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  1. The Impossible meats could possibly be in now...just got an email saying that "most" peas are allowed. Peas: Yes. Green peas, yellow peas, split peas, sugar snap peas, and snow peas are an exception to the “no legume” rule per a rule change in 2020. Pea Protein: Yes. 100% green or yellow pea protein is acceptable on the program. Pea protein is often used by functional medicine providers since it’s gentle even for sensitive patients (those with GI issues or a host of allergies/intolerances) and is considered a “hypoallergenic” protein source. However, many vegan protein blend
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  2. ShannonM816

    Salad dressing

    You should try to have legumes at each meal today, just whatever would be a normal serving for you. That could be more peanuts, or some hummus, or some beans or peas, or some soy sauce. The only reason you might not want a serving at each meal is if after one serving you immediately had some kind of reaction and didn't feel you needed any more evidence to know that it's something you want to avoid. The Italian dressing would depend on what non-whole30 ingredients are in it. If it's all compliant except for soybean oil, it would be perfect for legume reintroduction. If it's got dairy or so
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  3. Happy Day 30 everyone! My break from logging was just from a sense of overwhelm with life, but this experiment has continued and gone pretty well. I'm working my way through Food Freedom Forever and thinking I will continue to benefit from following some of the program rules. I'm not sure I'm ready to be without guidelines. But, I'm looking forward to a slightly less meat-heavy diet, and more flexibility, so we'll see how that works out.
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  4. I think I'm going to keep eliminating the sugar and the alcohol except for special occassions and otherwise go back to my Mediterranean diet. It is definitely good to keep those things in check while maintaining balance. Passing on the treats has been relatively easy for me, though I do love a piece of dark chocolate now and again. I definitely miss the variety of foods I am accustomed to eating and the wide range of flavors and textures that play off each other. The meats definitly do not suit me in larger quantities. I usually use meat as accents and rely on whole grains and beans to
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