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    My thinking has been so much more clear. I'm sleeping less, and have more energy. Yesterday, I did a rigorous bike ride up steep hills (my bike is electric but still, my heart was pumping hard a lot of the time). Then, a hike. Back home after 4 hours. All this on maybe 6 hours of sleep. No nap. Later, I was writing an article for Medium. The ideas were flowing and I was shocked when I realized it was way, way past midnight. This morning, work up at 6:15 and basta! All she wrote. Still up. Might nap later. Today it's almost one and I've eaten, meditated, gotten the article submitted, cleaned the bathroom and did dishes, and written a bunch of emails. That's an uptick. Another thing--I wrote an article on Medium that blew up. Massive number of views. I can't attribute that totally to the way of eating, but it's part of the picture. That dog-ass, poor me, slump shouldered, take a nap every day thing is sloping off. Oh, I'm 65.
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    Reintroducing Preworkout

    You'd probably go by ingredients, assuming that there's only one non-whole30 ingredient. Added sugar is okay, if there's only one other, like pea protein or whey. If it has multiple non-whole30 ingredients from different categories, you would probably save it for last, paying attention to how you react to those particular categories. If you react very strongly to one of the ingredients, you'll probably also react to the pre-workout, so you may not want to reintroduce it anyway.