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  1. @Rebecca001 - those pics are amazing, you must be so pleased! You definitely look stronger in the second set! @christine19 so glad you guys are getting your vaccines! I was volunteering at the health care workers vax clinic the last two weeks and people were saying the same thing about getting appointments! It's actually a great thing to hear because it means that there's a great demand and that a lot of people are getting vaccinated... it would be tragic if appointments were super easy to get because no one was booking them! Sorry I've been quiet on here - I haven't read a book or writt
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  2. Very good reminder! Unless the item has the Whole30 Approved decal on it, it's good to check the labels every time you buy an item - who knows which time is the time that it's changed... doing so also makes a person VERY good at quickly scanning labels which helps when trying out new products! Thanks for the reminder!
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