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  1. MadyVanilla

    Fall 2021

    I just looked back at my last log -it's been nearly a year since I've been here (November 3. 2020). I've continued to struggle with my eating, making healthy choices many days, making not so great choices other days. Making more healthy than not healthy choices as evidenced by a 12-pound weight loss, sustained over the summer (yay me, but I need to lose 50). The first part of August, I decided to tackle another W30 beginning Sept 7th. My husband and I just returned a week ago from an Alaskan cruise where I ate all the food, but also got quite a bit of exercise. I knew I would need time to
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  2. Oh the joys of starting over, why do we ever even stop??!! Life, I guess. LOL! I'm glad to read your vertigo is resolving and no headache this morning!
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