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  1. Another dry weekend under my belt and as predicted I am starting to feel fresh, brighter, healthier! My food this weekend was good, I didn’t fall into the trap of replacing alcohol with snacks. I went for a run, hip feeling good, a little tender this morning. this week my biggest aim is to drink more water especially at work, and to limit fruit consumption as I ate a lot last week. I’ve not bought anywhere near as much ‘luxury’ fruit this week, no berries or soft fruits for example, to try to limit my grazing. it is a thoroughly marvellous feeling to find myself on Monday morning,
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  2. UGH. OK. So. I stayed compliant food-wise all weekend, but had wine all 3 days. It's that slippery slope, and it was a weird and emotive weekend. Back on track 100% today, however. Didn't do a lot of food prep- yesterday was a couch and movie day, hubster needed a decompress. M1: Tuna patties and carrot soup. M2: Not sure yet, need to have a browse and see what's there. M3: baked turkey drumsticks with gravy, mashed cauli and potato, and sauteed broccolini
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