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  1. SugarcubeOD

    Smoking meat

    It's not that Whole30 doesn't 'allow' smoked meats it's that it is nearly impossible to find smoked meats that have all compatible ingredients. If you smoke your own meat and the ingredients in any rub or brine (??) is compatible then go for it!
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  2. I commonly like to write as an outlet. So my wife has been encouraging me to write an article about my health journey and Whole30. I finally wrote it down. But really don't have anywhere to post. This seems to be the most appropriate place. So here goes... Apologies for the length. Wasn't initially writing it for a forum. I’m awake… What time is it? 5 am… I got roughly five and a half or six hours of sleep. That’s enough for me. My wife and daughter are still sleeping. This is a great time to get in a workout. I ran yesterday and my knees can’t handle two days in a row. I coul
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  3. Bern123, its so great to hear from you and it means a lot to me that I have managed to inspire someone. Its been 13 months since I started this journey. I’ve already done a second Whole30. I am doing great! Definitely still going strong. I’ve lost 60 lbs in total. But more importantly, NO LPR! After my second Whole30 I went to my doctor and had blood work done. For the first time in my life every reading was perfect across the board. My blood pressure is down. I’m sleeping better. Everything is better. I hope your Whole30 experience went well. Relatively speaking of course. Yo
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