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  1. eramsey

    Day 1 in the Books

    Day 7 Morning Last night was tough and good at the same time. I barely had any time to unwind. I am almost always in the kitchen now so I need to work on easier meals so I can actually spend time with my family. That being said, my sleep has drastically improved. I was up with my alarm in a good mood this morning. Last night however, the cravings were serious. I managed to get by with just some raisins and some almond butter on some chicken deli slices. It was pretty tasty as a snack! This morning breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado on the side. And a few slices of
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  2. 5 PM. I'm so tired. Kids were little helllions and I really wanted something sweet. While the elder one was in her Music Lesson I went to a Cafe and ordered a double Espresso. Came home and ate the rest of a burger patty. Now I will shower and then cook my eggs and go to bed, because I feel like killing something. Sidenote: I struggled more on my last W30 tbh. Probably because I actually eat somewhat clean now on a normal day?
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  3. I have spent the weekend ILL, I had lost my sense of smell and taste and was coughing so did a Covid test yesterday which has come back negative. But felt/feel pretty rough. Starting to feel a bit brighter now. It explains my exhaustion last week a lot. I have been doing my very gentle hip stretches from the physio and now the way I feel there is no rush to get out for a run, so I plan to not run or do a workout til October! Just another 3 days rest. we have 2 birthdays this week, son and husband, so given my shocking September I may accept that I will eat birthday cake on Wednesday and
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