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  1. ShannonM816

    Meat Items

    Read the ingredients lists. That's how you know if something is Whole30 compatible, from the ingredients. The first one contains sugar. Sugar is not compatible with Whole30 rules, so that one isn't going to work for your Whole30. The other one seems to be okay, the ingredients are all fine. So you can have it during your Whole30.
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  2. Rikki, i hope you are feeling better! The MSG controversy is interesting to me, as someone who had had reactions to *something* in a number of soups in Asian restaurants in the US. Once I read about MSG being a problem, I stopped eating at places that use MSG, and stopped having the symptoms. The one time I slipped was in Thailand, and I was practically hallucinating from whatever was in that (delicious) Tom Yum soup. Was it MSG? I can't really say. But it brought on migraine effects.
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  3. I mean it is naturally occurring in some foods but from what I understand it is fermented wheat gluten (sometimes sucgar cane, corn, cassava, seaweed, etc) with sodium added to it. Seems significantly less natural than most things allowed on Whole30. It's base is also one of the things specifically not allowed on Whole30. Like why MSG and not peanut oil, since most people are allergic/sensitive to the protein in peanuts and a good chunk of those with peanut allergies are fine with things like french fries fried in peanut oil. Or how some kombuchas have sugar in them to aid in the fermentation,
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  4. @MizRikoh no, hope you recover quickly re: tater-tots! Ok, like a potato croquette type thing? Mash potato inside, coated outside? My kids would love them! Lots of brands of potato products here have dextrose in them, in fact a lot of stores own brands have every single potato item with dextrose added <Morrisons> To make them crispy. Sometimes it’s easier when it’s just ‘no’ to all isn’t it? I find you can’t beat a roast potato, made properly with love and duck fat. Joyous! tiger blood? Yes I think I’m starting to feel her roar! I ran 16km yesterday and at times I
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  5. To me, tater tots are just hash browns put into little shapes so not sure why it wouldn't be compliant. However, the store bought ones typically have non compliant things in them. But Tiffy - you can have "fries", just not in the style of fast food fries. You need to cut them yourself and make them homemade (baked in the oven). I tend to do that with rutabaga or sweet potato "fries". I just follow the recipes in the Whole30 cookbook and go from there.
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  6. Well shyte. I’m sick. My youngest was sick last week. Covid negative. I now have the same symptoms he did. Yay me!! No wonder I have felt so run down. This stupid thing was brewing. I tend to not take care of myself when I’m sick though. I mean I’m a mom. So today I still cleaned the whole house. Toilets and all. Meal prepped a little bit of meat and fed my family. I didn’t eat much at all today but I’m ready for tomorrow if my appetite is back. Now I’m lying in bed praying my body isn’t too angry tomorrow. hahaha. I just proofread my post. I promise I washed my hands betwe
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