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    Sucralose is a sweetener -- you can download a Sneaky Sugars list for other words you might see that indicate sugar and sweeteners here: https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/
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    Take Advantage

    I rode for a little over seven miles yesterday with a friend, then we sat on her deck and cooled down. A great reward for doing the exercise, and it was a fairly easy ride going with a friend. It feels so nice to have the energy and motivation to get out and do something active with someone and not be terribly worried that I won't be able to keep up or will have pain issues and have to slow or stop. I got a little tightness in my hip and knee during the last few minutes of our ride, so this is good. Day 39/60, 4th day without nightshades - will try some tomato and jalapeno today. Mood-7, Energy-8, Pain 0, none during short walk this morning. Didn't sleep well last night, so didn't want to get up as early this morning for a longer walk. Plus, it's supposed to be a beautiful day, so I can walk again later. Sleep...I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I don't need as much sleep as I think I do. I'm not tired during the day most of the time, I have good steady energy throughout the day, and I almost always wake up on my own (though the dog occasionally contributes to an early morning). Typically, I fall asleep purposefully while watching tv. Then I wake up sometime in the early morning hours and stay awake for an hour or so and just think about stuff while trying to go back to sleep, then I sleep a few more hours. I try to stay awake later in order to wait for my son to get home, but I often fall asleep while waiting. Mornings after I've been awake for hours during the night, I think that I should stay in bed and try to sleep even though I don't usually go back to sleep and end up getting up in the next 30 minutes. Maybe I should try just getting up and going with the day. I can certainly take a nap if I need to. Progress on July goals: 1) 20 min yoga last night 2) push-ups and squats this morning. M1-3 eggs, homemade sausage, spinach. Too filling, didn't finish it. M2-Epic beef and jalapeno broth, sliced tomato and mayonnaise M3-leftover orange chicken with broccoli. This was a fairly easy and delicious instant pot recipe. Labor intensive, with mincing garlic and ginger, zesting and juicing a bunch of oranges. but once the prep work was done, it came together well. My son, who loves Chinese take-out, thought it was delicious. Some NSVs: -I can stand and walk at any time of day, without having to wait for my creaky joints to catch up and be ready to move. I can walk up and down the stairs correctly, most of the time (as opposed to side ways or two feet on each step). And I'm getting more and more range of motion in my left knee. -Less swelling and bloating, thinner ankles, thinner face, thinner legs. If I keep this up, I might actually be able to wear tall boots this fall. -Energy and motivation. My mind doesn't make up excuses and delays for doing things, I just do it, so much less procrastination. For example, I'll think, "I need to do laundry" and then I'll go up and get a load of laundry and start it. And then fold my clothes as they come out of the dryer without much thought. It's hard to verbalize this change, but it's pretty remarkable. Part of this has to do with I can move more without pain, especially up and down the stairs, but it's also a shift in my mental state. -Great skin. My face glows and looks younger, I don't have the patches of dry skin on my elbows and scalp that I used to have. And I don't burn as easily as I used to. -Detached approach to cravings. I still have cravings related to environmental cues, such as wanting to raid the pantry when I wake in the middle of the night. But instead of the uncontrollable face dive into the crackers/cookies/loaf of bread with butter that I used to feel compelled to engage in, I can now observe the craving from afar, recognize it for what it is, then dismiss it. -Clearer thinking. Less, "What did I want to do?" or "What was I going to say?" This still happens sometimes, but nowhere near as often as it used to. -Enjoyment of black coffee. Seriously. I was a heavy, sweetened cream (Sweet Italian cream...), do-you-want-a-splash-of-coffee person. Now, I love the savory, bitterness of a good cup of iced coffee. This switch alone has probably resulted in me losing 5 pounds. And I don't miss the cream at all. -Stable mood. I have experienced great mood swings around a person in my life, which is primarily due to my own thought processes as opposed to anything that person has done or said. But I've observed an ability to look at things with calmness and rationality that I couldn't previously access around this person. Stuff I'm working through, but it is definitely much easier to be thoughtful rather than reactive. -Better self-esteem. I feel better about myself and how I look. While I still have quite a bit of weight to lose, I'm not too concerned about that. I generally feel attractive and sexy, especially when I brush my hair and put on some make-up . I know that may sound conceited, but I feel the opposite of how I felt about myself two months ago. I was a lump, a slug, a lazy and fat, bloated whale. My weight has gone down, but not significantly so and I still am not fitting into the clothes I want to fit into. Yet, I feel SO much better about myself.
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    Contessa's Food Freedom

    Yes, I know exactly this experience that you speak of. Hooray! Here's to rejecting your old oppressive tendency and being actively intent in your choices, being in the moment and recognizing that you are in control! You are rewarding yourself with decadent coffees and chocolate-based treasures...not punishing yourself with sugar-laden, emotion-blunting, quick-fix bombs. Perspective, vigilance, staying in-tune and checked in...We should be born with these things, not take decades to learn them!
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    organic flax meal, hemp powder

    Anything your doctor has told you to do, you should keep doing, doctor's orders always trump whole30 rules. As long as everything in the smoothie is whole30 compliant, it should be fine. Double check all your labels to be sure there's no soy or sweeteners in them, those are pretty common in some of the powders.
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    New to WHOLE30

    I’m Edi and my friend Grace introduced me to W30. I started July 6 & as a vegetarian (sometimes pescatarian) it’s challenging when my protein sources mainly came from beans, legumes & plant based products with soy. I am considering re-visiting organic, grass-fed beef during this 40-dy program but most of the places are subscription or you need to buy in bulk. Trying to work it all out but excited about the possibilities.