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  1. I am starting March 15...I'm excited and nervous...it's my first time doing whole30...but I've basically been fighting obesity my whole life. Only now it's wreaking havoc on my mind and body more than ever, so I need to reverse it and whole30 seemed like the way to go! If anyone is looking for an accountability partner, I would love it!
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  2. Some foods can cause a delayed reaction, but it's hard to know whether that's what's going on here, or which of the non-Whole30 foods might be to blame. Your Thursday meal included at least alcohol and dairy, possibly sugar, maybe soy depending on what was in the BBQ sauce, and then there's whatever was in the paleo puffs and muesli. I would suggest going back to Whole30 until you feel better, then doing more careful reintroductions, with one food type at a time, and maybe waiting three days instead of two before reintroducing the next food, especially for wine/alcohol and dairy, in case
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