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    Struggling with Exhaustion

    Hmmm....it sounds like you're definitely still struggling in that no-mans-land of fat adaptation transition. The amount of fruit and fruit/nuts that you're eating between meals might be holding you back a bit. Try and get a good cookup of a tray of chicken thighs or burger patties and some guac or mayo and roast some sweet potatoes that you can use protein + fat as your in-between and post workout. The fruit after a workout replenishes your liver glycogen before muscle glycogen so fruit isn't your best bet. Go for starchy veggie here with your lean protein...if you're using eggs, just use the whites here. Fat slows the protein synthesis. It's hard to tell from the way you've written it out but review the meal template again. For your active lifestyle you might need 2 palms of protein and two servings of fat to avoid having to snack between meals. The lunch veggies on Day 8 are kind of inconsequential unless the salad was "mixing bowl" huge. Salad greens etc are pretty much chewed down to nothing so you want some sturdier veggies - 2-3 cups. See if you can push through and get some food cooked up.
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    Started Whole 30 today! May 21, 2018

    Hi RosalindW49 and lacyjean Rosalind, that is a mirror picture of me! I did a Whole30 in Feb 2016, completed it, stayed clean eating for months, and then ate LOTS of chocolate. This totally woke up my sugar dragon and the stone I lost, slowly crept back on. I am back on it now and in the zone. I started May 21 too. I have already swerved around cakes at work (!) and a visit from my husband's best friend who likes to party. It's so worth it and I do NOT want to be annoyed at myself when we go on holiday in September. I am 5'3" and cannot carry much weight around my mid section. It has to go Just keep posting, both of you and we can keep each other up on the down days!!
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    Not my first rodeo

    That’s exactly it! Well, I made it to day 3. 10% through!
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    Anyone else starting 4/21??

    Day 31!! I reintroduced legumes today. I’d say I was a little more gassy than normal this afternoon but nothing crazy. I’m taking my boys to the beach for a long weekend and we’ll be there for the dairy reintroduction. Woo! Beach ice cream!
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    1st Time Whole30: College Edition

    My name is Maggie and I have been really disappointed in my health since I began college. Before I started college, I rarely drank, slept regularly, exercised regularly, and ate relatively healthy (although my 17 year old metabolism is completely different than my 22 year old metabolism). I am now entering my 4th year of college and beginning an internship in Dallas. I have been thinking about doing Whole30 since I saw it pop up on my Facebook a few years ago, but never as seriously as I am now. I have not been happy with my weight and have tried to do different things to fix that, not realizing that my diet is the one thing I need to change, not only for my weight, but for my general health. After reading The Whole30, I realized a slew of health problems I have accumulated from my horrible eating habits, even while living off campus in my apartment. I never even thought about my diet affecting this, but I fully believe that my allergies, irritability, severe anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation have gotten much worse since I began college because of my diet of mostly pizza and wine. It's not even about the weight loss anymore. If I can feel happier and healthier with my current beer belly, why shouldn't I? I am fully committed to Whole30. I have thrown away everything off the list in my apartment, and my boyfriend is fully on board with my commitment to the plan but I feel like my friends and family are not as supportive. I really would appreciate this forum to sort of hover around me when I begin June 1st and help me through this journey because this is going to be hard, but not as hard as writing a 30 page term paper in 2 days.
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    I just started yesterday too! This will be my first time I complete a Whole 30... I've had a couple failed attempts, but am totally committed this time! How is your day two?
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    Looking for direction

    Hi, Tucker - I've only done one w30 and am about 45 days post and still doing well - so this is experiential feedback not official recommendation but here you go! If for the most part you are not going nuts, and it sounds like you are not, a whole7 or something similar seems to be okay for a bit of a restart for your system to test something. It will be different for everyone (it takes me about 4 days to get a slice of pizza literally "out" of my system and the blood chemistry effects may be longer) but I would not think you'd have to do another whole30 to check on just one thing at a time...but again, not an expert here. What I have found is that a re-introduction of foods that are technically non-compliant but not 100% horrible (like cassava chips to get back to being able to eat chips and salsa, but not corn chips) has helped me expand my options a little bit without getting too crazy. I don't worry about sugar in my ingredients (tomato sauce, etc.) but I am very, very judicious with deliberately having dessert or adding any sugar to anything (stuck to unsugared coffee with coconut milk). I tried oatmeal (used to eat it all the time) but it's a no-go for me, alas (or if I decide to have it, I know what the price will be) - same with sushi, which is a tiny tragedy but there you go. All that said, I am also reminded that not everything that happens to us is whole30 or diet related, so look at the rest of your life too. I feel a little achy today - is it because I had garbanzo bean salad yesterday at a party or is it the sangria (with club soda, but still sugar/alcohol!) or is it from moving all our furniture around to accommodate that party - I don't know. What I do know is that getting back 100% whole30 for a few days makes me feel a ton better and ready to "restart" reintroduction of things (or not). Last thought - since you never felt better during your 2nd w30...and the tiredness, etc. continued (were you actually sleeping and still tired, or tossing/turning?). There's also some good info in the books that maybe you need another week or so past 30 if you are dealing with other medical issues - so maybe just get back on and give yourself some more time in compliance-land until you DO feel better. I guess your body is telling you it's not there yet - or that something else is going on. I know that's not much help - but hopefully it's given you a few things to think about and I hope you are able to get to a solution (or have already done so since your post is from February!) with your doctor. - Lou Ellen
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    You deserve nothing but love. The kind that radiates from everywhere and covers you in a warm glow of safety and security! I'm SO sorry of what you have gone through! Your bravery in sharing this is phenomenal and I hope you are very proud of your courage for overcoming your addiction! Food is a tough one because we can't just turn it off and escape it like we can with drugs and alcohol. Does your counsellor potentially deal with disordered eating? Or know of someone you can talk to that does? I know MORE counselling and appointments is probably not the advice you were looking for but I know for myself, my counsellor has been invaluable to helping me find value in myself and it floods into other aspects of my life that I'm not necessarily going there for. He's trained by Brene Brown and if you can find someone in your area that has that same base of knowledge maybe that will help you... it's less about the 'thing' that happened and more about finding self worth, value, love and belonging of yourself and knowing you're worth... just a thought that might help you in this situation because the underlying truth that seems to come out of what you're saying is that you need to find those things again. As far as what you're currently eating right now, I would say maybe a strict Whole30 isn't your best option right now. How about you take the basis of the Whole30 which is to eat real wholesome food 3 x a day and just do that? No fast food, no junk but no other rules... fill your plate with real food and eat until you're not hungry anymore. Do that again twice more during the day. Sometimes when we have too much going on, the rules are just one more thing that we have to manage and it's too hard to add something else so we rebel against them by doing the exact opposite. You are beautiful. It's clear from the way you write and the twinkle in your eyes that you are beautiful on the inside, not just the outside and I sincerely hope you find that beauty for yourself as well because I think when you do it will light up your world!
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    You are not worthless. You are a beautiful person who is struggling with something many, many people struggle with relating to food. You had some rough times and turned to food for comfort, which is a really hard habit to break. Now you're ready to move on with the rest of your life. That's great. But you can't expect that everything will go perfectly from the get-go. That's not how life works. So first let's start with -- why fast? You made bad choices, sure, but days of fasting sounds like you are punishing yourself for those choices, and that's really not something we want you to do. You don't deserve that kind of punishment. Would you treat someone else that way, forcing them to have water and maybe a few vegetables just because they made some bad choices? (Also, if you're always hungry anyway, starving yourself is really not going to help.) Let's skip the weight stuff for a bit. For 30 days, whenever you decide to restart, eat until you're not hungry, even if it feels like more food than even a ravenous teenage boy would eat at an all you can eat buffet. Don't think about calories or fat grams, just decide that if your body is hungry, you are going to give it food until it isn't hungry anymore. (I'm assuming there were no underlying medical conditions causing you to feel hunger when you aren't really hungry.) It's 30 days, just see what happens. If this means that you eat four eggs, two big handfuls of spinach, a sweet potato, some onions and bell pepper, and an entire avocado for breakfast, do that. That would actually be a meal that meets the meal template, more toward the larger end of it for a lot of people, but still within the template. After 30 days of not even thinking about weight, see how you feel and what's going on at that point. If you have gained weight, or you're not feeling good, we can figure out where to go from there.
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    Weight gain after whole 30

    @missmary - thank you for your post. I literally just typed in "weight gain after whole 30" and this thread came up. I joined the forum a couple days ago when I got to a point of frustration of "what now?" after my whole100 ended about a month ago. (I've also done a few whole30s previously). I read most of Food Freedom Forever and wanted to just "find my own food freedom," but indulging in sugars here and there leads me down a dangerous path. I love breads and I love sweets and moderation seems impossible to me -- so I've already gained quite a bit of the weight I lost from the whole100 back. I'm not a fan of scales, but I jumped on one this morning as a reality check. My question to those who have completed whole30s and maintained really healthy eating afterwards -- Do you essentially eat whole30 most of the time? Or just avoid trigger foods? I like what @missmary said about realizing the gf muffins aren't worth it either. I have this idea that I can just eat paleo, but I love to bake, and I feel like banana bread made with almond flour and honey etc. will just lead me to a bad place. Maybe I am answering my own question, but just feels good to type it out. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.