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  1. Restarting a journal is my first step toward starting my next W30 on January 2. My ultimate goal is to live close to W30/paleo most of the time, but I constantly struggle against myself and my addiction to sugar and processed foods. Part of the issue is that I'm lazy and don't like to spend the time prepping and cooking and part of the issue is self-sabotage. I use this journal to track my foods, work through my challenges, and keep myself accountable to myself. Even though I fall off and disappear (I haven't posted since early November), the fact that I come back and start again is a win
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  2. Tintypographer

    GI problems

    Hello have not been on the forum before. I have always eaten pretty healthy. I do cross fit multiple times per week and have no problems with sugar. I have no weight problems or diabetes or blood pressure. I never drink soft drinks or processed junk food. I have been on whole 30 complete for 10 days now and starting day 6 I have had the most painful cramping, bowel movements, nausea and internal discomfort I've felt except for the fewer times I've had food poisoning My diet in shifting to whole 30 has cut out my morning unflavored Greek yogurt, any milk, any sugar that
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