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  1. CONGRATS on the dresses!!! That’s awesome!!! Obnoxiously I’m feeling extra bloated today. I can’t figure out why? My period isn’t for another week or a little longer. Didn’t add anything new to my diet?? Soooo who knows. Sadly I broke the scale rule yesterday. I joined an 8 week fitness challenge at my gym and I had to weigh in on their equipment. It was an electronic scale that I had to enter a bunch of info into so I couldn’t avoid looking at the numbers. I am down 10lbs though sooo YAY!!!
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  2. Hope everyone is doing well! I think most of us are within a week of finishing! Any NSVs? I feel lots of energy and definitely have lost weight. Fitting in dresses that I have not fit in for a long time! Eating so many veggies and my nails already feel stronger!
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