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    I am 50 years old and need a reset. I believe I have enjoyed excellent health as an adult mainly because I learned the science of good nutrition when our son was gravely ill. That being said, our three children are independent now. My eating habits unraveled after they went mainly due to my growing business, I also blame my newly acquired bad habits on the freedom I felt from being responsible for the good health and safety of other human beings. Moms do so much! At any rate, the consequences of my new "freedom" have me feeling pretty gross. It's taken a couple of year
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  2. Most likely its just climate change or jetlag. Other options are 1) red meat was heavily salted, much more than you do at home - don't know specifics of your order, but maybe. Or 2) it's just unrelated headaches that just randomly happened after eating out like this.
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  3. milakiss

    Good Food

    I also try to think through my menu during the day. In order to take care of yourself and your body, you need to constantly monitor your diet.
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