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  1. I started my Whole30 on May 1, 2021. Finished today, May 30. I've decided to do a Whole60 so it continues... The first two weeks were rocky for me. I tracked with the symptoms given in my Day-to-Day and Whole30 books. At the two-week mark I decided to give up coffee. I had cut back from 4 cups in the morning to 2 cups and then 1 cup. I didn't enjoy it at all after I started the Whole30 and quit using half-and-half and stevia. So it was easy to cut back. Cutting it out completely was another story. I did it slowly but apparently not slowly enough. I had a headache the first day without coffee a
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  2. Finished my Whole60 today. I'll be adding some things back but for the most part my diet will remain the same. I feel good without flour, sugar and dairy. A lot of my symptoms went away, not all of them, but I'm not sure food was the source of those issues. I'll add back hummus and other beans, I might experiment with yogurt and a little cheese to see if I can tolerate some dairy. So I guess that's it. Sixty days - yay! It was a lonely journey. If I go back on the diet, I probably won't be doing the forum. Maybe it was just a quiet time of the year - not sure. But it was discouraging. I f
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