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  1. AmyRose

    Start Date May 24th!

    Day 10, and I’m still on plan. I expected today to be harder than it was, just because day 10 and 11 are often the days that people quit Whole 30. I have noticed in the last two days that I’m in a better mood and I’m able to work through the day without any problems. I even have some extra energy in the evening. That’s been a big change for me. I’m still eating white chicken chili occasionally, filling in with veggie omelettes and shrimp and roast chicken. I’m going through a lot of vegetables, but I stocked up over the weekend so I should be fine now. Lunch today was a BAS, and
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  2. I just finished Whole30 and had success with both scale and non scale victories! Lost 9 pounds, and inch everywhere plus 3” in my waist. The biggest benefit was not being controlled by cravings and truly being satiated from my meals! I used to have to eat something every 2 hours or I couldn’t function. I’d work out 4-6 times a week for 1.5 hours with cardio and weightlifting and couldn’t lose inches or pounds unless I starved myself. So happy with how I feel, I decided only to add back in one item. Whole milk with my coffee. In doing so I dropped the avacado topper on my egg scramble th
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