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    Ok you guys, tonight was tough. I have a new foster dog and I came home from work to a whole bunch of things chewed up (including a new pair of expensive shoes) and pee and poop on my bed...yep, on my bed. Needless to say all I wanted to do was order takeout and pour a drink. BUT, I did neither. I stayed strong and make steak, sautéed squash and pan-roasted potatoes instead. It was REALLY hard to resist going to food for comfort when I was stressed and tired and frustrated but I did it! Now to figure out how I can help my foster not be so anxious and not ruin my stuff, lol.
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    I think you've got it, Emma! Even McDonald's food isn't "good" or "bad", it's just options that you can choose to use or pass by... and some of the options might be better or worse for your personal situation, but you're still an adult who will make those decisions based on knowledge gained during this whole process and beyond. Food Freedom is about being able to make those choices. Sometimes my Freedom choice is going for an unhealthy (or less healthy) option because the situation makes it a "worth it" moment, but being able to find that balance and make the choices without judging myself harshly afterward was part of my goal -- another part is making sure "worth it" moments don't happen all the time, since that sort of defeats the purpose. (I want to quickly remind that "worth it" happens after reintroduction, because you have to get to baseline and determine your reactions before you can effectively judge whether or not something is worth you eating it! That can get confusing when talking about it in a during-W30 topic, so I didn't want to make anyone think I'm condoning going off-plan!).
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    One of the big reasons I am taking on this journey is to change my relationship with food. It has been my drug for my entire life. I was also reflecting on my tendency to self sabotage when I try to make a change in my lifestyle. I discovered that there's a part of me that feels unworthy of being healthy because I'm fat. Somehow I've allowed myself to believe that I'm doomed to remain unhealthy because of the unhealthy choices I've made thus far. But I see now that I am the most worthy of love and self care and healthy habits. You are too!! And the fact that you recognize that you were eating out of habit/craving last night rather than hunger is a HUGE non scale victory that you should celebrate. Plus you didn't eat sugar, you found a healthier option. Next time you'll be able to recognize your motivation for eating and you can make a different choice-or not if you're truly hungry. You're doing great!!
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    Day one- done. Today, July 10 is day 2 for me. I hope to be a part of this group, being in about the same place as everyone. Day 1 was ok. I even got past my family getting dessert last night. Day 2 is shaping up nicely. I am so glad to have a community to be a part of since I am the only one in my family eating whole30. Thanks everyone. I have read your posts and they are super helpful. We can do this!
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    NSV I woke up last night in pain again, this is where I always grab a bite of sugar. Last night I stayed up stairs did not come to the the kitchen(I think that helped) I told myself it’s habit and it m not really hungry. Just went back to bed. Sounds simple but it is a big deal for me.
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    @kristilarson I agree with letting the counting apps go for now. I know this is very difficult to do and possibly even scary. Prior to Whole30, I relied daily on either counting "points" or logging my meals in MyFitnessPal. It was hard to give up and trust that I could learn to listen to my body. The truth is: there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition. We all have different needs and they change depending on the state of our health and age. I encourage you to focus solely on the meal template and making sure you stay compliant for your 30 days. That is more than enough to think about for now! I know that most people want to lose some weight in this process, but that is not the focus here. What good is it to lose a few pounds if you have not learned anything about your habits or relationship with food? By focusing on how your body feels when you eat a certain way and learning to view food solely as fuel that helps you to live a better life (or not), you will be empowered to make choices that work for you. You will become healthier, happier, and more confident. The "icing on the cake", so to speak, is that a healthier body tends to drop excess weight. If that doesn't happen, I have found that there is still some healing to be done, or there are unrealistic expectations. Either way, these are things to look at down the road. For now, follow the template to the best of your ability. It includes everything you need to set you up for a successful reset. I am so excited for what you will learn on your journey! You can do it!
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    @kristilarson I do think you might miss out on something beneficial if you are overly focused on macros. There's a reason this program doesn't focus on them. You should be learning rely on what your body is telling you feels good and not what a formula or app is telling you. This is meant to be an experiment! That's what I love so much about this program. So, go forth and experiment! Play around with portion sizes based on the meal template and see how you feel in terms of satiety, energy, mood, sleep, etc. And then adjust accordingly. And then adjust some more because it might not always be the same! Once your hormones and everything are stabilized, your body should give you very clear signals as to what is or is not working for you. There are some very black and white rules, but the rest is figuring out what works for you. So don't be afraid to be a little playful and try new things and find something that will be great for you, for the short and long term!
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    @KaraS Oh wow, I'm so sorry you're having such a rough go of it! You most certainly are worth this though and you CAN do this! You have amazing goals (those grandkids are going to have an incredible, active grandmother for many years to come) and I do sincerely hope this helps you overcome some of the inflammation and pain you've been experiencing. How awful to be hit by a drunk driver just after you were starting to feel better. Perhaps it would be helpful to share a bit about what you've been eating? Sometimes it's really hard to figure out what you should be eating and to get your portions right at first so perhaps we (or the moderators) can at least make sure you're on the best track there to set you up for success! One thing I do when I first start Whole30 is to eat really generous portions. I DO NOT want to be hungry on top of all of the other challenges! I've also seen moderators suggest that you'll feel best if you eat at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables every day! And I can definitely attest to that! Another recommendation is to look for new rituals. We really do have so many food rituals that we probably don't even realize we have! Feel sad > eat food. Feel bored > eat good. Get together with friends > eat food. So, find some other rituals. Find things you can do for me when you normally would have reached for food. Perhaps a good book or a nature walk or some snuggles with the family dog. Perhaps you want to learn a new hobby or paint your nails! It does help to have those things identified in advance so, when you're faced with a situation when you would normally reach for food, you have something else fulfilling to do! Anyway, I'm sorry for your struggles and I wish you the very best!
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    So day 3 and last night I cried before bed and felt sick and moody. I re-read parts of the book and it was helpful. My brain was telling me to quit that I’m not worth it but I did not. I get up in the middle of the night often in pain and usually would eat sugar, last night I had some nuts instead. Is that really bad? I don’t think I was hungry I think it was a craving. Advice on a better way to deal with it? I am being really honest on this because I really want to succeed.
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    Day 2 went pretty well. I feel like I ate too many calories, considering that I would like to lose a few pounds while doing this, but I followed the rules at least. I'm on Day 3. Today is challenging at work--Dunkin Donuts in the kitchen this morning, our lunch meeting was catered, and there will be birthday cake at my 4:00 meeting. I was easily able to say no to the donuts, and to the lunch because I brought a chorizo and sweet potato hash, but the cake will be more difficult to resist. I also need to go a pub this evening to pick up my bib for a 5K tomorrow. I feel a little guilty for having a smoothie for breakfast even though it was all allowed, but I like to have some variety in my meals, so I didn't want what I'd had the last two days. I know I'm only on Day 3, but I'm still trying to get a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs with each meal. I'm trying to follow what my FitBit suggests: 45-65% carb, 10-35% protein, and 20-35% fat. One reservation I have with Whole 30 is that I don't like to eat this much meat. Although I do eat all meat types except for beef, I don't really relish the idea of incorporating more meat into my diet. I'll plan to make a fish recipe next. One positive about today: I DON'T HAVE TO COOK. Yay, leftovers.
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    Hey All! I just started my Whole30 yesterday. I hope you don't mind if I join you all on this thread. I've completed 4 Whole30's in the past and an active/supportive Forum group has been really helpful to keep me accountable and focused on my goals. I did my last Whole30 in January and pretty quickly returned to poor eating habits. I just got back from a lot of travel and determined that a mid-year Whole30 reset would be the perfect thing to get me back on track. With every Whole30 I've completed I dramatically improved my health. Each time I learned an enormous amount about how food effects my physical, mental and emotional health. I'm not gonna lie, the first one I was REALLY focused on weight loss. No, I didn't break the rules, but I still just couldn't wait to step on that scale at the end. I was really proud of that first Whole30 but I kinda let how much weight I lost define my success...it stole a bit of the joy. In more recent rounds I've really tried to focus on the NSVs and I've been SO much happier for it. I've found if I'm doing the other stuff the weight loss will come and I'm less likely to define my worth by the number on a scale. I'm so excited to take on this journey again and I'm mentally preparing for the challenges (known and unknown) that a Summer Whole30 will bring. Awesome job those of you that are a day or two ahead. Keep it up! Sarah
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    Started June 26-- Day 14!

    Yes, yes, yes! Well said Jihanna! I echo everything you said here. This is exactly what Food Freedom is about. No judgements, no punishments, no guilt; only decisions based on what you have learned (from your reintroduction and continued experience). It is a journey that is never-ending, as we are constantly learning and adding to our list of worth-it and not-worth-it foods. Even this can change when considering the situation. The ability to learn and move on using your new-found knowledge is Food Freedom!
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    Started June 26-- Day 14!

    I'm not sure how Mandie would explain it, but for me it's a matter of looking at foods as options -- they're not "good" or "bad", they're all just options that I can consider. Likewise, I'm not "being bad" or "being good" based on what I choose to eat. I make food decisions, using what I'd learned in reintroduction (and since then) to help me understand what consequences could occur. Dairy isn't "bad" just because it happens to cause indigestion and eczema in my body. Meat isn't "bad" just because a vegetarian chooses not to eat it. Asparagus isn't "good" just because it's healthy and I like it, and it's not "bad" just because it causes unbearable bloating and gas for my mom. Legumes aren't "bad" just because they're not allowed for Whole30, but they aren't "good" either. Throwing out the labels allows me to really look at the reasons behind my choices. I'm able to really consider the why of it, which allows me to better understand whether or not something can be part of my food freedom. Sometimes that means I'm looking forward at consequences and making that decision before eating a thing... sometimes I'm looking back and realizing I really could've done without it, avoiding physical discomfort that really made it "not worth it for me". Sometimes I realize that a food choice inadvertently was on on-ramp to "off the rails", so I rein it in (mini-reset) and take that into account the next time I'm deciding whether or not to eat that food. If I do choose to eat something I know will bring consequences, I don't justify my decisions or bargain with myself to make them (i.e., "it's only a little" or "I'll exercise more"). I just make the decision, and allow myself to enjoy the food I chose (hint: if it wasn't enjoyable, it wasn't worth it and next time I'll skip it even if I didn't experience any bad reaction). It's all about food freedom, and it really was freeing to not only stop seeing foods as my enemies but also to stop the cycle of calling myself names because of my food choices (or head-first dives into just-eat-everything, which happen far less often now).
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    I am so grateful for the wonderful discussions happening on this thread. I am learning so much from reading everything. I have learned 3 things so far today on Day 2. 1- Tessemae's Pantry Ranch Dressing is VERY GOOD! 2- You can make hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot. Game Changer! And 3- I need to read the label on my cashews. Peanut oil???? I hope you are all having a wonderful day!
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    Congratulations everyone!! We finished Day 1! I am so grateful to have the company and support to go through these next 29+ days. I hope you all feel successful and accomplished tonight. See you tomorrow!
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    To jump on the end of what was said above me, a little sesame oil goes a LONG WAY toward making foods taste better. We go through a lot of coconut aminos in my house. My favorite sauce to use when cooking beef is a quick bullet blender mix of coconut aminos, cooking oil, sesame oil, rice vinegar, ginger, garlic, and pepper... throw that in a pan with some ground beef and onions, add some shredded carrots and mushrooms, then toss in some spiralized or riced daikon radish (or riced cauliflower) and simmer for a few more minutes... that's one of our favorite weeknight dinners, right there
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    End of Day 1: I did really well today, but I didn't feel satisfied after dinner. I made the Pork and Pepper Stir-fry, with some baby potatoes. I probably didn't eat enough, but it didn't have much flavor. I hope it tastes better tomorrow, because I have leftovers! Maybe I'll add more red pepper flakes. Also, watching the Food Network isn't a good idea for me right now!
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    Hello everyone! I started ... something ... today. I'm not sure yet if it will be a Whole30 or a mini reset. I've completed two, complete Whole30 rounds and have done several other mini resets and partial rounds. I've done formal reintroductions so I know what foods do and do not bother me. But, I have been eating terribly and feeling terribly and want to get back on track. So, here I am! My goals are two-fold. First, long-term health. I love the outdoors and aspire to be that 80-year old women out hiking a hard trail later in my life. Second, sustainability. I'm still trying to figure out a way to eat this way and make is sustainable so it becomes a long-term lifestyle change. So, I'll be going with very simple meals and focusing on what would be realistic for a lifetime of healthy eating. Anyway, I hope you don't mind if I join you, even if I'm unsure whether I will do the full 30 days. I have a business trip, a three day backpacking trip and a full week long camping trip during the next 30 days. But it's actually the business trip that has me most wary. I've done and know I can do camping and backpacking on Whole30. So, I'll see how I'm feeling after a week and re-evaluate my aspirations for a mini reset or a full Whole30.
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    Hope everyone is doing well on their first day! I was refilling my weekly pill case last night and realized that most of my supplements are soy based or contain some form of dextrose. Wild! And I don't even take those "adult gummy" vitamins. I read about it in the books but didn't pay much attention til last night. I do have one prescription I can't avoid for right now, but the rest are supplements that hopefully I won't need anymore (iron, garlic for cholesterol, etc), although I might have to go back to the Vitamin D in the winter since I live in the northeastern US. Check your labels on even the little things!
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    Good evening everyone!! Tomorrow is the day! I will be honest and say I am not as well prepared as I would have hoped. We had my father's memorial service this weekend and we have been host to a lot of family from out of town. I am so grateful to see them but I didn't get the meal prep done that I was hoping for. It will be okay though. I work the late shift this week so I will definitely have time for breakfast and it will also give me extra time in the morning to pack my meals for the day. Good luck to everyone on the first day tomorrow!
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Day Nine. Last night I felt a tickle in my throat and this morning I had major raspy voice (still do) and a touch of a cough. Maybe it's a cold. Maybe it's a food reaction. Maybe it's a cold that took advantage of a food reaction to weasel its way past my immune system sentries. Hopefully it's mild. I didn't go to bed till past midnight because my kid was awake and then the cat woke me at six. I was able to snooze a bit more till I had to go collect the dog from tree where she was barking at a squirrel. It's taken me a while to get officially UP this morning, but I'm here (and I already meditated!!!!!). Heh - As I meditated, I kept noticing people and locations and things in my head that were sneaking in from dreams - kind of like ghosts just sliding through the walls into my meditation. It was kinda funny. Goals: Meditate (Done), Practice, Eat Whole30 For Whole30 today, I'm going to need to do some meal prepping or planning possibly. I'm going to aim to have appropriately timed meals and I'm going to try to be mindful of snacks and if they are needed.
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    @Darcy18 I have the Paderno World Cuisine 6-Blade Vegetable Slicer (which I purchased on Amazon) and I really love it! I use it often and am amazed at how easy it is to use and clean up. I received it as a gift from my parents and probably waited six months to use it because I was a bit intimidated and it seemed complicated. But it's not at all and that was totally dumb! It literally takes just a few minutes to prepare my veggies and clean up using my spiralizer!I highly recommend you get one if you are able!
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    Yes! I really, really recommend that you always, always, always read your labels! It takes just a moment once you're more familiar with the types of ingredients you'll be seeing and it's oh-so powerful to know what you're putting in your body. Because really, it's ridiculous the garbage they put in our food. And don't take anything for granted. I've seen specific products compliant sometimes and not compliant at other times (why do companies make more than one version of a single product?). I've also had an experience where I received an official Whole30 email with a link to "Melissa's Whole30 Favorites" and one of the items was not compliant (that was a fun surprise halfway through my first Whole30). So yeah, always read your labels! It's worth the few seconds to know what you're putting in your one and only body!
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    Freezer Meals

    I don't have many freezer whole meals that I do, but I always have a freezer full of W30 elements that I can put together for a meal, for example: I batch cook and freeze the following: W30 compliant chicken goujons (almond flour & spices) Pork patties / chicken meatballs Salmon cakes Soups Beef meatballs and marinara/veg sauce Pulled pork Then all of the above can be added to a salad, or with cauli rice, or baked potato etc
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    Hi everyone!! I would love the company on this journey. I'm looking forward to challenging myself during this time. I believe now that my issue won't be with the restrictions on food as much as my tendency to rely on food during times of stress and emotional upheaval. We'll see if that's what I believe in a few weeks!!