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  1. Revelate- how's your whole30 going? Are you on Day 20 now? Amazing! Sorry it looks me a while to respond! I didn't start on 4/12, but I DID start today! I ended up going to a different Whole Foods location than my previous trip a month ago on Saturday (braved mass transit and took a bus, stayed far away from the only 3 other people on it) and waited outside in a line in the rain for maybe about 10 minutes total. This Whole Foods had literally everything I needed from my list EXCEPT 1 item...which I can make from scratch, I just usually avoid doing that since it's time consuming- but I hav
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  2. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Log for 2020

    So, I've had a rough month in terms of my health. I gained back the weight I lost earlier this year..literally just 1.5-2 months ago I was 10-15 lb lighter. Ugghhhh. Wake up call. So I'm back. Tomorrow. No excuses anymore. I have veggies and chicken in the fridge...and the veggies are going to start going bad if I don't eat them soon. The food is here, so it's as simple as eating those right foods and not the wrong ones. So very simple... (Rolling my eyes) Anyway, keep a look out for my daily posts. I will be here. I updated my notification settings, and I'll put a remin
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