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  1. Apricot

    Apricot's W30 Log

    Before I start my first entry, I want to take a minute to reflect on my body. I have a great body. Like, a really great body. The caveat is that it isn't a pretty body, and that's the one aspect of it that I tend to get hung up on. Every time that I change my eating pattern, or consistently go to the gym, it's always done with self-hatred as a motivator. I've achieved a lot with self-hatred; it's an incredibly powerful motivational tool! It's also one that leaves me miserable, and unable to acknowledge (much less enjoy) any personal victories. Every time I look in the mirror (
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  2. Limited studies have shown that people with coronary artery disease may benefit from taking extra D-Ribose, but outside those circumstances, your body makes it on its own and supplementation is not necessary. You can also get Ribose from foods like beef and eggs. Again, though, if it has been recommended by a person's doctor (and not some doctor on the internet), it's fair game.
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  3. I’ve completely topped out on eggs. This morning, I treated myself to this incredibly tasty taco salad.
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