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    The Primal Kitchen mayos from Whole Foods are fantastic. The chipotle lime version is great on its own as a dipping sauce for just about anything, and they're both great in tuna, salmon and chicken salad. You'll choke at the price ($12 I think), but it's well worth it for the flavor and convenience. I haven't had good luck making my own mayo. If you have Valentina hot sauce where you live, that's also compliant and good on eggs, potatoes, etc.
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    @stonehouse I totally agree they are delicious! Have you had the ketchup? I finally found it the other day and it is so much like regular ketchup. Primal kitchen helps me not feel like I’m missing out on all the regular sauces because they are actually good!
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    Another suggestion for something simple is boil a bunch of chicken and then shed it. Then you can have chicken ready and you can mix it with franks red hot buffalo or the curry chicken salad from the fast & easy book and put it in a lettuce wrap or on a salad. This trick has really helped me stay on track personally.
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    Fantastic advice! Thank you so much. That is a big help! I really appreciate it. I'm going to write out a meal plan for the first week, keep it simple per your suggestion and hope that will lead to a successful week one. Have a super weekend! That would be great to know some of your fave whole 30 products to purchase. Thanks, Rebecca
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    That's wonderful news! As for photography, they say the best camera is the one you can afford. I've seen some pretty incredible photographers produce some pretty incredible photos from an iPhone. So don't let cost be a deterrent to you! Buy what you can afford, learn and go from there! Life is short!
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    Yes I'm actually really optimistic now for my future as an athletic person. Even though my first week was rough I saw enough exciting changes to actually believe I can be a really fit person in the future. Sure I can lift heavy bags at work, but I can't bend my legs without twinges. So I am excited to see where this journey leads me. I know I'll find some beautiful trails someday. I also have a dream to get into nature photography as a hobby. I think that would be a blast. Equipment would likely be ridiculously expensive so this will remain a long term goal.
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    @wp3 I'm not even a huge watermelon person but I thought so too! How delicious and refreshing would that be out on the trail!? :-) And you should definitely get into hiking! It's such a wonderful activity. Mountains and rivers are my favorite places in the whole world.
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    I'd like to get into hiking when I get into better shape. The dehydrated watermelon actually looks really good.
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    I read the section of "It starts with food" on fats. If I understand the explanation correctly it says that a saturated fat called palmitic acid was found in high amounts in people with heart disease. So the researchers jumped to the conclusion that meat and eggs (two foods with the highest amount of saturated fat) were to be avoided. Apparently those foods have other fats which neutralize the dangers of palmitic acid. But excess carbohydrate is converted into palmitic acid by the liver without any of those neutralizing fats present. So it is carbohydrate which is the big issue for heart disease. If I totally mucked up my understanding of that, someone feel free to jump in and correct me. I didn't see anything immediately which mentioned whether there needed to be an upper limit on fat, but I'll keep searching the book. I also wound up on a site which reminded me that the Eskimos had 50% of their calories come from fat and had remarkably low incidences of heart disease. I had forgotten about that interesting piece of trivia. I think I'm good for now.
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    @kirbz Yeah I need a refresher on the basics. I'll probably dig through that book when I get a chance and see what they say about it. Thanks.
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    @Rebecca2 I recommend keeping your meals simple. When I first tried Whole30, I signed up for RealPlans and came up with an awesome, amazing set of recipes for each week. It didn't work. At all. I don't have the time or mental energy to be trying new recipes all the time. So I keep it simple. Chicken pan-cooked with avocado oil and some store-purchased BBQ sauce with a huge portion of steamed carrots and some store-purchased guacamole. So simple, but still delicious for me! I save trying new recipes for the weekends. Also, if you can afford it, there are a LOT of Whole30-compliant products available in the U.S. Being able to buy (rather than cook) your sauces, condiments, and dressings really makes life easier and much more tasty. If you'd like me to share some of my favorites, let me know and I'd be happy to do so. Be warned though, they are expensive (like $8.99 for a 12 oz jar of BBQ sauce). I'm grateful that I'm privileged enough to be able to buy these things because I know that not everyone is.
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    @wp3 Whole30 has an entirely different perspective on health and nutrition than you have likely heard about your whole life. I can't answer your questions about fat and heart health, because I no longer remember. I do recall that becoming fat adapted, by eating fat, should aid in your quest to lose weight (it's totally counter-intuitive but you need to eat fat to lose it). I strongly recommend reading It Starts with Food. It explains the science and rationale behind the program, explaining why it's structured the way it is and why the rules are the rules. It's so, so helpful to really understanding what this program is about and why it's good for you. And it's actually a fairly easy read, despite all the science. I have every single Whole30 book every published and this is far and away my favorite! I cannot tell you how much it strengthened my commitment to this program and I cannot recommend it enough if you have those sorts of questions. Or, if you're just someone who wants to understand the why behind what we're being asked to do.
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    @kirbzI'm definitely not concerned about having too little, but concerned that I am way overdoing it in qty. I am sure from a calorie factor that will probably influence how much weight I lose each week, but I am more concerned about this leading to increased risk for heart attack. But I think I read somewhere (probably the whole30 book) that healthy fats don't clog arteries? I also know I'm not supposed to consume so much fat that I lose my appetite and can't eat all 3 meals. That hasn't happened yet. Mayo and salad dressings make this way of eating more appealing to me but I'm wondering if i need to show a bit more restraint. Oh well, I'm probably just going to keep eating the way I'm eating and once eating all these veggies feels more normal I can cut back a little bit.
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    @wp3 According to the meal template, you should be eating one to two portions of fat (not counting the fat you cook with) with each meal. So that could be oils, butters, coconut, coconut milk, olives, nuts, seeds, and avocado. You can check out the meal template for a description of what constitutes a serving for each of those. Note though, that nuts are recommended to be eaten only every couple of days. Personally, I try really, really hard to meet this recommendation. Fat is so very integral to this program and will be key in becoming fat adapted and gaining energy! My go-to favorites are avocado, guacamole, coconut butter (which I buy as a snack pack from Artisana Organics), olives, mayo, and olive-oil based dressings (my favorites are Primal Kitchen Ranch and Caesar). So, you're definitely perfectly fine to have ranch all the time, and could even pair that with another fat at some of your meals! The key is eating an amount that keeps you full for four to five hours, so play around with your portions but definitely always have at least one plated fat with every single meal! I hope this helps!
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    Thank you for the cheer leading and the tips. I appreciate it a lot. I think what I'm nervous about is getting everything prepped and making time for it. I'm a mom to a very energetic six year old and a 20 year veteran teacher about to start the school year. So...lots of things on my plate but health is a priority to me and I feel this is a good thing to try in order to reset myself. Thank you again for your help.
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    Hey everyone! Finally feeling a little less exhausted today on Day 4. Cravings are in check but I’m used to sticking to a whole30 lifestyle during the week. It’s the weekend when I usually allow myself to have a drink or a treat meals. I also have events the next 3 Saturday’s which will definitely require meal prepping before I go. It’s so true about FOMO on the whole30 and not letting yourself feel resentful of being left out of the fun. I was definitely guilty of that in my first round. Often times, fun involves good food and drinking, and this round I’m trying to focus on other ways to have a good time. For example, more intimate, quality time with the hubby during the week and purchasing some new clothes in sizes I haven’t been able to wear in the last 5 years after having two kids!
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    Pants were a tiny bit looser today. Woot! And had some fantastic mental clarity. I have been training for a new position at work and I'm definitely noticing the difference mentally just in how interested I am in what I am learning and in how quickly I am picking things up. Also have been more present and aware of my coworkers and I'm joking more with them. I am definitely in a better mood. Just out of curiosity, how much do you guys regulate how much fat is in your diet? The reason I am asking is because I put Ranch dressing on everything (salad, steamed potatoes and sometimes chicken). Is that a big deal?
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    How's everyone holding up today? We're on day 4 So far, I don't want to kill all the things as per the timeline, so that's very positive...I've been keeping very compliant but I am trying to be honest and note where I could cut back on a little fruit here, add some more protein there. I've already tired of eggs, but I found a recipe for apple mash which might make a good breakfast. The whole30 rounds I've done in the past my big thing is FOMO - fear of missing out - when we are with friends, at events, weekend cocktails, I don't want to miss on the fun things everyone else is enjoying (or "gets" to enjoy if I'm being bitter) but I think I have a good mental outlook for this round. Just gotta get it done and reset. It was my choice to be blase nutrition-wise this summer and this round is my choice to get back in the game. Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!!! (I do miss my Diet Pepsi though - that's harder to give up than wine and cheese in my opinion)...
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    @kirbz thanks for your comments - I'm also worried about how I'll manage after I finish - I spent a couple of weeks planning and prep before I attempted Whole30 and did everything I could to make sure I would succeed - literally removed all food from pantry and fridge and replaced with compliant only - but biggest issue is keeping up with the meal prep - there are 3 of us doing Whole30 - my husband, myself and 24 year old daughter - which is great - but the amount of time it takes to prepare packed lunches the night before plus the meals for the next day - and trying to keep it all interesting and different - especially when you have to prepare everything from scratch - has been the hardest part for me - its taken hours - so I hear you ! How long can you sustain this and have a life without giving in to convenience. Anyway - we are also looking at Paleo or Keto following Whole30 but Im not one for being pigeon holed into a particular program - I'm more concerned with eliminating my problem foods but no matter what I do - meal prep and cost of eating organic are my biggest issues. I love the idea of doing emergency meals - I try to have a lot of things always available - hard boiled eggs, mayo, dressings, large salads, kale and spinach ready to saute and lots of meatballs and patties - tins of fish in springwater and of course nuts and fruit. Any other good ideas ?
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    I'm starting my first round on Monday as well. I've done it previously with success but wasn't able to keep going. I'm looking forward to using the tools and forum much more this time around so I can stick with it. Good luck!!
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    @Meg1130 I didn't read labels either. I had no idea we put so much garbage in our food. I mean really, it's no wonder we have so many diabetic individuals in this country! In general, my concept of health and nutrition was just so very, very wrong. I'm so grateful to this program for helping me understand what healthy looks like in a way that works for my body! I love that it is set up to be a personal experiment and does not draw a definitive line between bad and good for all people.
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    I did it!

    I just finished my first Whole 30 on Tues, 2/20 and I have to say, I was sad to see day 30 arrive! I had some awesome NSV: much better sleep, easier time getting to sleep and no more snoozing to wake(!), better skin, happier disposition and so much more patience and probably the best one ever....my kids (3 littles) noticed a change in me. "Mom, you seem so happy lately!" Hearing that from them was better than any of the weight I lost. I did lose weight and inches: down 8 lbs Bust - down 3 inches (sorry, honey!) High waist - down 1.5 inches Low waist (where my mommy pooch is) down 1.5 inches Hips - down 1 inch I feel so, SO, amazing. I definitely plan to keep most of my diet Whole 30...my kids loved the recipes too! I started my re-introduction back last night with....RED WINE! I bought a $30 bottle in honor of the 30 days and it was absolutely delicious. I savored those 2 glasses. I'm excited to see how the re-introduction goes and know this won't be my last Whole 30!
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    In TX we can get this one: http://pedersonsfarms.com/2016/12/14/uncured-no-sugar-petite-ham/ Not sure where else its available.
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    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    There have definitely been people who have done Whole30 after weight loss surgery -- google Whole30 weight loss surgery to pull up old discussions if you want to read more, or someone may pop in here with more information. In general, there's no reason why you shouldn't do a Whole30 if you can eat meat, vegetables, and healthy fats, although you will probably have to ignore the usual instruction to eat three meals a day, no snacks, as you probably can't eat as much at one meal as someone who hasn't had the surgery. If that's the case for you, you'll need to make sure that, however many meals you need to eat a day, they consist of a mix of protein, vegetable, and fat, with occasional servings of fruit with your meal. You'll also want to ensure that over the course of a day, you eat at least the equivalent of three minimum-sized template meals (one template meal would be 1-2 palm-sized servings of protein, 1-2 thumb-sized servings of fat, and 2-3 cups of vegetables). In other words, if what you can comfortably eat at a meal is 1/2 a palm-sized serving of protein, 1/2 a thumb sized serving of fat, and 1-2 cups of vegetables, you'd need to eat six times a day to be sure you met at least the minimum amount of food you need. Make sense? If you can eat more, that's fine too, I'm just basing that on the fact that most people who do have wls usually can't eat full-sized meals at one time, but as an adult human being, you still need to be sure you get enough food throughout the day.