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    Round 2

    @MadyVanilla fizzy drinks always add a little something to the end of the meal
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    July Whole30

    I like the nutpods a lot! I've just been using the original flavor. I use them for cooking sometimes too. They are very nicely creamy. Day 3: Banana, coffee with nutpods RxBar Hamburger patty, 2 pickles, salad, no dressing Small apple Chopped veg & chicken in lettuce wraps, chicken broth on the side
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    Round 2

    Congrats on getting through a successful first week! How awesome to be seeing the positive impacts-it's pretty amazing how quickly they come. This is also my dessert - or a spindrift. And it's satisfying!
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    Started today and I’m excited!

    I'm just starting today. I've done Whole30 at least once before with good results - looking forward to feeling healthy again!