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    Melissa Hartwig


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    Melissa Hartwig

    Forum Rules

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    "Grocery shopping" takes place at more than 3 locations.
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    This thread kicks booty! I laughed out loud more than once. (The "gets mad when sees paleo pancakes marked as Whole30 approved" was my favorite.) Maybe me and Melissa Joulwan need to make a video called "Sh*t Whole30 girls say." Melissa
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    The crazy things people say

    "Oh , I couldn't give up x, y, z" Well, d'uh you could, you just don't want to.
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    The crazy things people say

    After I finish explaining briefly what paleo/Whole30 is: "So you're doing Atkins?"
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    The crazy things people say

    "Fruit will make you fat" - a fat coworker who doesn't eat fruit. "I could never eat as much as you" - a fat coworker who eats lean cuisine every day "How do you eat so much chocolate and stay so fit?" - random coworker and my favorite..."that's the biggest salad I've ever seen"
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    My fav is still the one about not licking our fingers. That makes me laugh every time. Last week I made oatmeal cookies with my daughter for a camp party and she asked if she could lick my fingers since I wasn't going to.
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    Thank you for this! They have this conversation with the TJ's cashier (and this was yesterday) Me: do you have Larabars? Cashier: yes, many kinds. Do you want me to hold your place in line while you run over? Me: No. Thank you but I can't have them right now. Cashier: but they're just fruit and nuts Me: I know, but I have an unhealthy psychological relationship with them. They feel like dessert. Cashier: but they're just fruit and nuts
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    They feel guilty when they lick an envelope.
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    You have a t-shirt that says "WHEAT is murder".
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    The crazy things people say

    Bf: Is coconut milk okay? Me: yes Bf: but aren't you not doing milk? Me: ...
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    Melissa Hartwig

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    I would go to Costa Rica (we've been trying to plan a trip there for ages). We'd rent a house on the beach, close enough to town that we could hit the market for fresh produce and fish. Our house would have an awesome kitchen, where we'd cook all of our own food... but we'd also have daily cleaning service, so we never had to clean up after ourselves. Fresh fish and seafood, mango salsa (we'd go during mango season, of course), fruit smoothies (because when you're on vacation, it's okay to go a little crazy), and tons and tons of fresh salads, because when I'm south of the border, I'm always craving greens. There would also be this little place in town that served pulled pork, chicken, and beef, and they could make us lettuce tacos with fresh salsa and mole sauce any time we asked. Yum. I'd focus a ton of fun and play, and surf, paddleboard, and do yoga. There would also be awesome mountain biking trails nearby in the hills (hey, it's MY vacation), and we'd take our bikes up there a few times, too. And we'd find an awesome, giant boat to take us fishing and snorkeling, and we'd eat fish we caught right off the boat, sushi-style. I forgot about that part. Heaven. Someday.
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    You see them in the sausage aisle saying, "Are you kidding me? Seriously? Who puts sugar in that?" and stamping their foot like a two-year old. They have a freezer FULL of Applegate organic hot dogs. Every single day, they're hard boiling eggs. They go into ecstasy over a little coconut butter. They have ten kinds of tea in their cabinet.
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    Their freezer is full of picked-clean chicken carcasses waiting to be made into bone broth. I was going to take a picture of this but actually it's kind of gross. It's like Eraserhead 2 up in there.
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    they are on farmers market at Saturday morning instead of sleeping they are able to buy and carry 20 pounds of organic beef on their own back across whole city they spend whole Sunday cooking, preparing and freezing they are only people who never touch free sweets at work they are angry if they see paleo pancakes labeled as "Whole30 approved" on Pinterest
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    The crazy things people say

    I dislike it when people say "I'm not eating carbs" while really meaning grains. Vegetables and fruits are carbs too!
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    This is an awesome thread! -- they know what carageen, soy lecithin, kohlrabi, and chard are -- they don't complain about feeling bloated or lethargic -- they are really disappointed when spaghetti squash is out of season and thrilled when strawberries come into season -- they find themself standing in front of the refrigerator saying "man I wish I had a cauliflower!" -- an egg is warming on their counter because they are going to make mayo
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    They ran the dishwasher 3 times on Sunday and STILL washed several mountains of pots and pans.
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    They buy four dozen eggs a week. For two people. They mutter to themselves while grocery shopping. People ask them out to dinner and they say, "I'd rather eat at home."
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    ... they bring a tupperware container to the gym for their post workout snack. ... they specifically tell their waiter they want their meat dry grilled with no butter, no oil and no seasoning. ... they have 10 cans of coconut milk in their shopping cart at TJ's. ... they go to a restaurant and ask for a salad with no cheese, no dressing, no croutons, and no candied pecans. And they brought their own dressing. OK people lets have some fun. What else can you come up with?
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    The crazy things people say

    My dental hygienist told me today that a low-carb diet will give me periodontal disease. She said that the carb digesting enzymes secreted during the eating process do not know what to do when we don't eat carbs, so the enzymes turn into sugar and cause mouth bacteria. Never heard that one before... I told her that my periodontal issues had greatly improved since giving up grains/sugar. She said that they will get bad again if I don't eat carbs. (I've been mostly Paleo for 3 years now.) I didn't bother to argue. What's the point? She is convinced she is right.
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    ... in one day, and multiple times a week.
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    ...they spend a good half hour reading the ingredients on every packet of nuts. ...they look forlornly at the bacon aisle. ...they don't need room for cream in their coffee. ...they suddenly become a morning person!
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    This thread made me laugh so hard!!!! ...when you check for sugar free bacon EVERY time you go to the grocery store, even though you were just there 2 days ago and they didn't have any. ...when you bring your own kale to a BBQ at a friends house to make kale chips to eat with your lettuce burger.