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    So I just finished my first Whole30 and I'm blown away with the results!! I will say it was a real struggle at first and there were times I was about to quit but I stayed the course even during several crisis, both worldly and personal. Wow am I glad I did as I took stock this morning of my results! BP is back to normal GERD is gone, no more meds required I now know what "Tiger Blood" is, energy level has increased tremendously My sleeping has greatly improved, weekly average per Fitbit is now well into the 80's even with all the anxiety we are facing in the world today. My mood has also greatly improved, again, even with the worldly crisis we are all facing I reached my weight goal and then some All in all I have learned the importance of proper food choices and eating habits as the benefits speak for themselves.
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    Great results!

    I did it! I completed the Whole30 with no slip ups! Today is Day 35 and I’ve reintroduced gluten free grains and dairy only in the form of plain Greek yogurt. I had many NSVs such as less headaches and better sleep! A bonus is that I did lose 12 lbs and I really wasn’t overweight to start with. I had a big sugar addiction and an unexpected thing I noticed when I had my plain Greek yogurt was it did not need the half teaspoon of honey I used to add!! And I used to use half a packet of Stevia in the Raw in my coffee, but since discovering Nutpods creamer, I don’t think I will need that either! Anyone struggling with the challenge, please try to see it through! You can do it and you will be better for it!!
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    Great results!

    Reintro went well...left out legumes and gluten contains grains because of known intolerances. Reintroduced sugar in a very small piece of chocolate and it was way too sweet! I don’t crave it anymore! One area I had hoped to improve on was my Hashimotos thyroid but that didn’t happen. My latest test showed my numbers fell into hyper range for the umpteenth time in 4 years. Oh well, working the meds. During this strange and scary time in our world with this virus keeping us homebound, I have managed to keep up my good W30 habits. I know that eating well will help with the stress of all of this. Take care people! I wish you all well!