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    Challenge questions for signing up

    Oh, interesting! I'll talk to our IT team about this! @ShannonM816 - I've got this one!
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    The Seduction of LadyM Returns

    #realtalk So happy for you that you've returned to sanity. Cheers to that! I'm so grateful to be back myself.
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    This is a whole vibe.
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    Preemptive measures for nausea

    Do you normally eat grains at every meal of every day? The reason I'm asking is because that's a pretty quick response to not eating something... Can you think back to a random day where you might not have been doing the whole30 but you also didn't eat grains and remember if you were nauseated? Perhaps there's something else that's different when you undertake a Whole30 that is contributing? Do you drink black coffee on an empty stomach during Whole30 for instance that might be a factor? I'm definitely not saying this is not due to grains, just want to dig a little deeper.
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    Preemptive measures for nausea

    This is something I have not heard of before. When you have tried in the past, have you eaten starchy vegetables (potato, sweet potato, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, plantains, or winter squashes like butternut, acorn, or kabocha)? If not, that might help as it might be more about carbs than grains. Or, have you tried gradually reducing your grain intake over time before doing whole30, kind of weaning yourself off of them instead of just stopping them?
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    The Seduction of LadyM Returns

    Welcome back! I'm so sorry to hear of your pain and stress. I hear you loud and clear on W30 not actually being an additional stressor, but actually being an oasis of control in a raging ocean of WTF 2020. I'm in Melbourne in hard lockdown, have been for months and it would be (and was) so easy to just eat all the things and drink all the wine, but that just made everything worse. Locking into another round has been the best thing I've done for my body and my mental health, to be honest. Good luck!
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    The Seduction of LadyM Returns

    Wow, you have a lot to contend with. I am in a similar place - getting my house ready to sell and hopefully move to another country so I sympathise - I totally agree about W30 creating stability - I wondered if I was crazy attempting this on top of everything else, but somehow it has made it easier to focus. I do like rules - for me life is just easier that way. Good luck with your round.
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    My Journey from a Day 31 perspective

    Today is day 31 and I lost 4 pounds. I was hoping for 4 - 8, so not disappointed especially considering I've been eating like a lumberjack. Seriously. I've had ribeyes at least twice a week, handcut French fries under the broiler, everything sautéed in ghee and I've finished off 4 JARS of different nut butters. (Walnut butter is my fave.) I'm reintroducing legumes today, just to see what's up, but I'm planning to keep the general W30 thing going for about 14 more lb. with limited exceptions (my daughter's birthday next week, wedding in late Oct, etc.) Just FYI about my start - I'm 55. 5 years ago I weighed 274. After starting Zumba, then walking, then eventually running, then cutting calories, then adding weight training, then counting macros, I lost 105 lb. in 2.5 years. And I have been on a solid plateau since. W30 is my jump-off-the-plateau plan to get to my goal of under 155. My journey is pretty text book, days 5-6 I thought I was getting the flu! I had itchy skin on my neck and upper chest for 8-10 days in the middle. My constantly drippy nose has almost completely cleared up, except during the hardest workouts. Day 28 was literally the hardest day ever. I desperately wanted an English muffin, then a Snickers bar, then a cocktail, but I survived. Because I don't need it I don't have my 10am nor my 2pm cups of coffee anymore. I also don't have a snack after work anymore. I never mastered Pre workout meals. I'll focus on that as I continue. I have not seen a huge change in running or workout performance, but a dress I bought 2 summers ago that I could never really wear comfortably now fits well and looks pretty good on this ol' girl! My favorite W30 hacks are: 1. Breakfast sausage of ground pork seasoned with cayenne/cumin/paprika, hand-pattied and fried in the same pan as the eggs and spinach. 2. Steak sauce made with Murray's olive tapenade/tomato paste/Coconut Aminos. 3. I found the 2 W30 salad dressings I tried to be overly tangy, so I drizzled some tahini over my salads and added 1/2 the usual amount of dressing. 4. Plantains cut in half, then each half cut into 4 slices long-ways, then browned in ghee, served with a drizzle of coconut cream and a dash of cinnamon. 5. A wine glass of Kombucha to round out the evening while relaxing before bed (the spot formerly filled by wine). I honestly can't believe how fast this time went. After 1 week, it was all fairly routine. My biggest struggles were days with little structure which for me is Saturdays. I even managed to attend a couple of local baseball games with little difficulty. In the morning when I packed my lunch for work, I also packed my dinner. When I got home, I popped it in the microwave, took it in the car with me, and ate it in the parking lot before entering the stadium. (On both occasions, I sneaked in a La Croix and a baggie of mixed nuts. Shhhh....) Problem solved! Thanks so much W30 community! I have enjoyed reading everyone's questions, getting advice and growing healthier together!! Let's keep at it!
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    Life and routine as I knew it changed dramatically on Friday, March 13, 2020 as it did for most everyone when suddenly schools and businesses were closed in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I was visiting my endocrinologist that day when the call closing school came to me. My weight at that visit was the heaviest that I had ever weighed at 214lbs. As I sat at home day in and day out with my special needs son, I realized that I had two choices. I could either eat myself into oblivion due to sheer boredom or I could use this gift of time productively to make some life changes. I decided it was time to re-evaluate my habits and begin a journey to a healthier me. I had turned 50 in January and was officially old and obese. You name it as far as diets or programs went and I had tried it. NOTHING worked!!! I had been diagnosed with two different auto-immune disorders and my metabolism seemed to be at a complete standstill. I did not think I would ever be able to lose weight again. Then one afternoon on my daily drive just to get my son out of the house, I was listening to the radio when the host started to share his personal journey with Whole30. Something just clicked and I thought why not try one more time even though it probably won't work since nothing else has. I immediately came home and ordered every book I could get my hands on from Amazon. Once the books arrived, I could not read them fast enough. This program really began to speak to me and resonate in the deepest parts of me that had felt like a failure and had become hopeless. I set my start date for my first Whole30 for March 27, 2020. I prepped my kitchen, myself and my family for what was about to take place over the next 30 days. I used the Day by Day guide to help me stay on track and continued to read, research and meal plan throughout the 30 days. The first week was hard, the second seemed to get better and by the third week I was feeling so much better physically. The taste of real food seemed to improve so much as my system cleared itself of all the toxins and yuck that I had been filling it with for so long. As I approached the end of my Whole30, I made the decision to extend it into more of a Whole45 because I wanted to be completely clear of all the effects of my poor eating habits for years. When I returned for another doctors visit at 40 days into my Whole45, my doctor was astonished that I had lost 15lbs. Honestly so was I!!! I knew I was feeling better and noted several great NSVs but had not weighed myself since I knew the doctors visit was coming up. I was eating lots of food. Lots of good, delicious and nutritious food and was still losing weight and feeling wonderful. How could this be?? Obviously there was something to this Whole30 program. It has now been four months since I began my Whole30 journey. Now I can say that I am working on true "Food Freedom". I also began to channel my newfound energy into exercise and physical fitness training in May. According to my last doctors visit two weeks ago, I am officially down 30lbs and 25 inches over my whole body. However the weight loss is not the most important aspect of this journey. I have found myself again. The self that I thought was gone forever. The person who feels confident in her own skin and who has energy and stamina. I wake up daily more refreshed and ready to exercise and face the day than I did 20 years ago. My clothes are falling off which is funny especially since I haven't been able to go shopping during quarantine. I'm now walking at least 3 miles a day, weight and flexibility training and can see major muscle changes and definition. Let's just say my husband is enjoying all my new energy and confidence as well! Melissa - I cannot thank you enough for all you have put into the Whole30 program. It has been a game changer and a LIFE SAVER for me. I was on my way to a heart attack and major health issues before starting on this journey. I still have 40lbs to lose to be at the weight my doctors think is best, but for the first time in forever I honestly believe that this goal is achievable because you have given me the tools and knowledge I need to succeed. I do not have to count calories, buy pills or special foods. I get to enjoy eating real food that is delicious and still lose weight and inches. Whole30 has changed my life!!!! The attached pictures were taken 60 days apart and approximately 20 lbs down. I was shocked by the difference as I have never done before and after comparison pictures where you could actually tell a difference before. Again - THANK YOU Whole30!!