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  1. This week was ok. A lot of anxiety and stress regarding changes at work and could still feel those old habits trying to creep in (need for sugary/fatty foods and drinks to cope with the stress). But, I held them at bay and stayed primarily compliant (used some Italian sausages that I had frozen that had minor amounts of sugar in them). For some reason, I did not plan out my meals and decided to wing it with all the foods I had at home and a couple as needed grocery stops. One day, I completely forgot I had used up all my eggs. What was I going to have for breakfast? I've been eating
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  2. meli22

    Round 2

    Day 10 B = coffee w/ almond milk; tandoori chicken; 1/2 green apple, cucumber slices, 1/4 avocado S = last of the tandoori chicken L = cauliflower-dill soup; tomato wedges; hardboiled egg S = 2 plums; trail mix D = roasted potatoes w/ mayonnaise; roasted duck exercise = 25 min run Another 'off' day. Low energy / no motivation to leave the house after my run but I think that's mostly due to my period and sleeping poorly. All I wanted was a scone... so I had potatoes instead. I'm finding that I do better with a bit of starchy carbohydrate f
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