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    Time for a change

    I'm back! I ended up having to make some adjustments to my medication, which led to overwhelm (too many changes all at once) so I decided to focus on one thing at a time. After I adjusted my dosage I started to feel better and able to incorporate some daily movement. I started doing yoga every morning and have managed to stick with it for 10 consecutive days - a small victory! What I've learned is that it's preferable to do it every day, even if it's just 10 minutes, and keep the momentum going rather than aim for so-called perfection. I will be doing the same with W30 - aiming for consistency over perfection. I'm happy to report I have been reading and listening to more music as well, and feel much better for it. So I managed to tackle my goal list... with the exception of food, lol. Tomorrow will be my new Day 1
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    Oh hon, what a horror week!!! You're doing such an amazing wife/mom job, I hope you get some time to take care of yourself, soon!!
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    Patrick's Whole30 Log

    Day 2: Breakfast: banana, blackberries, pecans, almond butter, coconut shavings, and almond milk in a bowl with an iced espresso w/ almond milk Lunch: zucchini noodles (my spiralizer came today!) with asian tuna salad (tuna, paleo mayo, garlic, chili paste, sesame oil, rice vinegar, curry powder, cilantro), cashews and sesame seeds Snack: Home brewed iced tea with orange and peach Dinner: pan seared salmon with ghee, garlic, lemon, dill over a bed of spinach with baked sweet potato spiral "fries" and Whole30 garlic aioli Dessert: fresh pineapple with whipped coconut cream and coconut shavings Thoughts: I was pretty foggy this afternoon although that may have been because I didn't get a good night's sleep last night. Strangely enough, I haven't really been craving sugar at all. It could be because I've been focused on work and current events (#BlackLivesMatter). I've been very satisfied and the Asian zucchini noodle salad was delish.
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    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    Today was day 30!!!! Yay!!! I've said this before but gonna say it again- I'm planning on continuing to do another 30 days as my cravings still pop up as well as my sleep, energy, and aches are still too much of a presence and I want to see if giving my gut more time to heal will be beneficial. I've struggled a bit with identifying non-scale victories I guess because the ones I was hoping for haven't come to fruition yet. But, It is a victory that I made all but one meal at home over the past 30 days. I ordered a whole30 bowl from chipotle once. Typically, I'd feel so spent and tired after work that I wouldn't feel like cooking so I'd just order something from somewhere or go through a drive through. So- in that respect, I guess I do have a bit more energy. lol. It is a victory to stick to my commitment. It is a victory that I was able to say no to temptations and find other ways to cope with the stress and emotions (although sometimes sleeping throughout the day or staying immersed in social media doesn't seem very healthy either). And let's be honest... I'm really looking forward to seeing what my scale victory is as well. That will wait until tomorrow morning. But, I did take measurements tonight and there is a slight difference in some areas. So I'll take it!!! Here are the results: (Measured myself so they may not be exactly accurate). S=start; C=current Waist @ belly button- S= 53.5"; C= 52" Waist @ narrowest point- S= 45"; C= 44 1/4" Hips- S= 54"; C= 52 3/4" Thighs- Right- S= 29 3/4"; C=29 1/2" Left- S= 30"; C= 29" (ish???) Calves- Right- S= 18 1/4"; C=17 3/4" Left- S= 18 3/4"; C= 17 5/8" Biceps (making a muscle)- Right- S= 17 1/2"; C=17" Left- S= 17 1/4"; C= 16 7/8" Wrists- Right- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7/14" Left- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7 1/4" Neck- S= 15"; C= 14 3/4" Bust- S= 49"; C= 49" Chest S= 43"; C= 42 1/4"
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    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    First off my start date will be 5/24 I am committing now and starting the log now so that I can get out some of my thoughts around the whole process and try to align my mindset to the place it needs to be to go forward with making a change like this. The goal is not to just make it through the 30 days. Due to a multitude of health issues including high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, arthritis - autoimmune, muscle pain, poor sleep, lack of energy, brain fog, morbidly obese, ETC These changes will need to be serious and focused. In the past I have noticed that if i eat better for even a short amount of time my pain gets a lot better and obviously the other things start to improve by default with the increase in good food and the decrease in the absolute trash i normally eat. This means I currently plan on doing a very slow reintroduction period to see if I can pinpoint the things that cause the most problems for me. I know there is a good chance it will target alot of my favorite foods but it could just be an accumulation of all the trash over the years with the lack of exercise and the increase in weight just causing all sorts of problems. Maybe I will get lucky and I wont have a reaction to a lot of stuff but even if I do the plan at least for the next foreseeable future is to make sure I stick as close to the whole30 plan as long as possible. I meet with my DR this week to get new blood work done and to find out what things she would like me to track for both our reference. There are a few meds I would like to get off and I would like to have children in the next few years and all my doctors agree that I need to get my other health things under better control - if possible - before I try. Over the years I have become a master of excuses for not doing things or for doing things I know arent in my best interest. "I will start tomorrow" has been my life motto for longer than I could have imagined. I will exercise later. I wont eat trash at dinner. I'll write that book when I wake up. I wont binge watch netflix on the couch for 12 hours on my days off. I just turned 32 and it is def time for a change or I doubt ill be around for too much longer - and if I am, Im confident the quality of life will be questionable at best. Not to mention I have actually eaten total trash and justified it by saying the world could end soon and I wont be able to eat it - yep that really happened. I should def eat that pizza and pint of choco icecream right now because what if i cant get it next week! (Ever eaten 3 pints of icecream in a day? I have. And that includes all my normal meals thats like dessert for each one. A pint = one serving of course, obviously.) And for some reason I convinced myself at some point that every meal needs a sweet element at the end....pretty sure thats an issue Unlike many people on here I have basically no responsibilities except work and my hubby does all the housework and cooking and stuff so I just need to tell him what I want/need and he will make sure it happens. Unfortunately he really hates to see me upset ( I mean i guess thats a good thing lol) which makes it hard for him to say no to me if i just decide I want to eat whatever I want. I am an adult though so i need to take all the responsibility for my current place in life. One thing I heard recently that has really struck home is that accountability isnt for negative things. Its really just taking responsibility for the fact that you have to take the next steps. IE it doesnt matter who/what is at fault for where you are right now, only you can do what is necessary to move yourself forward. Id like to believe my health isnt wholly my fault but Im an adult, I know what i need to do, no one forces me to do anything, its def mostly wholly my fault lol. I also have an extremely volatile relationship with food as a whole which I am hoping to understand better throughout this process. I have always been an emotional eater - I eat when Im bored, happy, sad, angry, stressed, you know all the feels! We were super poor growing up and once I started making money it basically all goes towards food (that will be a happy side effect saving the money I normally spend on eating out all the time.) It is my answer to everything and I have a big problem with portion control at this point as well. God knows when the last time I was ACTUALLY hungry was. I will also be starting a detailed journal - which may or may not fully make it on here but most will posted on here especially since i realized how helpful it was to read other ppls journeys and it will serve as a good resource for me to refer back to as well. At the moment the plan is to monitor my sleep, food, blood sugar, blood pressure, pain levels and locations, and any exercise. I currently dont exercise at all but I know its something that needs to slowly be worked in. Current goals -improve energy levels -clear up some of this brain fog (I feel like i forget alot of things that have just been told to me) and concentration ability -decrease fasting blood sugar (by any amount at this point) -make it through the first 30 days (milestone one here) though there is a good chance it will become a W60 or 90 depending on what my doctor wants as a priority before reintroductions -1st week no exercise goals, 2nd week 2xweek at least 10 mins, 3rd week 3x week at least 10 mins. (I have a recumbent bike that is sitting in my bedroom unused - its easy on the joints and I can do hop onto it without a lot of preparation so the barrier is very low) -reduction in joint pain (currently off my immune suppressants due to covid but I have seen improvement in the pain from food choices in the past)
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    Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

    Are you awake yet? Are you awake? Hope you are having a glorious morning and that you have a good, consistent day today.
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    This right here ^^^ Hmmm i want something to do...yum lets eat something just cause its like something to do and delicious! lol congrats on getting closer to the 7am get up!
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    Ill hold your feet for you! <3
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    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    Ive never eaten a spoonful of brown sugar LOL but the week before i started i may or may not have eaten a container of cream cheese frosting with a spoon....yum
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    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    End of day 9 Stayed up for much longer than I thought I would and ended up eating some more potato and leek soup with compliant sausage - yum Day 10 June 2 M1 roasted red potatoes, eggs and bacon M2 leftover from M1 M3 made some sesame chicken from the wholekitchensink.com and served it over green beans The sesame chicken was much more delicious than I thought it would be lol https://www.wholekitchensink.com/instant-pot-sesame-chicken/ Ive also learned that i really really enjoy soup and that potato and leek one is such a great base ill be making more this week at some point and adding some protein and more veggies to it. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/potato_leek_soup/ with the butter swapped out and compliant broth used Yesterday i just kinda fully accepted everything. I realized I was eating as if it was my last meal all the time and at the rate i was going that was going to come much sooner than later. I mentioned that my blood sugar has been out of control (non medicated diabetic) and last month my fasting sugar was way too high so I stopped checking it because well I was in denial basically. I took my blood sugar yesterday and it has dropped 90 points - which is crazy, its almost back down to prediabetic range and its only been 10 days. My insulin resistance was never super bad but I was eating SOOOOOOO MUCH ADDED SUGAR every day it just never dropped and after a while all that stuff catches up with you. With such a significant improvement from diet change this quickly I am very confident in the fact that I can fully reverse the diagnose and my doctor will be super thrilled. And thats with a diet of like pure potato at the moment rofl. I am looking at recipes and finally finding ones that sound delicious and enjoyable instead of how much better it would sound with cheese - okay so cheese is still sneaking around in my brain but now its like a long distance love affair getting letters occasionally about how we will see each other again eventually and we will talk about our relationship then. I have never been much of a gravy fan - then i figured it out. Cheese is my gravy. I top everything and anything with cheese and so i never saw a point in gravy with cheese! but without cheese im finding the different gravys looking more and more delicious. The bouts of nausea are basically gone and i feel the pangs of getting hungry in time before I feel like im gonna die. I havent been doing any snacking for the most part. Occassionally i grab a pickle or something because i noticed i really just like the act of eating. Which probably accounts for a lot of my overeating. Constant grazing because chewing makes me happy? Something like that. My energy yesterday was kinda low but im feeling more motivated to get up and do things without prompting - which is huge for me. I also currently dont feel the need to sleep 16 hours a day in between work shifts so thats also really good. Im happy, im feeling better, i will keep going simply because i have no other choice at this point. I dont want to be dependent on medications for things that are preventable. I see younger and younger ppl coming into the hospital with heart failure and kidney failure and complications from diabetes etc and i dont want to be that person. I even thought about exercising today - i mean like really thought about it. Ill be doing it later today lol want to get in at least 2 days this week of some intentional exercise.
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    Sending (((hugggs))). Moms really are the best.
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    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    So my A1C came back at 4.9 along with my perfect cholesterol (both good and bad). YAY!!
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    Day 33, Tuesday June 2 M1: leftover sausage, potatoes and roasted veg from sheet pan dinner, 2 fried eggs M2: homemade chicken veg soup with bone broth I made from the roasted chicken carcass, onion, celery, carrots, chicken Snack: apple Snack: 1 cup of soup M3: boiled skin-on smashed potatoes, root veg mix of rutabaga, carrots and sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot, homemade meatballs au jus NSV: I ate well and stayed true to W30, despite having tons of cravings in the grocery store. Everything was tempting. Then H brought home a dessert, and I was tempted again. So I'm counting this as another big victory. I feel like it's the first week again. I also caught myself thinking that I wanted to quit to EATT, but did I? NO WAY!!! The soup I made for lunch was delicious, and 2 cups seemed like lots for lunch, but I was snacking an hour and a half later, then 2 hours after that. Note to Future Shadow: having only soup for lunch is not going to keep me from snacking until supper. NSV: I spend a lot of time cooking what I eat from scratch, approximately 1/2 hour per meal unless I'm re-heating something. Nothing I eat comes from a box or cello container except fresh fruit or veg. Wow. That's a big NSV now that I stop to consider it, and the impact of it on my health. I really, really, REALLY hope that this new way of eating is permanent for me. Plan for tomorrow: 1. Keep focused on Whole30. It seems redundant because I'm on the program so why tell myself to focus on it, but I need to keep my focus. I need to keep telling myself to continue, to not give up. It would be so easy to do but soooo disappointing. 2. Get up at 7am (this morning I got up at 7:05, not good enough) 3. 8am, noon and 6pm worked well today for meal times, except that M2 wasn't big enough to go snack free until M3, so tomorrow I'll try again, hopefully I won't need to snack. I want to be able to go "snack free" when I get to Day 40...
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    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    A little ray of hope for you: A while back (3 years? 5 years? 10 years?) I gave up coffee for Lent. On Easter Sunday I made myself a coffee but didn't want to drink it. I just didn't want it. To this day, I looooooooooooove the smell of coffee, especially fresh coffee grinds or a freshly brewed pot, but I have no desire to drink it. Not that I can't, my DS22 made me a coffee on Mother's Day this year and I drank half of it and wasn't sick or anything. I sure did love holding it and smelling it, especially as he trained as a barista so can make a really good cup of Joe. The point is, I have 100% confidence that you will always enjoy the aroma of foods that you used to eat too much of while staying true to yourself and the real needs of the beautiful gift you have that is your body. Fun fact: I used to raid the brown sugar container for, well, just because who doesn't like to eat a spoonful of brown sugar whenever they want. Now - I think the smell of brown sugar is YUCK! Congrats on the awesome NSV's!
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    Just sending hugs and happy thoughts
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    Is Organic actually better?

    We want you to buy the best quality of food you can afford and that is available to you. If organic is not something that is of great significance to you (it isn't to me), then you don't have to worry about that. I think it's likely stating organic in the book because organic is generally accepted to be a higher quality food, however if you have found research and done your due diligence and believe that for your purposes, organic is no better or worse than conventional, then carry on with conventional.
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    Pants don't fit and I'm tired

    Last night dinner - I was tired after my exercise so I made a simple burger patty and ate some canned green beans. Very boring but did the trick. Movement - four mile run/walk (mile run/mile walk/mile run/mile walk) I was tired most of the day yesterday due to lack of sleep Tuesday night. I forced myself to go to the Greenway for my run/walk. I got it done but crashed as soon as I got home. My anti-depressant is great but it makes me tired and also gives me insomnia sometimes. That's a horrible combination and I feel for anyone who has to deal with it on a regular basis. Day 3 - May 28 Breakfast - nothing - I overslept Lunch - leftover apple/bacon smothered pork chops Planned Dinner - grilled apple and pork kabobs - https://www.thesophisticatedcaveman.com/grilled-apple-and-pork-kabobs/ Planned Movement - none! rest day I feel ok today. I'm still a little tired but it's date night so I'm excited to see my boyfriend (I hate that term since we're both 44 but don't know what else to use).
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    Like an Onion

    I got ready to head out the door to work yesterday - realized I hadn't eaten anything, and I had no plan. Grabbed a pile of air fryer bacon sitting on the counter, and a teeny tiny can of tuna salad that I had gotten back when coronavirus first hit. Because, you know ... we would all survive a really long time with that tiny can to save us! So I crammed that food down at about 4pm at work. Got home at about 11:30 pm and had a big bowl of cole slaw veggies, with HB eggs chopped up in it, and an obscene amount of Tessamae's ranch. That hit the spot - and I promptly passed out. In my scrubs.
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    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Good morning! Day... 18? The last couple of nights I have struggled to get to sleep due to to twitchy legs. It's been really weird. It's like there's this twitch in my lower back that makes my legs feel weird and I just want to keep moving them. I hope it goes away. So last night I actually did a workout. Exercise is supposed to make you release happy endorphins, right? This one just made me maaaaaaaad. No reason, just like epic PMS cranky. It passed, eventually, but I was a bit of a sook for the rest of the night. But, I've decided to make the effort to go back to Taekwondo. I've found a dojang not far from my house, with an instructor who seems really great. I reached a provisional black belt a few years ago at a really cool family run dojang, and then it moved one direction and I moved the other direction and I couldn't make classes any more. Tried a couple of dojangs closer to me, but one was a chain which was really cookie-cutter and the other was more of a MMA gym and it was whoa to go and nothing in between. This one seems a lot like my old dojang, to the point I was chatting to the instructor about my original dojang and she knows my old instructor and says her style is much the same. When I was doing TKD years ago, I was at my healthiest, lightest and fittest. I really enjoyed it (I really don't like just exercising for exercises' sake, I think learning something). Class doesn't go back in-person until the end of June, but that gives me 4 weeks to try and crank up some fitness, and the motivation to do so (falling over dead at your first class back is rather embarrassing). So I'm trying to actually do the 30 minutes exercise a day that I've been repeatedly committing to. Anywhoo. Meal 1: Leftover turkey stew with broccoli Meal 2: Hmmmm. i have a freezer full of food and very little inspiration. Maybe stuffed peppers because I bought too many - I could do a Mediterranean style meatloaf mix and bake them in. That could work. EDIT: opened the freezer and remembered I made a bunch of beef, smoked tomato and mushroom sausages, so they're dinner with mashed root veg (I'm on a kick lately) and sauteed brussel sprouts and beans.
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    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    OK, so I just need to flag this, because it is a big deal for me - I'm a rule follower and an all or nothing type of person and I find it difficult to adapt when someone moves the goalposts, so I'm just going to acknowledge that.... I'm putting peas in the turkey pot pie tonight. I have a weird mental relationship with peas. Weight Watchers always counted the 'points' of them when all veggies were free, and that led me to thinking peas were 'bad'. Then W30 banned them, so I kept avoiding them, even thought I love them. Now they're ok on W30, as I believe they should be, but my little pea-brain (see what I did there?) is like "aaaaahhhh, noooo peas are non-compliant and if you eat them, you may as well go to McDonalds!". So why eat them then, you ask? Because this whole all or nothing thing I have going on is bad, and I need to start transitioning to proper life habits and not "I'm on track/I'm off track" being "I eat vegetables/I eat my bodyweight in junk" So, peas. In my dinner. While on round. And I'm going to enjoy them.
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    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Good morning, I appear to have slept off the headache, which is a boon. Hopefully it stays away! Day 17, they're just flying by! I'm starting to really turn my mind to what after 30 days is going to look like. Part of me wants to commit to a longer strict round, another part wants to transition to "paleo" (i.e. with some swypo - though I'm having that now, where I feel it's warranted and I'm not planning on getting into paleo baking because my sugar dragon doesn't care if it's dates or rock candy, it will hoover that shiz), part of me wants to stay compliant unless I don't, i.e. occasions - not that there's many of those lately. I need a plan, because a cat without a plan is a piggy. I guess I'm afraid of committing to a longer round because I'm scared of 'failing', which is silly because this round has been a breeze, and I've got nothing on the horizon that's going to mess it up. Anyway, prepare to hear me ruminate over that a lot over the next week and a half Meal 1: We have lots of leftovers which I should really get through, so I'll probably just have what's left of my lamb shanks with a bit of root veg mash and some steamed broccoli. Meal 2: I have lots of leftover turkey from the roast I did, so I'm making a compliant 'turkey pot pie' which I'll then put into individual dishes and top with mashed root veg for me, mashed potato for the hubster. Side of green beans and broccolini.
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    Like an Onion

    Yesterday my friend came again for a couple of hours, and we got the cabinets all finished - and when he left, I finished the flooring. Finally! People, I am so done with flooring. Lol. Then I painted about half of the kitchen. Whew. I haven't talked about it here yet - but my MIL is coming to live with us. We are going to travel 800 miles this weekend to get her. I know I talked about it a couple of months ago, when we thought it was going to happen - but now, it's for real. She can no longer stay with her mother, and we do not want to put her in a facility. Not at this point. If we reach that point down the road, it still needs to be a facility here with us. We were given this deadline - she has to be out of her mom's government-subsidized duplex by June 1 - or they are going to kick them BOTH out. Yikes. So this news came in the middle of these projects I had already started - and now, I'm in a rush to get them finished. My husband has used the words "I am in panic mode" and I have been steadily countering that with: "It's going to be okay". It's going to be okay. ...It IS going to be okay. But man, there's a lot to do. -- So, while I was working, working yesterday - he says he and the kids are going to Arby's. I say, I'll take the 1/2 pound of beef, no bun. They come home, food sits on the counter for a bit ... and when I get to a stopping point to finally EAT - all I see is a bowl with (apparently beef under there somewhere) a GIANT gob of Arby's cheddar sauce concoction. My initial reaction was one of shock: "Whose is this? You didn't get this for ME, did you?" ..."Oh, shit, sorry, I just had it in my head that you wanted what I get, and I get the beef & cheddar." Somewhere in there, I threw out the fact that "I've been doing Whole 30 for about a month and a half now". But mainly, I clammed up. Like, just snapped shut. He offered to go get me what I wanted, and I said forget it. It doesn't matter. I don't want it. And I just kept working. Working, working, working. But I was hurt. -- At some point I grabbed a banana. Then later - much later - I had him peel me a potato for the air fryer. I crammed that down with some ranch. I ate some cole slaw veggies in the remaining ranch on my plate. Then he cooked frozen steaks in the air fryer. I ate maybe a few ounces of steak - it was red inside, which I don't enjoy, and it had some "weird spots" I couldn't handle. So, as you can imagine - after going, going, going like some kind of freaking machine ALL day - the bag of wavy Lay's called to me at about midnight. And I ate them. Zero regret here re: chips ... my only regret is that I didn't fuel myself properly throughout the day, and it affected my mood, and it caught up to me at a time when I should have been in bed. Today is a new day. Sending love, light, and good vibes out there to anyone reading. "It's going to be okay!"
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    @BabyBear so sorry to hear about the break, what a downer after a good day. Sometimes I think stuff like that happens just to level up another challenge so that we learn we really are capable of doing more! Well done staying away from Taco Bell. Take care and stay healthy! Shadow
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    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    Day 1 finished. I havent felt so hot so I slept four hours woke up, ate, was up for a bit then woke up again so theres a good chance I'll be up for the next 20 hours or so. I'm gonna try to sleep at some point before then but it may or may not happen lol My meals today are quite sad but I feel fine and am not hungry. Need to make it back by the store to get some fresh veggies and my ghee seems to have gone missing lol - gotta ask my roommate M1 when I got home from work was tuna peas and broccoli M2 chicken and broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots -when I woke up in the middle of the afternoon with severe neck pain and a headache M3 chicken remaining peas - when I woke up again about half n hour ago lol didnt feel like steaming more veggies atm they are all frozen It's now been over 24 hours since I finished my last soda nom nom nom. Atm just drinking lots of water. And focusing on getting through each meal with compliance even if they arent the greatest balance. I did get some fruit last night. I learned I'm iffy on strawberries, not a fan of blackberries they are like weird seed gritty , and that I really enjoy cantaloupe especially with some salt. That shouldn't be all surprising since I love cucumber with salt. Used the instant pot to steam veggies earlier. Didnt realize there were three settings for the steam function soooo note to self normal setting at 6 mins is way to long. Finally found the spot in the manual that says light setting for veggies. It was so soft - I like my veggies with some crunch- I could mash them with my fork ick I ate them cause I didn't wanna waste them but will be trying again later today Starting weight 316 I did start craving pringles like a crazy person earlier which is new. But overall I think mentally I'm doing okay. I know its up to me to change and I'm very focused on making that happen. Read the miracle morning - will start implementing that this week as well
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    This week has been the longest year. This is the first time in 9 days that I have had the time alone along with the mental and emotional ability to check in. I am exhausted. I’ve not done a good job caring for me, because all of my energy has been thrusted into taking care of literally everyone. My husband broke his right humorous above the elbow on a Sunday night before Memorial Day. They put him in a splint and sent him home. He literally could do nothing without extreme pain. He needed help getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, even plugging in his phone. On top of that I had to take over getting Skate orders filled I have shipped over 40 different orders in the past few days. Plus all the other things around the house my hubby takes care of normally. I also had the toddler in final stages of potty independence, and trying not regress with his progress. My work and everyone needing me all at the same time. Oh and the added stress has kicked morning sickness and hormone headaches into over drive. Most days I was doing good to remember to eat at least once a day. Finally my husband received the surgery to put the bone back together yesterday. He’s in so much pain but at least now his bones aren’t shifting and clapping together when he needs to move. I’m not out of the weeds yet, but at least I feel like he is finally starting to recover. I’m just taking this one day at a time and doing what I can to survive. My eating hasn’t been horrid but it has been more about convenience and ease right now. Ill be back to my whole 30 compliant eating sooner than later, hopefully next week. I just got to get my feet back under me.