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    You know what gets me through? In the 90s/early 00s, I was a little party animal/clubber and I now have a playlist of all the songs I used to go off at the club to Reliving my youth!!
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    What happens in the crock pot is the milky dairy part drops to the bottom of the pot. You don't want to disturb that by pouring the whole lot through the cheesecloth. Instead, you scoop out the golden ghee with a ladle of some sort and pour that through the cheesecloth, so the little solids that floated to the top get strained. It'll make sense when you do it and look at it. Just make sure the crock pot setting is at its lowest and that you keep the lid off.
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    OH MY GOSH THIS SOUNDS EVEN EASIER!!! I am so excited. Ghee is coming off the shopping list and butter is going on. Just so I'm clear, the stuff left in the cheesecloth is the dairy solids and everything that strains through is the ghee, right? Do I need to refrigerate the ghee?
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    I am literally laughing so hard right now!! "Oh, my dearest plate of eggs, how I love thee..."
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    This *can* happen on the stovetop, but I've been making my ghee with a foolproof crockpot method I love. Just dump the butter into a crockpot set to low and leave it overnight with no lid. In the morning, voila! It's ready to strain through a cheesecloth into jars. I also recommend using unsalted grass fed butter. I've never bought ghee, always have jars of it on hand. It's not that big of a deal. I swear!
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    I'm the same with sitting down to meals, I get bored. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate my meals, but I don't want to sit there and lovingly gaze at them while I eat them! That sauce does sound fun!!
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    Made by Whole30

    Haha, well I'm pouting in Canadian - and I WORK for us! LOL!
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    No way!! I will have to try that. I was always reluctant because I thought it was like making brown butter and there was a 2 second window between done and burned. I'm totally trying this, that would make my life sooooo much easier! Thank you!
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    Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

    Yes, this. It's part of the Whole30 training, and can be discerned through journaling for me. I do think that 3 meals a day will be best for me going forward indefinitely, but keeping them appropriately sized. I've also learned to have post work-out snacks that are smaller when I need them, not a 4th meal. LOL. You are one of us. Superwomen. I'm happy to report that I threw away the rest of the junk food. Note to Future Shadow - it was easy to do and I feel empowered now. I've got this.
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    Contessa's Food Freedom

    That's always a big red flag for me, too. Even compliant snacking is a slippery slop because I know I'm not hungry, I'm just doing it because I'm bored or cranky.
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    Day 5 I've rescued one dog before, but two is no joke! These little blessings kept me running crazy today. Now, to be fair, we had to go to the pet store and exchange their leashes because the ones we got - they just weren't having it. My boys also came over for dinner and our other dog, Stitch, came with him. I'm sure that between that and being in a new home for only 24 hours was just a lot. I don't blame them for being a bit cranky. I'm feeling it myself. Hopefully tomorrow we can all just chillllll.... I had a really hard time eating today. I would start off hungry and a few bites in feel stuffed. I did what you are supposed to do, stuck to the template and ate as much as I was able. I even set my food off to the side so I could continue eating when the urge struck. As soon as I had breakfast and lunch sitting there together I conceded and put it all away. Breakfast - leftover apple pork frittata Lunch - beef & broccoli with mushrooms Dinner - cod, caesar salad and mashed potatoes I'm having a cup of chamomile tea before bed and I had half a bottle of kombucha with dinner. I've also been using Day by Day this time around. I don't think it was written when I did my W30s in the past. It's really pretty cool, even if you already know the program and what to expect pretty well. I'm starting to enjoy the bedtime routine of writing in it, reflecting on the day. I've tried to get in the habit of journaling in the past and it never sticks. If I can stick with Day by Day for 30 days I'll be feeling pretty good. I've also been listening to Melissa's podcast - Do The Thing. I really liked her recent episode about morning routines and how they can be hugely beneficial. I'm going to start working on a morning routine of my own - just something to consistently start the day off on a positive note. NSV: I had absolutely zero cravings today NSV#2: I followed the rules and ate as much as I could on schedule even when I didn't feel hungry NSV#3: I did all the dishes after dinner even though I was tired and I really, really didn't want to. Insights: Nothing significant today. I didn't get much sleep last night because of the pups so I'm getting to bed earlier tonight, hoping they sleep a little better, too. Here's a picture of the mellower of the two. The other one doesn't sit still long enough for a photo. I swear to gawd she's part squirrel.