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    Gin's 6th Whole30 Log

    Day 2 I felt head-achy and miserable all day. I'm not sure if it's from Whole30 hangover effect or the tropical storm that is passing up along the east coast. I had turkey and spinach with a fried egg on top for breakfast. And that was pretty much the end of my motivation to cook for the day since my appetite really didn't kick in even after eating. I had hamburger soup for lunch, was really grateful to past-me for making it. I didn't even want dinner so I just threw together a salad of mixed greens and olives. I managed to finish it so I felt accomplished. I drank a lot of water through the day hoping to chase the headache away somehow. It didn't work. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow but at least I have plenty of soup to get me through even if I don't.
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    Whole30 in Germany

    So, I got my period. Normally that means a week of very hard pms'ing, cravings and bingeing ahead. Last month I had a terrible migraine and my blod pressure was very low. The last 5 days? Nothing! No cravings, barely any water retentions (not more than I expect with around 32°C outside), no Binge Eating. Just a bit of cramping in my back and stomach. Quite honestly one of my best PMS's in the last year. I'm totally happy with Whole30 until now. I'm thinking about doing it for 40-50 days. Or doing a very slow introduction of foods (like one food group per week) so I can really pin point what is causing the inflammation and the eczema.
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    FatGirl Slim

    Based on other people’s posts I think I’m doing this right (replying to my topic to continue the log). I’m in the midst of trying to reset my sleep cycle. I’m a major night owl (so naturally I’ve chosen a profession that requires me to up and at work by 7:30 am, smart) and working from home has allowed me to get really crazy with my sleep pattern. I had gotten to a point where normal bedtime was between 2 and 3 am and then I would sleep until noon. I’ve been physically going to bed earlier, but having a terrible time actually falling asleep. Usually, I listen to an audiobook and play a coloring app on my phone as my bedtime wind down. Last night I ditched the app and tried actually coloring. It seemed to help. I fell asleep in about an hour, as opposed to two or three hours. I’m going to stick with that strategy again tonight and see what happens. Even though I haven’t been sleeping that well, my energy is pretty stable and I’ve been able to get a lot done during the day. My other small victory is hydration. I am teeeeeeerrible at drinking enough water. Sometimes it’s 1 in the afternoon before I realize I haven’t had a sip of liquid all day. I’m like a camel, except I’m not storing water, I’m just dehydrated all the time. I’ve started putting cucumber slices in water and putting it in the fridge in the evening. In the morning, it makes for a very tempting and refreshing treat (I don’t have AC). It’s been working really well, I’ve been drinking way more. It seems if I start the day drinking water, it’s easier to keep it going throughout the day. Alright, off to bed to color and hopefully fall asleep even faster tonight.
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    Like an Onion

    If you would have told me a couple on months ago that I would be sitting here ready to write this post - I don't think I would have believed it. But here goes: Alcohol has played a big part in my life since MIL came to live with us. It started by buying some of those little cans of hard seltzer - low-carb sparkling water with alcohol - on our trip to go get her. My husband and I went on that trip alone - and it just seemed like a relaxing "vacation" thing to do at the time. That one moment set in motion an addiction - and I have had alcohol almost every evening since. I figured out that the lower-carb white wines like pinot grigio are also super low-histamine, compared to reds - and I can "get away" with drinking that mixed with sparkling water, and not have it wreck my next day. But is my next day ideal? Am I feeling my best? Of course not. I'm not beating myself up for using this crutch to help get through this huge adjustment. I'm not one to feel shame when it comes to my choices. But I am ready to stop the cycle. This is my life now - things are settling in to our new normal - and I do need to figure out how to manage my stress in other, more productive ways. 30 days of sobriety is in order, for sure. Whole 30 is my ultimate reset. My higher self knows this, and has guided me back here this morning. So here goes.
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    Whole30 in Germany

    So, I'm on Day 4 of my very first Whole30. It's not as hard as I anticipated and I'm really happy about that. So I went searching for W30 compliant condiments and sauces and truth be told: I didn't find much here in Germany. Went to 3 different stores and I only found: hot tabasco hot ajvar hot mustard some liquid smoke spray tomato passata I guess I have to make my own sauces. At least I already have some spices at home. Found out that regional sourced free range meat is really really expensive. Like really expensive. Bought some meat on monday, spend over 30€ and it was used up by today. So I had to buy more meat. And spend another 40€. Just on meat. Of course I could buy the cheaper options but I don't think it ethically responsible (also the people slaughterinng the animals from mass farming are badly paid, live in terrible conditions and have an higher risk of catching Covid). I will either have to eat more eggs (used 18 eggs since Monday!) or eat more veggies (I already eat a ton of them) so it's a bit of a struggle. Good news: My eczema is already clearing up and as long as my hand doesn't catch dirt it doesn't even itch! For itch-frees days! Longest time in the last 2 years! Will write more tomorrow! I hope everyone has an amazing day!
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    FatGirl Slim

    Hello! I’m on day 6 of my 5th or 6th Whole30 and I’m doing it differently this time. One of the things that entails is being active in the forum, so hello! I guess on this first post I’m just going to dive right into the psychology, since meal prepping and staying on plan aren’t the struggle anymore. I know I can do that part. I know my blog title might earn me a few side eyes, but 1. It’s a reference to the band Fatboy Slim and a nod to college nostalgia and 2. I’ve always identified as a fat girl, even before I actually was one. I’m 5’9” and I’ve been 5’9” since the 6th grade. I towered over my classmates. I was taller than some of my elementary school teachers. In old dance recital pictures, I look like Godzilla among the fairies. I was always bigger than everyone around me. Hard not to internalize that, I guess. I’m also SUPER well-endowed, and again, have been since the 6th grade. The first real bra I remember shopping for was a C cup. I felt enormous in middle and high school, but looking back at pictures, I really wasn’t. It was just that most of my visible world was my massive chest, so I felt like all of me was massive. I was an introverted, rebellious, weird little theater kid, and identifying as “the fat girl” and metaphorically and literally sticking the finger to the skinny bubbly popular girls became an important part of my identity. It’s still a pretty important part of my identity. I started belly dancing about 8 years ago partly because it fascinated me and I really wanted to, and partly because being a fat, sexy dancer and flying in the face of societal norms really appealed to me. Oh really? Fat girls can’t be hot? Look at this shimmy, LOOK AT IT!! I joined a CrossFit style gym and started weight lifting because I really loved watching people’s jaws drop when their assumptions that since I’m fat, I must also be weak got blown out of the water. So I want to be very clear that I am not fat-shaming myself or anyone else. I love my fat body, and I have also realized that it’s really not serving me anymore. I’ve slowly been gaining weight since college, averaging about 10 pounds a year. I was starting to feel like things were getting out of control, and then the pandemic happened. Things got rooooough. Things were definitely out of control. Depression hit hard (shout out to Whole30ers battling mental health issues!) The gym shut down. Dance classes were cancelled. I’ve gained 30 pounds since March. Yikes. I’m exhausted, my clothes don’t fit, my family is worried about me, and for the first time since middle school, I feel like a prisoner in this body instead of a proud, fierce, joyful badass. I’m not a fan. So I’ve returned to Whole30. I’ve done it before, but I always treated it like a crash diet. I skimmed the website for the rules, but didn’t educate myself about the science. I’ve never done the reintroduction phase. I’ve never engaged with the community. I’ve never made lasting changes to my life style. This time, the goal is to do it differently. I’m reading the books, I’m committing to the reintroduction phase, and I’m using this forum. The goal is actual, real, lasting change so I can feel like I’m in control of my life again. The goal is energy and clearing brain fog and fighting off depression. And yes, definitely weight loss. I’m 33 years old, and I’ve finally decided that it is time to Do The Thing. Let’s go!
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    I am going to be starting a whole30 again. Soon! August 1st! Wahooo... The last few months have been WEIRD. Very weird. I started a new engineering job only 2 days before our office closed due to the coronavirus. I tried learning the ropes remotely (with my kids and husband at home all day) and I hated it and was getting pretty depressed about it so I quit. Thankfully, my husband saved me and "plan B" went into action... We switched roles and he is working full time and I'm the one home with the kids all day starting this fall when he starts teaching. Our public school district announced they are starting 100% virtual this fall. So I'll be "homeschool mom" for a change.. my husband was the stay-at-home dad for the last 7 years and now my son is going into kindergarten and my daughter's going into 3rd. We had been planning to try both working full time before the pandemic to save more money, but plans changed. Oh well! I am working as a cleaner part time after the kids go to bed for some extra hours and in an environment where I don't have to be around other people since its after closing time of the office building. I've been getting more exercise with the cleaning and that's really good- makes me feel happier.
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    Recalling, restarting, re instituting those healthy habits that work. The NSVs are what keep us coming back!
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    Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

    In matters of food preparation, work, and life in general, this is fantastically true. I'm glad you didn't hesitate to return to a food approach that works for you. Wishing you a joyful Sunday!
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    Like an Onion

    Day 6 yesterday: 8/1/20 -- This is going okay. Cravings for dumb stuff are definitely tied to stress and/or going too long without eating enough protein. That's not a shocking new revelation. Last night after I plowed through a 9-hour shift, I came home and ate, and realized how overstimulated I felt. That's the time when I'd be reaching for alcohol to just sort of mute the world around me and the swirling thoughts from work and life in general. But - I didn't. I just told myself it was time to close my eyes and go to sleep. Today is a new day, and I don't have to work. Focusing on self-care and getting some things done around the house, I suppose. The first episode in a new season of Umbrella Academy finally came out on Netflix, and my youngest has been patiently waiting until our schedules line up so we can watch it together. It's a rainy day ~ so, pretty sure I can make time for that. @Amy_Michigan ~ one thing is for sure: that was a clear sign from your body! That sounds rough. I hope you feel better today.
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    Hey, Whole30 World! I'm so excited to be here! When I was young, I smirked at my parents' attitude toward food (comfort food? what's that? I was raised that food is fuel and/or medicine, but never fun or recreation!), but now I see that "garbage in, garbage out" is kinda true! With three out of four grandparents dying before they reached retirement age, how did my parents live into their 90s? (Mom is still with us.) Diet, of course! Whole30 embodies all of this, with two awesome additions: a scientific basis and customizability! In the long term, I will be retiring myself in about five years, so I want to have my Food Freedom deeply ingrained into my daily life by then. In the short term, if things go as planned--and they very well may not--I should be on day 22 of my first Whole30 the day I leave to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain (for the third time). So why am I here right this minute, introducing myself to everyone? I'm following, to the letter, the planning and preparation steps as outlined in my favorite new book, "The Whole30, the 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom." I look forward to meeting y'all!
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    Whole30 in Germany

    Went to the sea. Friend offered me cookies and cake. Said "no", swamm 45 Minutes, ate my chicken breast, sausage, sweet potatoes and some carrot. Home again. Climbed 15 floors today. Dinner: Salad, Champignons filled with egg, steamed broccoli and zucchini, selfmade guac.
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    Whole 30 Round 3, Saturday August 1, 2020 re-intro and goals I'm back after a crazy July of feeding my Sugar Dragon way too much, especially ice cream. My waist measurement has increased and my waist-to-hip ratio is at a staggering 0.906 today, which means I need to lose fat from around my mid section especially, but also generally all over. This morning I saw a video of myself and I don't like how I look (my body is shaped like a sausage, without a defined waist). I need to change that. I was considering following the DASH diet, but I decided to do another Whole 30 instead because I like the results I had previously. Whole30 taught me how to cook real food, how to eat big and healthy meals that leave me satisfied until my next meal, and I learned to not snack between meals while adhering to the program. Since completing my last W30, I now successfully go from breakfast to lunch without any snacking between, but I need to continue to work on developing better habits to get me through mid to late afternoons, which is when I typically raid the freezer for ice cream. I also started to eat sweets for dessert in the evenings, pie or cookies, a totally unnecessary habit that I'd like to break. Not that I don't want to ever have dessert again because that would be too restrictive and totally unrealistic. I just want it to be something special when I do have it. The DASH diet can wait until I learn to overcome the temptation to snack mid-day and learn to control myself around desserts. I've noticed that the mid day energy slump has returned, and I miss having the Tiger Blood that comes with eating clean foods all the time. Finally, my sleep has been great or not so great, depending on the night, or likely more specifically depending on what I ate the day or two before. I hope that this W30 experiment will help me to discover what is impacting my sleep quality. My healthy habit hacks have fallen aside. It's been too long since I've had boiled eggs or carrot & celery sticks on hand in the fridge, and my last homemade mayo went moldy. With work being super busy this summer I have been neglecting keeping the kitchen tidy after every meal, which is an energy drain when I do get back into the kitchen. To have to clean the kitchen before I start to cook is just awful. So today, I will clean and organize my fridges and freezers again. I have already removed most of the junk food so its out of sight and not a temptation. I will prepare veggie sticks and make some homemade mayo. I will wash some romaine and boil some eggs. The kitchen will be kept clean and tidy and I will sharpen my knives. I have a solid list of favourite Whole 30 meals that I rotate through regularly, and will prepare a full week's worth of meal plans including mostly Whole 30 for my family too. I hope to find something to distract myself in the afternoon when I long for something sweet, maybe I'll take a walk or do some yoga. As long as my dinner plan is made and cooking will be ready-to-go-easy, I think I will be ok. I know I can do this because I've done it before. I just gotta get strong and kick my Sugar Dragon til it's gone gone gone.
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    Take Advantage

    Big restart tomorrow as I've puttered along this week. I definitely feel like I've gotten myself back on track for the most part - I'm in a much better place than I was earlier in the week. I took the dog for a 5-mile hike yesterday in the cooler woods and it was absolutely lovely! I also did an hour yin yoga session - perfect. I have a quick, overnight trip tonight for baseball, but I have groceries and meal plans ready to start anew tomorrow!
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    Like an Onion

    Day 3: 7/29/20 -- This might end up being the most boring W30 log I've had yet. I'm just not messing with logging my food - it doesn't matter. What matters is that I've had another compliant day, and I intend for it to remain so. @MadyVanilla ~ I wish the same for you!
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    I did really well today in preparation for Aug 1st. You have no idea how much junk food I have been eating most days...soooo bad. I haven't officially started the whole30, but I'm trying to get used to eating more fruits and veggies and less bread and bagels. M1: Cereal...hopefully for the last time for 32+ days. M2: Green Smoothie Snacks: Apple, Crackers with wheat...hopefully for the last time for 32+days M3: Chicken Salad M4: Another Chicken salad with a hardboiled egg
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    I look forward to reading your adventures with getting ready for the upcoming school year in the midst of the pandemic while doing W30! My youngest is starting college next month, my oldest will be starting her last year. I'll be continuing to work from home this fall (due to the pandemic) and dealing with empty nest while my husband works outside the home full-time. Here's to beginning anew on August 1!
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    Like an Onion

    Day 1: 7/27/20 — Starting weight: 120.4 Not necessarily trying to lose weight - just recording it here for future reference. — I overdid it with the alcohol last night. Woke up this morning with a headache, low blood sugar feeling, and three trips to the bathroom. I started to journal more about that, but later decided to delete it. The main point is that I just want to feel good again. — I wasn’t able to sit down at the computer and keep great track of meals and times today - but I did keep the food compliant, and NO alcohol. I haven't veered terribly far off course in the food department, so finding things to eat here at home was not a problem. — Just got done placing another Walmart grocery delivery order. MAN, that has been a nice service to have - especially now that masks are mandatory in all public places in our state. Honestly, who wants to go to the store? I sure don't. Overall, a good day.
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    Take Advantage

    I was off-track this weekend. I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time getting back to it. I have thoughts surrounding my poor choices that involve "getting this food out of the way" and "I'm going to enjoy this right now and then get back on track" and "Ok, once this is gone, I'm back on track (not true)." I have not reverted back to my all-day-binge-fests, but I'm not making great choices. And I'm not getting much exercise-I'm walking only a little in the mornings (too hot the rest of the day, got rained out of my hike on Friday and again on Saturday). I haven't biked in over a week (schedule conflicts + heat). I have only done yoga once in the last week (taking naps instead). I haven't done my push-ups in about a week (hurt my shoulder and so laying off until that heals). I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was down a little over a pound, which also helped cross me over into the next "10s". I'm not having significant joint achiness, my skin still looks great, no indigestion or stomach issues....I'm not being punished for my transgressions. I know that's not a Food Freedom mindset, but that's the reality of how I've always thought. I'm playing with fire here, teetering on the edge of spinning out of control. I've had fits and starts over the last week - lots of good meals, two whole "good" days, but lots of noncompliant snacks and a few dinners. I think I don't really believe in my ability to comeback. I have never successfully done it before - I always dive into the bag of chips and don't look back until I'm once again enshrouded in the cloud of misery, pain, self-loathing...now I'm back to fighting with myself. Which is so stupid. I'm an intelligent human being with an advanced degree who has had success with W30 and a paleo lifestyle. There is absolutely no reason that I can't be successful again. I have the knowledge, I have the means, I have the time, I even have the right foods readily available. My youngest is about to move into his own place on August 1, just a few miles away. I keep going back to this, empty nest syndrome, but I don't feel overwhelmed with emotion about it. Is that because I"m taking my emotions out in food and so I'm not really feeling? I don't know...on the one hand, I don't want to over-analyze, but on the other I'm trying to understand why I'm sabotaging myself. I'm struggling with another relationship that's important to me, but I think part of that struggle is self-created - I've been feeling moody and anxious, which does lead me to seek comfort in sugary carbs, which creates more moodiness and anxiousness when there is no need for it... So really, even though I THINK i'm not experiencing ill effects from the poor choices I've been making, the struggles with cravings (though it's honestly not a struggle, I just give in), the moodiness, the shifting in my thought patterns from success-oriented to sabotage-oriented ARE ill effects. Go back to basics - I did this last week, and I had a successful two and a half days. I got off-track again because the weather derailed my hike and I just felt sorry for myself the rest of the day (and ate a handful of Oreos). But I still didn't fall face first into a key lime pie. I got up on Saturday, made a good breakfast, came home and quickly poached some chicken and made chicken salad to eat in between my son's ball games...but then got rained out of a hike again and later was faced with a food truck that was different than I expected for dinner. And there were only fried food options. And then just gave up yesterday and had pizza for dinner (and no upset stomach as I fully expected!). And had the last piece for breakfast this morning. I'm trying to remember all of the good choices I've made this weekend - being kind and gentle with myself is the key to swimming out of this mire. It's just hard when I don't understand why I'm doing this. I just don't believe in myself. Time to read affirmations, listen to uplifting music, make a list. I know I ramble and sound whiny sometimes, but journaling really is a huge help to me. I want to come here everyday and say that I"m doing life well...but then I remember that it's of no benefit to lie about it. I'm only going to figure this out if I work through the struggles, get them out of my head and on the screen. I said this last week and I really do mean this - I have a goal to come back here in a few days and re-read this and wonder why it was so hard because I figured it out again. I know the keys for me - making a list of things to do today, and returning to my healthy-day list. I just went and checked items off that list that I keep on my phone - I'm not going to get the "eat low carb breakfast" one today, but I can get all the others done. I'm listing my meals here, then going to make my to-do list for today: M1-slice of sweet pepper and sausage pizza M2-chicken salad with celery and spinach (need to make mayo) M3-grilled pork chops with zucchini and yellow squash marinated in Primal Kitchen citrus herb dressing. As i read back over this before posting, I realize that I have a hard time regrouping when things don't go as expected. Something to ponder upon...off to make my to-do list and have a successful day. I give myself permission to do what is right for me. I am confident in my ability to make healthy choices regarding nourishing foods and movement. I feel proud of myself when I nourish my body and soul. I accept my emotions and let them serve their purpose. I give myself the care and attention that I deserve.
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    Take Advantage

    I rode for a little over seven miles yesterday with a friend, then we sat on her deck and cooled down. A great reward for doing the exercise, and it was a fairly easy ride going with a friend. It feels so nice to have the energy and motivation to get out and do something active with someone and not be terribly worried that I won't be able to keep up or will have pain issues and have to slow or stop. I got a little tightness in my hip and knee during the last few minutes of our ride, so this is good. Day 39/60, 4th day without nightshades - will try some tomato and jalapeno today. Mood-7, Energy-8, Pain 0, none during short walk this morning. Didn't sleep well last night, so didn't want to get up as early this morning for a longer walk. Plus, it's supposed to be a beautiful day, so I can walk again later. Sleep...I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I don't need as much sleep as I think I do. I'm not tired during the day most of the time, I have good steady energy throughout the day, and I almost always wake up on my own (though the dog occasionally contributes to an early morning). Typically, I fall asleep purposefully while watching tv. Then I wake up sometime in the early morning hours and stay awake for an hour or so and just think about stuff while trying to go back to sleep, then I sleep a few more hours. I try to stay awake later in order to wait for my son to get home, but I often fall asleep while waiting. Mornings after I've been awake for hours during the night, I think that I should stay in bed and try to sleep even though I don't usually go back to sleep and end up getting up in the next 30 minutes. Maybe I should try just getting up and going with the day. I can certainly take a nap if I need to. Progress on July goals: 1) 20 min yoga last night 2) push-ups and squats this morning. M1-3 eggs, homemade sausage, spinach. Too filling, didn't finish it. M2-Epic beef and jalapeno broth, sliced tomato and mayonnaise M3-leftover orange chicken with broccoli. This was a fairly easy and delicious instant pot recipe. Labor intensive, with mincing garlic and ginger, zesting and juicing a bunch of oranges. but once the prep work was done, it came together well. My son, who loves Chinese take-out, thought it was delicious. Some NSVs: -I can stand and walk at any time of day, without having to wait for my creaky joints to catch up and be ready to move. I can walk up and down the stairs correctly, most of the time (as opposed to side ways or two feet on each step). And I'm getting more and more range of motion in my left knee. -Less swelling and bloating, thinner ankles, thinner face, thinner legs. If I keep this up, I might actually be able to wear tall boots this fall. -Energy and motivation. My mind doesn't make up excuses and delays for doing things, I just do it, so much less procrastination. For example, I'll think, "I need to do laundry" and then I'll go up and get a load of laundry and start it. And then fold my clothes as they come out of the dryer without much thought. It's hard to verbalize this change, but it's pretty remarkable. Part of this has to do with I can move more without pain, especially up and down the stairs, but it's also a shift in my mental state. -Great skin. My face glows and looks younger, I don't have the patches of dry skin on my elbows and scalp that I used to have. And I don't burn as easily as I used to. -Detached approach to cravings. I still have cravings related to environmental cues, such as wanting to raid the pantry when I wake in the middle of the night. But instead of the uncontrollable face dive into the crackers/cookies/loaf of bread with butter that I used to feel compelled to engage in, I can now observe the craving from afar, recognize it for what it is, then dismiss it. -Clearer thinking. Less, "What did I want to do?" or "What was I going to say?" This still happens sometimes, but nowhere near as often as it used to. -Enjoyment of black coffee. Seriously. I was a heavy, sweetened cream (Sweet Italian cream...), do-you-want-a-splash-of-coffee person. Now, I love the savory, bitterness of a good cup of iced coffee. This switch alone has probably resulted in me losing 5 pounds. And I don't miss the cream at all. -Stable mood. I have experienced great mood swings around a person in my life, which is primarily due to my own thought processes as opposed to anything that person has done or said. But I've observed an ability to look at things with calmness and rationality that I couldn't previously access around this person. Stuff I'm working through, but it is definitely much easier to be thoughtful rather than reactive. -Better self-esteem. I feel better about myself and how I look. While I still have quite a bit of weight to lose, I'm not too concerned about that. I generally feel attractive and sexy, especially when I brush my hair and put on some make-up . I know that may sound conceited, but I feel the opposite of how I felt about myself two months ago. I was a lump, a slug, a lazy and fat, bloated whale. My weight has gone down, but not significantly so and I still am not fitting into the clothes I want to fit into. Yet, I feel SO much better about myself.
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    Round 2

    Day 10 B = coffee w/ almond milk; tandoori chicken; 1/2 green apple, cucumber slices, 1/4 avocado S = last of the tandoori chicken L = cauliflower-dill soup; tomato wedges; hardboiled egg S = 2 plums; trail mix D = roasted potatoes w/ mayonnaise; roasted duck exercise = 25 min run Another 'off' day. Low energy / no motivation to leave the house after my run but I think that's mostly due to my period and sleeping poorly. All I wanted was a scone... so I had potatoes instead. I'm finding that I do better with a bit of starchy carbohydrate for my mental health. The times I followed a very strict low-carb diet were the times that I had the most severe bouts of depression so I need to remember that my brain is part of my body.
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    New to WHOLE30

    I’m Edi and my friend Grace introduced me to W30. I started July 6 & as a vegetarian (sometimes pescatarian) it’s challenging when my protein sources mainly came from beans, legumes & plant based products with soy. I am considering re-visiting organic, grass-fed beef during this 40-dy program but most of the places are subscription or you need to buy in bulk. Trying to work it all out but excited about the possibilities.
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    Corn is a non-gluten grain, it's still something you'd be reintroducing that you haven't had for 30 days. The reason to do reintroductions one food group at a time is so that if you have any reaction, you know what you reacted to, which can help you decide if that food is worth it to you going forward. If you reintroduce several food groups at once and end up feeling crappy afterward, you have no way of knowing which food group caused that, or if it's a combination of them.
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    Anna Mari

    Day 1 of Whole 30!

    Hi Loren Katie, Yes the first day is the hardest..but you have to keep telling yourself that it is well worth it! put on the 'Rosie the Riveter" and tell yourself :"I can do it"! the best thing for me was not tell my co workers I am on it just so they wouldnt jinx it lol..till the end of 30 days..but I think they are seeing a difference cause they keep telling me if I am loosing weight lol..so press forward my sister!! I have faith in you!! Blessings..Anna
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    Chinese Chicken Wings

    omg, yum. I was thinking of doing Chinese 'fakeaway' for dinner this weekend, and these have totally made the list!