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  1. Hello, an update (and good news!) I received the following in an email back from the company: "Thanks also for your great observation about the allergens listed for the Chopped Vegetable Salad! After consulting with our culinary team and our nutritionist, we determined that the listed soy allergy for the salad without dressing was, in fact, an error. The salad used to contain edamame on an older version of the menu, but no longer does. We are working right now on getting the website updated to reflect this." Shannon, this seems spot on with your original hypothesis - but makes me b
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  2. Day 21 Even though FitBit only gave me a "Fair" score for my sleep last night, I feel especially good about it. Was mindful about screens late in the day, went for a walk after dinner and then no tv after, got into bed with a real book well before 9, and slept through the night until my alarm went off at 5. I have successfully returned to my preferred monastic life schedule. Which is only possible because I live alone and theaters are closed for the moment. Otherwise I'm out late reviewing shows and on my Dude's bartending schedule. It's healthier this way. But not nearly the same kind of
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