want to be diligent and change your habits with the help of this program with an open mind, by all means dive in.
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    First timer starting January 2!

    I'm really nervous -- I've been planning and researching but I have never been the type to stick to something like this. I chose January 2nd because I'm going to a NYE party tonight where I know I'll be drinking, and I don't think starting Whole30 while hungover is the best idea. Plus I have the day off work tomorrow so I can spend the day shopping for my first week of meals! My sister in law is doing it with me but she lives across the country, so I'm hoping for some extra support on here. Here we gooooo!
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    Anew in Arkansas - Round 2

    Thanks @JessFind! I certainly don't mind discussing things, but I was beginning to think I might have to start a new thread.
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    Starting Round 2 on Jan. 1st!

    Hi Jess! One breakfast I meal prep and LOVE is chicken apple sausage. There are great recipes on Pinterest, but I love the recipe from Paleo Running Momma (https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/easy-homemade-chicken-apple-sausage-paleo-whole30/ ). They’re super easy to make: mix, bake, done. Two of these and a small avocado are an easy, ready breakfast with enough protein and fats (although low in veggies). Another one I loved to meal prep on my last whole30 is sweet potato hash, it has bacon and eggs for protein and fat as well as starchy carbs from the sweet potato. I believe this is the recipe I liked: https://www.realfoodwithjessica.com/2016/02/01/paleo-sweet-potato-hash/ Remember that you don’t have to eat traditional breakfasts, if you are up for heating up your dinner leftovers for breakfast there’s nothing wrong with that. You got this!
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    Those ingredients are fine.
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    First timer starting January 2!

    I made the Potsticker Stir-Fry earlier this week and have been having it on a bed of spinach for lunch the last couple days. If I make this again, I'm going to increase the vegetables (cabbage, carrots & mushrooms), as it was very meat heavy (although delicious). Putting it on spinach helped a lot.
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    Re-starting tomorrow 1/4/2020.

    Hi! This is my second round. I did one successful round in September. I started my second round on January 1st, 2020, but have had two incidents of not reading the label and assuming! First there was brown rice syrup in my usual vegan mayo, and then there was stevia in CoYo coconut yogurt that I had assumed was unsweetened. So here I am again, starting over tomorrow. I have gained 30 pounds and a lot of inflammation over the last 12 months because of awakening and feeding the sugar dragon. But the consequences are huge, and I am making a firm decision to quit. We just moved, and then had 13 family members with us over the holidays before we ever had a chance to unpack, so it’s a crazy time. But I don’t want to postpone any longer! So, here’s to tomorrow morning!
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    Still Living In Crazy Town

    Day 3 and all is on track. All 3 meals on plan. Went to the office for cart reviews. Decluttered papers. Didn't finish the laundry or kitchen but I feel like it was a productive day. Got up late today so it will be bed time at 9. Monday I will be beck to work.
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    Starting Round 2 on Jan. 1st!

    I used to made defined dish breakfast taco bowls (you can add spinach/mushrooms/onions to the eggs to add more veggies). http://www.thedefineddish.com/meal-prep-breakfast-taco-bowls/
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    First timer starting January 2!

    Way to go, @jchap09! I had carrots & guac as part of my lunch yesterday - so yummy. I'm really glad that a nice simple guac is okay on Whole 30 because it's one of my favorite foods and easy to make. Your dinner sounds yummy, too! My husband and I discovered zoodles a little over a year ago and love them. My half-Italian kids are a harder sell on zoodles over pasta, but frankly I think the sauce is where it's really at anyway!
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    Nan McG

    My Second First Whole30

    In January 2014 I completed my first Whole30. It was the first time I ever stuck with a diet protocol to the "end," and although I didn't do all the things -- I didn't work out, I cheated and weighed in a couple of times, I indulged in a few technically-compliant treats, etc. -- it changed my life and my relationship with food. For about the next five years I did a lot of n=1 experimenting. I didn't get thin, but my health got better and better. Then, in February 2019 I admitted to my doctor that I was frustrated with my very slow weight loss (about 15 pounds total in all those years) and was treated to a tirade of "It's-all-about-calories-in-calories-out" and "You-just-need-to-exercise-more" and "Tell-me-your're-not-one-of-those-bacon-worshipping-keto-crazies" etc. And it really got into my head. I spent the past year alternating between thinking anything I eat is okay "in moderation" and being afraid of everything I eat. I did greatly increase the amount and type of exercising I do, and I like that. But here I am, back where I started six years ago, at exactly the same weight, and convinced I just don't know what I'm doing. So I'm starting another Whole30. The reason I call it my second first Whole30 is because everything I have learned in the past six years is going to make this a different Whole30 than the one I experienced in 2014. This time I will be working out. I will not touch my weight scale. I will journal and do meal planning and take advantage of all the tools and motivation this community has to offer. And I will not obsess about missing my daily hits of sugar and Diet Pepsi because I killed those addictions long ago. It's time to take back my power.
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    Bulletproof Collagen Protein

    If there's no ingredients list, I'm guessing it is just collagen powder, in which case it would be fine. You could always double check with the company to be sure, but if there were flavors or sweeteners or other stuff added, they'd have to be listed.
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    This website won't allow you to download the shopping list anymore. Not sure why. If you can tag me on FB or leave a message here I am happy to send you my shopping list. It isn't perfect but it's a good start.
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    Melissa Hartwig

    Forum Rules

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