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  1. 6:10 Up and at em. Another busy work day ahead. Phew I can do this! 7:30 M1: scrambled eggs with garlic powder basil and oregano cooked in coconut oil. Wilted spinach, roma tomato, 1/4 avocado. Tossed it all in a plastic container and had to eat on the road. Mornings are my nemesis, but I determined to see this through. So take that mornings! It feels good to be taking care of me. Also not spending $20-30 at restaurants on days we have to be on the road is a NSV I did not anticipate! Trying not to get anxious about next week. I have to travel with my hubby to help with b
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  2. Aw thank you for being open about your emotional journey! I know a lot of us can relate. Forgiving ourselves is a long process. And dang, if my husband asked me to get him fast food right now that would be a real test of our love! haha!
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