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  1. Sucralose is a sweetener -- you can download a Sneaky Sugars list for other words you might see that indicate sugar and sweeteners here: https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/
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  2. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    I rode for a little over seven miles yesterday with a friend, then we sat on her deck and cooled down. A great reward for doing the exercise, and it was a fairly easy ride going with a friend. It feels so nice to have the energy and motivation to get out and do something active with someone and not be terribly worried that I won't be able to keep up or will have pain issues and have to slow or stop. I got a little tightness in my hip and knee during the last few minutes of our ride, so this is good. Day 39/60, 4th day without nightshades - will try some tomato and jalapeno today.
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  3. Yes, I know exactly this experience that you speak of. Hooray! Here's to rejecting your old oppressive tendency and being actively intent in your choices, being in the moment and recognizing that you are in control! You are rewarding yourself with decadent coffees and chocolate-based treasures...not punishing yourself with sugar-laden, emotion-blunting, quick-fix bombs. Perspective, vigilance, staying in-tune and checked in...We should be born with these things, not take decades to learn them!
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  4. Anything your doctor has told you to do, you should keep doing, doctor's orders always trump whole30 rules. As long as everything in the smoothie is whole30 compliant, it should be fine. Double check all your labels to be sure there's no soy or sweeteners in them, those are pretty common in some of the powders.
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  5. Edi

    New to WHOLE30

    I’m Edi and my friend Grace introduced me to W30. I started July 6 & as a vegetarian (sometimes pescatarian) it’s challenging when my protein sources mainly came from beans, legumes & plant based products with soy. I am considering re-visiting organic, grass-fed beef during this 40-dy program but most of the places are subscription or you need to buy in bulk. Trying to work it all out but excited about the possibilities.
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