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  1. SKUtah

    First week down, 3 to go

    I'm on day 7. The Whole30 Day by Day journal has been pretty spot on with the timeline. I've had a few ups and downs but I just keep repeating the best line in the book, "One meal at a time." It's not that bad when I think of it that way. Confession: I know tracking calories is a no-no but I've been tracking calories but not why most people would think. I know that a person needs a minimum number of calories and I could tell the first 2 days that I was no where near the minimum. I tracked, yes, but to make sure I could gauge what was enough. I stopped after 3 days and have a better handle
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  2. My first time committing to Whole30 was 2+ years ago and I had previously dropped over 60 pounds before starting and was in very good shape. I liked the concept of Whole30 but I was already eating extremely healthy so quite frankly, I just breezed through the 30 days and literally said, out loud, "what's the big deal?" Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic, after a death and a separate serious illness in the family, my own job loss at 50+ years old from a job I thought I'd retire from, and the general stress of it all I stopped exercising and ate my feelings until I packed on 50 pounds
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