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  1. It's been busy in here! I've had three very long work days, so no time for anything fun. Eventually things will ease up, surely. I have never been this busy at work... I decided not to do intros other than a bit of wine on the weekends, at least for now. So far the only non-W30 thing I've had was my 3/4 bottle of wine last weekend, and legumes on Day 31. I just don't feel the need to add anything back in right now. Maybe I'll end up doing the slow-roll approach. I don't know. I figure as long as I stick to W30, I can change my mind at any moment and jump into my next reintro day, which wo
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    @becs oh god it was a disaster from start to finish! The first batch was set like rubber (that Agar-agar is powerful stuff) and the second batch - well it smelled delicious, nutty, vanilla-y - but tasted like thick water. Absolutely tasteless and definitely NOT worth it. After about 2 days of boiling and cooling and sterilising I threw it all in the bin! Now we know why there are no dairy free sugar free yoghurts available, huh? the ‘worth it’ debate is an interesting one. I think for me, ‘worth it’ has to be not just the food itself, but also the cumulative effect- or rather, the u
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  3. @Lorna from Canadayou reminded me of an accidental non-chickpea-falafel-tasting meal I made. I had some ground chicken that I made into meatballs and held them together with egg and almond flour. First round I ate them with tomato sauce, but I had the leftovers in a lettuce wrap with my lemon tahini dressing and the chicken meatballs were sooo dry it was just like falafel! Non-vegan falafels without the side effects of legumes!
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  4. It's a made up holiday that provinces in Canada fought for because we had no public holidays between January 1st and Easter (which is in April this year). I think every province in Canada has it but it's not all on the same day because it's a Provincial holiday, not Federal and some of us just couldn't pick the same day as everyone else! (That's BC... we're a special lot).
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  5. Hello Everyone! I wanted to share some things I learned while doing Whole 30 that might help you. First, I have never made it all the way through the Whole 30 which is why I am starting tomorrow! Yes, it's a Wednesday and it's in the middle of the week but for some reason this really works for me probably because it helps me get through the first weekend. This time, I am going to make it all the way through. In fact, I'm going to do what I am calling Whole 30 For Life. Here's what I discovered when I did Whole 30 for 3 weeks. I felt AMAZING! Seriously, I felt like I was 20 years old ag
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  6. Oh boy - those scales are such monsters! I think I am going to go the rest of my life without knowing what I weigh. I can guess close enough when I need to - I "knew", for example, that I have gained at least 30 lbs since the start of my mom's illness and I "know" now that I have probably lost around 10 lbs judging from how clothing fits and my loose rings. I am going to rely on this kind of knowing and the scale be damned. Seriously. W30 trudges along here - we watched the Super Bowl last night without cheesy nachos or 7 layer dip. I didn't serve an extra veg with dinner (just the veggi
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