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  1. Hi LadyM! Nice to see a familiar name around here :) Day 77... what a great feeling! And all that movement - how awesome! I sure hope you don't end up locked down again After a 3-4 month stint with "mostly" carnivore I've decided to go back to what feels more nourishing and do a W30. I popped into the forum for the first time in almost a year... and... wow, cobwebs :) I used to love this place and the support! And I find it so useful looking back at my old logs... Anyway, just wanted to say hi because your name was the only one I recognized
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  2. I've got to come back. The bad habits I've developed since I was last here have got to stop. I love to eat mostly Whole30, most of my meals are compliant and include lots of vegetables, but between meals I totally lose it. With the cooler weather I started baking again. Oh how I love to bake, and eat, those sweets. Now I have painful inflammation in my feet and ankles, and milder inflammation in my knees and hips. It hurts to walk. Every step hurts until I get "warmed up." So just walking from the couch to the pan of squares on the kitchen counter hurts, but I do it anyways. I've lost
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