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  1. I am starting on Monday oct 26. My husband will follow me a couple days later as he has a colonoscopy (ugh!) on Tuesday.
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  2. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    Day 2 went well. I ended up having day 1 leftovers for dinner, which were just as good the second time. I slept terribly last night-I woke up almost instantly each time I drifted off to sleep. Finally, I got up, got a handful of almonds and 2 dates and read for a while. Sleep was still rough. I slept later than normal as a result, and so didn’t do a morning dog walk. Even so, I feel fine. I’ve planned meals and ordered groceries. I’m taking the dog for a long hike in a little while. Planning a campfire dinner this evening with a friend who is doing Whole 30ish eating. She assur
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  3. So When is everyone starting? I still have some pasta in the fridge so I want to start this Sunday- Oct. 25th. Anyone else beginning about that time? I have done this before and it is helpful for me that people are starting the same/somewhat date? Good luck to everyone!
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