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    Birdie's 1st WHOLE 30 - MARCH 16-20

    O My Goodness - forgot to post that I lost 7 lbs & almost 5" overall doing W30 That is a GOOD result for me, b/c I would do Wt Watchers EXACTLY & drink the Ocean of water suggested & Lost ONE POUND a MONTH!! // 1/4 lb per WEEK ! With such little reward for mountains of EFFORT, it simply wasn't sustainable to continue the extraordinary focus required. NEVER AGAIN!! And now, I have a real opportunity / window to find out what foods make me feel good and the ones that I react to adversely. PRICELESS INFORMATION!
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    Non-gluten Grain Reintroduction

    The only way to really tell would be to go back to Whole30 eating until you feel better (a few days should do it) and then try with a different corn product and see what happens.