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  1. Any of them that are made from Whole30 compatible ingredients. Cashew or macadamia milk or hemp milk would work, just check the ingredients for things like sweeteners or soy. Obviously, things like oat milk or rice milk or soy milk would not be ok because they're made from things that are not Whole30 compatible.
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  2. R1D16 1st: veggie frittata with avocado Post workout: 2 salmon patties with mayo 2nd: 2 cans of tuna with tomato sauce (aka "Italian tuna salad" according to Gavin lol) 3rd: pecan crusted salmon with zucchini and mushrooms I've broken my pushup record for 3 days in a row! This is huge for me, as I've always felt lacking in upper body strength. Tonight after dinner, Gavin said he might do my next round with me. Joke's on him, because I'm probably not ever stopping.
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