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    Sept 18 start date reintro

    Good Morning Everyone! I got back from my trip to Hot Springs yesterday afternoon around 5pm, and then had to do to my first condo association meeting last night, so this is my first chance to check in. Looks like everyone is doing well, and finding their own way. I think that was the point all along. My trip went great. We had healthy car snacks on the trip there (6 hour drive), and then went into "vacation mode" after arrival. We had outstanding gourmet pizza and wine not long after we got there and that sort of set the tone for the weekend. We were pretty much W30 compliant for breakfast (except for the morning we split a blueberry pancake that was terrific!), stayed light at lunch, and then cut loose a little for dinner. Pasta one night, steak another, and then some fish. small amounts of bread and drinks. We did find a cupcake shop that had been on "Cupcake Wars" on the Food Channel and it was simply amazing. We allowed ourselves one cupcake per day, and really felt it was "worth it". I have to say that the increase in sugar and gluten did leave me feeling bloated and a little lazy late in the day. My wife and I talked about the experience on the drive home, and both agreed we were looking forward to getting back to healthier eating. That started with dinner last night. I think we may have overdone it a little on this trip, but we both agreed, that we learned a lot about when to stop, and when enough was enough or "worth it". We did do a lot of walking and hiking, so that balanced things out some. Had a terrific massage and enjoyed the hot water spring baths, and that helped my back some. It was perfect timing for this trip after all we've done since Sept 18th. We may just have a handle on this food "thing"...LOL. We have a plan for a healthy Thanksgiving meal, and we also have discussed a few Christmas parties we will attend and how to approach them. This is so much easier with my wife on board, and we are both in it for the long haul this time. It was nice to catch up on everyone's journey and I hope you folks keep checking in. Have a great day! Mike
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    Kristen A

    It ISN'T hard!?

    I started about a week ago (I was nearly eating exclusively Whole30 approved foods for the week prior as I considered the plan and waited for my cookbook to arrive). I decided to commit when I realized this way of eating didn't feel like a diet, and I felt the puffiness of my body start to shrink within the first couple days. I couldn't be more surprised that I haven't felt crazy without sugar and carbs!! I DID NOT think I could do this, but here I am, doing it.
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    @Betsie_n Huge congrats on Day 45! That's major! I'm reintroducing dairy today and it was soooooo weird to have yogurt with breakfast this morning. (Siggi's icelandic yogurt coconut flavor. SO GOOD!) I'm planning to do cheese at lunch – probably on a lettuce-wrapped burger, because it's the easiest thing I could think of that didn't involve other food groups – and then ice cream after dinner. The whole reintroduction thing is so funny to me – it's strange to be clinically assessing the effects of ice cream on my life. I also stepped on the scale this morning and am another ~1.5 lbs down. Again, it's hard not to want those big numbers, but I keep reminding myself that slow and steady is better for the long term. I also started reading an interesting book by Robb Wolf called "Wired to Eat." I'm only through the first chapter, but his process calls for a 30 day reset (that I'm betting is very similar to the Whole30) and then a 7 day period where you use a blood glucose monitor to see how foods affect you. I'm definitely intrigued by the concept. I'll report back when I've finished reading. I am also glad folks have stuck around on this thread. It's nice to hear how things are going for everyone!
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    First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @Betsie_n For easily packable snacks, here's what I like (these items always come into the backcountry with me for when I get hungry): Wild Zora meat and veggie bars (all but one of their flavors is compliant and you can buy online in bulk or at REI) Oloves (small packets of seasoned olives, which I found on Amazon or at REI) Chomps Jerky Sticks Coconut butter squeeze packs (I love Artisana but they're more expensive and harder to find) I hope this helps! Happy traveling!
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    @Betsie_n I've never ordered from them, but I've seen Barefoot Provisions mentioned in the Whole30 newsletter, so I peeked at what they had. LOTS of nut-free options: https://barefootprovisions.com/collections/whole30 I'm also a big fan of packing a lunch/snacks in an insulated cooler bag that I can bring with me to work functions as needed. (Pro-tip: stash a couple of ziploc bags in there and fill them from the ice machine.) There are a number of Whole Foods in Manhattan where you can grab deli meats, veggies, fruits, etc. New Yorkers tend to have microscopic kitchens, so there should be a good supply of prepped stuff for you to choose from. If your room doesn't have a fridge you can sometimes request one or have them empty the mini bar for you to use. Worst case, keep stuff in the cooler bag with ice from the ice machine And while in NYC, go to Hu Kitchen. It is THE BEST paleo friendly restaurant I've ever been to. I feel quite confident that you could take a totally non-paleo person and they'd love it. https://hukitchen.com/ Before our last visit there, I got a lot of good restaurant ideas from Nom Nom Paleo's blog. But honestly, New York is like any big city in that they encounter all sorts of issues and food sensitivities. As long as you're at a reasonably high quality place, they should be able to modify things for you without too much difficulty.
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    @Betsie_n Sorry to hear about your meltdown. I wonder if it might be some form of decision fatigue? Whole 30 commands so much of our brain space, it seems logical that you could reach that point where your mind and emotions just need a break. In any case, I think it's very commendable that you were able to coax yourself back to your original 45 day goal. Like @TerriN said, it's progress not perfection. I'm sure there was a time where you would have just been like "Eff it, 40 days is good enough!" @halfpint_aggie It sounds like you're doing really well! Co-hosting a baby shower 12 hours after a camping trip AND staying compliant? Amazeballs! @TerriN Congrats on wine season being over. It's great to hear that you're figuring out your Food Freedom journey. I'm of the same mindset re: wine on the weekends and keeping more compliant during the week. Good luck on your return to running, I hope it goes well. The cold is much better today, thank goodness. I'm still a little tired/rundown feeling, but I'll bet how I feel now is exactly how normal felt pre-W30. It's funny to think about, but very motivating to stay on track. I was just talking to a co-worker about how next week is Thanksgiving, which is shocking. Luckily, we're hosting/cooking for a small group, so I'm able to control how compliant it is. (And thanks to Nom Nom Paleo, most of my standard Thanksgiving recipes are also compliant.) It feels good going into the holiday with a plan, but it's also the start of all of the holiday parties, so I need to get my strategy together. Is anyone else nervous about the holidays? Plans? Strategies? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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    Sept 18 start date reintro

    Hi everyone, I've been busy too. I have tentatively added back some cheese, and did okay. Last Fri night I made shrimp and grits, which I love, and I have always put cheddar cheese in the grits. I wanted the taste, so I added a little bit of shredded cheddar to the grits, but just enough to color them and add a little cheese taste. Not the saturated potful with a whole block of cheese! Anyway, it was just as good, and didn't bother me the next day (and I had the leftover cheese grits for breakfast.) Sat night, I went out to dinner. Had osso bucco and risotto, I think is the first time I've added back rice of any kind. I'm sure the osso bucco had a little flour in the gravy, but didn't have any problem with it either. Yesterday, our manager bought lunch > pizza. I work in healthcare and we have been hammered with flu already. We were incredibly busy yesterday, so she wanted to treat by ordering pizza. I had a salad and chicken breast I'd brought, but didn't want to scorn the gift, so I had one piece of thin crust, regular cheese and pepperoni. Last night, my stomach rumbled and rolled, and I am assuming I crossed my threshold of how much gluten I can handle. Like @T2Andrew said above, I'm finding that being able to pick apart what agrees with me and what does not is really helping me refine the way I eat. By doing that, I'm feeling much better and having more energy and stamina to work on the physical. I'm not focusing so much on whole30 compliant at this point, but the past couple of months I think I've learned to be more discriminating about what I put in my mouth. I still have a way to go to get myself in better physical condition, but it is a good start. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving (if you are in US) and allow yourselves to enjoy the seaon, not just the food.
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    First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Hey Ladies! Sorry for being a bit disconnected lately-lots going on the work front and wine front here. Good news is wine season is officially over after pressing 5,000 pounds with friends on Saturday night. Super fun time and yes I indulged in non compliant food and wine-but it was well worth it. I stayed super busy keeping everyone fed as they did all the work. So whole30 wise I'm doing okay. On a positive note I've stuck to my 4 day a week OrangeTheory classes and that's been great. Especially as the season changes, it keeps me moving with both cardio and strength. I've definitely noticed myself getting stronger. I also would like to return to running-I truly miss it-and now that wine season is over, out summer place is closed I can actually do that. I don't mind the rain so if I can get a longer run in on the weekend in addition to my 4 day a week OT classes, I'll call that a win. Not going to lie-this weekend after about 36 days on whole30 I basically relaxed my rules significantly. And I was able to return right back to reset mode today without any issues-even though I had a crazy busy day and didn't get my first meal in me until later this afternoon. I had a hint of throwing in the towel because my day was super jammed with no time for eating whatsoever. All that said, that thought only lasted few seconds. Progress not perfection...right? Here's what I have learned with my reintroduction process 1) Dairy is an issue-I truly never thought that, but after introduction of dairy for a day-I broke out on my face- which I NEVER do -EVER! So it was quite a surprise to me. Pizza, cream, etc. will need to be on rare occasions for me-super sad face Also, yup no gluten whatsoever for me. Birthing an alien is something I really don't enjoy! Going to keep it clean through the weekend and then introduce non gluten grains to see how I do. It would be nice to have tortilla chips on my taco salad (although not the same w/o sour cream and cheese). My goal is to stay the course through the week and then enjoy my vino on the weekends. I'm heading to Mexico the first week of December so I have some high motivation to stay the course the next 3 weeks. I've been reading through all your posts and it seems we're all trying to experiment with our new normal. There will obviously be ups and downs but all in all we should feel quite proud of our accomplishments. Staying the course, not going hog wild for days and weeks at a time, clothes that are loosening up, and not being in fear of food 24/7. As I head into the holiday season, I feel lighter and more in control! That makes me pretty darn happy!
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    Thank you so much! Yup, I was definitely not eating enough. I ate a huge dinner last night, and I feel so much better today. I'm used to eating six small meals a day, so these meals feel extremely large. Just something to get used to. Really appreciate the info. All the best!
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    Sept 18 start date reintro

    Hi guys.. so great to see some activity! I've been really just trying to remain aware of my eating habits and cravings. Like I genuinely feel that just knowing what you want to eat, why and the affect it has on you is a really big step and a huge achievement. Like you said @dmrob2009, knowing that your coffee creamer triggers you is huge. But I've also really been asking myself the same question @kirbz, like is it necessary to keep eating like this? For me, I've just been eating routinely and trying to focus on full meals, reduce snacking and listening to how my body feels more. Yesterday I went for brunch with my friends and found it difficult to order from the menu, but did my best. And for me, that was an achievement because normally if I couldn't find something 'perfect', i would just say screw it and order the most lavish thing on the menu. Also, one of the things I have definitely learned is that my digestive system is just super super sensitive. A few weeks ago I would have worried that I had 'eaten off plan', but now I know that I do need to be conscious of what I eat because I can react to it. I know that this is mainly caused by the level of stress in my job and so I'm trying to manage that with more meditation and self-care. For me, I find that eating real food for breakfast, lunch and dinner just give me more structure. Like I said in some previous posts, I am not overly worried about being 'compliant' or checking ingredients in any great detail, but largely I am trying to avoid gluten and dairy because I know from life before W30 that these would just make me feel sluggish and tired. I'm finding this helpful for structure and routine but I definitely want to avoid putting labels on myself - I'm trying to just take each meal as it comes. I do wonder about the holidays every now and then.. I know I've often been on a diet or plan and then 'fallen off the wagon' when its Thanksgiving and got so angry at myself that I fall into an endless cycle of mindless decisions and eating all the things possible. I'm really hoping to be more aware this year... send me luck you guys!!! But for that reason @kirbz I hear you on 'falling off the wagon', but then if your wagon includes dairy and other foods without any issues, and you are eating what you enjoy, then I don't consider that falling anywhere - you are living life and that is so awesome!!! Great to hear from you all! Happy Monday
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    This cold kicked my butt. Spend all weekend basically on the couch. I did make it out on Sunday evening to a commitment with my sister-in-law and her friends. Dinner had some dairy in it and I indulged in a glass of white wine, but the rest of the weekend was otherwise compliant. Hubby was a rockstar this weekend and did all of the food shopping and prep. We're a little less organized in terms of having recipes picked out, but I think it will be okay. I'm still feeling run down, but better than yesterday. @laurenmccracken Congrats on the pants, that's always a great indicator of progress. (And double congrats on resisting the muffins, that is tough!) I hope you have a great CA trip!
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    Sept 18 start date reintro

    @dmrob2009 Thanks for checking in! It's nice to hear from folks! And congrats on reaching a milestone of under 200! I'll be completely honest. I've somewhat fallen off the bandwagon. Which is embarrassing to admit because I had felt so strong and committed and good about my newfound knowledge and discipline! :-( To be quite frank, I'm not entirely sure how much I believe in this way of eating. Yes, I believe eating natural, whole foods is best. But do I need meat and fat at every single meal? I'm not sure. Do I really need to avoid natural grains and legumes and dairy? I'm not sure. At least for me, personally. Because I've been eating all of those things and I don't feel any different than how I felt on 43 days of Whole30 eating. My NSVs are the same just generally eating whole foods and avoiding excess "bad" stuff like ice cream and chocolate. I'm also still losing weight. So yeah, I had regular ice cream this weekend. I had store-bought potato salad with all sorts of garbage in it. I had sour cream. I had french toast with whole grain bread. And I felt just fine. Probably not a very inspiring post but that's where I'm at right now. I'm going to try to get back to Whole30 eating until this weekend (when we're having 10 friends over for a "Friendsgiving" holiday). But it's hard to convince myself to stick with it when I'm not sure I believe in it anymore. I really wish I'd gained some energy or mental clarity. Or that I felt worse when I eat bad foods. But it all just feels the same to me!
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    My fat pants do up now! The big-rig-sized spare tire, however, isn't a good look.... but..... they've done up! So here's to keeping on!! I had a totally non compliant lunch yesterday, but it was a "worth it" meal and I got right back on track. Ive had those paleo chocolate pumpkin muffins on my counter and haven't eaten them, because it's getting that sugar dragon awake. They literally taste like moister costco chocolate muffins. It's really just a bald cupcake. I hope my husband eats them all up! Two days til I leave for CA and 4 til the weekend starts! Hope you're all well!
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    @5280sarah I completely agree with @Dragonslayer It's when we let one or two slips ups ruin everything that things get bad. You have been under a lot of stress. Do something nice for yourself today and tell yourself how strong you are. I am working on finding non food ways to respond to stress because the reality is there will always be something. @Dragonslayer Your recipe sounds amazing!! Yum. Will definitely give it a try. I am about to embark on a monster food prep session that will hopefully propel me from today's Day 2 all the way through Day 7. Here's hoping!!
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    Sept 18 start date reintro

    I am much more happy jettisoning BLE. I was doing too much, and it caught up with me. The past three days, I took off work and have literally slept most of the time. I'm going to start doing some things that I used to do, but got out of the habit. First, schedule a "me" day every week, where I don't schedule anything in particular, and I don't save up chores to do on that day. Only things I like. Cooking is something I like, so prep cooking is ok, but the shopping is not (since I hate it.) I go to Massage Envy once a month, that can be on a "me" day, I also enjoy going to the gym, so that's ok too. Work catch up, mail, billpaying (both mine and my mother's, I handle her finances too..) no. If I want to knit and watch movies all day, sleep, whatever, I am going to have a scheduled decompress day. I'm also making a more concerted effort to use the gratitude journal, which I had also put beside the bed and barely touched. I have the first book of the Well Fed series, and I pulled it out yesterday to look through. I realize now that, when I bought it, I only looked at the recipes. I started reading from the beginning, and I like her way of cooking ahead, Her way of doing a weekly pre-cook, and then assembling either a hot plate or a cold salad at mealtime, really rings my bell. It is the way I kind of cook anyway, but more organized, and I think sticking to that for a while is going to help me get back into a better daily routine without losing sight of my food issues. I like it well enough that I've ordered the other two books from amazon and they should be here tomorrow. I know I'm guilty of constantly jumping on a new bandwagon, but the more I stick to a better diet, and to taking care of my own needs, and avoiding toxic food and situations, the better I feel. I'm thankful for all of you, glad we are all still coming here. @dmrob2009 we were posting at the same time. I agree! I think counting and weighing is a way to learn portion control, but it is also counter to the idea of food freedom. More food prison, really. I think changing your viewpoint of food, from indulgence to nourishment, is the much healthier approach. Happy pre-Friday!
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    I'm starting today. Did a whole30 back in April and have been eating mostly paleo since. Started eating crappy, and feeling crappy and out of control the last couple weeks so I need a reset. Seems like it might be tough with holidays coming up but I'm sure there are ways around it.
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    David H.

    Started today

    I love the idea of eating 'real food and have stayed away from fad or paid food 'diets'. I finally pulled the trigger and started the Whole30 with the hopes of it being a big life changer.
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    First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Dairy reintroduction went pretty well for the most part. The only problematic part was that the ice cream had little pieces of gingerbread – so a gluten/dairy combo. Not ideal, but I didn't really notice any side effects, so hopefully it's okay. I do think the sugar rush at 7:30 at night messed up my sleep. I woke up at 2 am and had a hard time falling back asleep. It's been a while since that's happened, so it could be related or just be coincidence. Just to be safe, I'm going to lay off the sweet stuff during the week. (I've made it this far, I can certainly continue the trend.) I think hubby caught my cold, so I think it's going to be a challenging few days...
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    Day 29 - takeaways

    I'm now on day 29 myself and can report the same benefical observations as the first post, with few challenges. Other than a couple of sluggish days and a couple of nauseous moments, this thirty day experience has been relatively easy for me. Looking ahead at re-intro, I'm going to hold off until day 30+3 to start, as weekends are busy and I need full energy without gastro-interruptions (not having a workplace bathroom is a challenge). My first re-intro item will be rice, either brown or wild, and that's it before turkey day. After recovering from whatever Thanksgiving dinner yields, I plan to do one reintroduction a week. I was considering a three day rotation as suggested, and that would've played out for 4-5 weeks. At this point, I'm not in a hurry to get all the results that fast, as I wish to maintain a certain level of normal that W30 has allowed me. Thruout this program, I have been paying attention to some surprise food allergies / sensitivities that may or may not have been identified in a previous allergy test. Eliminate / re-intro of suspicious 'healthy' foods has revealed that I have a major allergy to melon and am quite sensitive to banana and chamomile. I'm looking forward to continuing with a W30 inspired food plan for a long time!
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    Hi everyone! Hope it's been a good day. I made it to day 5 which feels good and no urges to consume all things. For now at least! Made it to exercise class too, which is also a minor miracle. Food today .. Scrambled eggs with green beans and avocado, more of my frittata with roasted vegetables and then tonight we're having steak with artichoke and a big spinach salad. @Dragonslayer Seven days straight sounds intense! Way to go on hitting a week!! @littleg I ordered the oil and am keen to try! @Pandora I am so trying the chestnuts! In England we roast them. @5280sarah I love Newcastle. Alas I can't eat RX bars as they wake up my sugar dragon!
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    First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @mdraeger - thanks for the great tips! We're actually going to be in Summit, NJ (near Jersey City) for meetings, then my co-worker and I are going to NYC for a couple of days to see the sites, so we'll be in two different hotels. I have done well in other cities when I've wondered around and found little markets with stuff I can eat for snacks, so hopefully that will be true in this case, but I think my time will be less my own this round so I'm hoping to pack what I can for those critical times I'm hungry without options. I buy from Thrive Market, so I'll check their nut-free options and get stuff ordered (no WF or Traders in my neck of the woods). I've had the HuKitchen chocolate bars and they're delish, so I'm sure that their restaurant will be amazing! I need to check locations. I have no clue where our hotel is in relation to other things yet. @kirbz - thank you, too, for great ideas! Someone else mentioned olive packs and I think that's a great idea if I can find some (I'm in very rural America, so no REI here, but Amazon or Thrive should work). Coconut butter squeeze packs! OMG! I didn't know that was a thing! I've had the nut butter ones, but didn't know about coconut butter and since I've become addicted to it during this round, I must find some of those! Great tips - thank you! So - DAY 45 FINALLY! I'm both relieved and scared to be at my finish line. I haven't decided what to reintro first. I'd like some wine, but I hate to open a bottle that I probably won't finish because I just need a small glass, so I'll probably wait until the weekend and have one if we go out. I don't think I'll bother with reintroducing gluten grains or dairy since I'm clear on my issues there, and I think I want to continue to avoid corn stuff because of my tendency to eat too many corn chips. So...maybe I'll just have a little chocolate tomorrow and see how that goes. The other reintro I'm thinking about is legumes. I've generally avoided them as part of my Paleo lifestyle, but never determined if they actually cause issues for me. It would be nice to have beans occasionally and hummus would be lovely - especially since I'm off the nut butter and it would be nice to dip stuff into it. I have a call with my nutritional therapist this weekend, so I'm sure she'll give me some guidance on how to approach reintro. THANK YOU ALL for sticking around during your post-W30 phase! I don't think I would have survived my +15 without you all. Cheers! Betsie
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    Yeah actually I’ve been using the small plate for breakfast recently and have noticed I️ don’t go back for seconds (because I️ only make enough for the one plate) but like an hour after I️ eat I️m starting to graze for more. Down with the small plate! Haha. Not really, but mentally for me, it’s not working yet. I️m back to work today full time! Yay! Except they put me on for 7 straight days before I️ get a day off! Oh well, the time off has been nice but I️m so over it so it’s all good. Got my frittata for breakfast, sheet pan lunch packed in like 45 seconds, and another 2nd lunch of leftover salmon, spaghetti squash, and asparagus. Hope everyone has a great day! Today is one week for me!
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    Starting after Thanksgiving

    If you know you're going to give up coffee, you might start weaning off of it now -- go to half-caff, or just half as much coffee as usual, and then next week half that, and then by next Friday, you shouldn't have to deal with as many headaches as if you just wait and quit cold turkey on day 1.
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    Day 15 - gag eggs, sweet potatoes

    You could try soup -- I like a creamy butternut squash soup, and then I add diced whatever kind of protein I have on hand -- chicken apple sausages, cooked chicken, compliant hot dogs, cooked ground beef. Or a chicken and vegetable soup, or whatever sounds good to you.
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    Day 15 - gag eggs, sweet potatoes

    I find it's worth getting up a little early to eat at home. We do recommend that you eat within 1 hour of waking for best results during your Whole30, so give that a try if possible. Fresh, hot soft scrambled eggs are a lot tastier than cold or microwaved fried eggs, IMHO. For a real treat make some version of Melissa's Chicken Hash or my personal favorite - shredded rutabaga/sweet potato combo, onions, spinach and compliant sausage or chicken sausage. You can do this!
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    @Dragonslayer Your survival mode looks excellent. I think it's natural to be hungry and particularly given the exercise you're doing. I don't think you need any GRR. Way to go too on reaching a week. You totally have this! I am on day 3 after too many ups and downs. Made it through the day though and went to exercise class as well. Exhausted but focused.
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    It's as a result of an amazing little chemical called polyphenol oxidase, and is totally normal. Your potatoes are turning brown for the same reason raw white potatoes turn brown/gray, and why apples turn brown. They're still fine to eat, just don't look as pretty. For more information, look here: http://www.recipetips.com/kitchen-tips/t--945/why-fruits-and-vegetables-turn-brown.asp
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    10/23 Start Date

    I'm doing well, too. I went to two showers Saturday and then had a bunch of teenagers over for lunch and dessert Sunday. Again, surrounded by non-compliant food! I'm used to it, though, and just keep cooking away. I can't believe how many vegetables I'm buying, though. I *thought* I'd been eating a lot of them before, but now I'm making two extra trips to the grocery store every week just for veggies!
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    It ISN'T hard!?

    I partially agree. This is making me go back to cooking most of my own food, which is great. Take-out = not good for me. And I have quite a few recipes in my repertoire that are complaint. However, the part that is hardest is realizing how much sugar is in everything. Most of the generic supermarket brands that I use have sugar of some sort in them. It's in everything. And that is hard because even when I reintroduce some stuff into my diet, I am going to try and stay away from things that shouldn't have sugar but somehow do.
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    Prepping for January Start

    Hello, I love food. But I have a lot of habits surrounding food and eating that I'd like to come to terms with and hopefully heal in time. I'm fully aware that Whole30 is not well suited for some people of certain backgrounds, but I sincerely want to reset--my habits, my metabolism, my expectations. I have a Start Date of January 2nd so that I can spend the Holidays with my family eating what they eat. I am taking this time in between to prep for success: I've read the books and even preordered the two new ones; my kitchen needed no prepping besides the addition of a few small appliances but my partner's been read in and I've got my cheerleaders, I even joined a Facebook group; and I'm starting to follow the template for my three meals and am working out some portion-size kinks and timing logistics about meal prep and pre- and post work out meals. My goals: To begin to heal and have a healthy relationship with eating. To not constantly obsess over food and it's effects. To see food more as fuel and less as a vice. To be comfortable in my own body. My greatest barriers: I prefer to be quite hungry before I eat; I have trouble with the sensation of being full; I obsess over minutia (this post took me 90 minutes). My greatest strengths: My determination; the resources I have available to me; my organization. Thanks for your support and patience on this journey! M'olly
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    Potassium Sorbate

    It's a preservative -- as was stated above, it's okay to have during your Whole30.
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    @Dragonslayer Your food sounds so good and so healthy so I wouldn't worry about it for a moment. And, it doesn't sound like you ate too much. Yes, I have just finished marathon prep and now need to lie in a darkened room. I made Braised chicken breast with peppers, artichoke hearts, olives and lemon. I will serve it with some mashed butternut squash A large frittata with a base of grated sweet potatoes with sausage, spinach, mushrooms and onions. This will be for lunches this week served with roasted parsnip, carrots, fennel and squash I also prepped another meal for pork tenderloin with roasted squash and red onion with a mustard glaze Plus hard boiled eggs and mayo. And yes, I bought way too much butternut squash at the farmers market this week!! But it is in season. Tonight I will make a nicoise salad with tuna. Not very hungry though as snacked a little too much on pecans earlier. I bought them for a thanksgiving recipe but then couldn't resist. But seems like I will make it through Day 2, so that's a win.
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    Thanks so much ladies. I am sure that you are right. It's annoying that I turn to something that's so disruptive to my body. I might try the spinach dip recipe you posted @Dragonslayer it looks amazing although right now i am out of eggs - this hasn't happened in over a year so i really must be out of my mind! My husband normally makes fun of me as we have so many cartons of eggs in our fridge. I don't find that my kids push me over the edge that often but other peoples kids do for me. I find it really hard work to take care of others kids but at the same time I want to be a good friend and help people out. Also because my husband travels a lot I always have this feeling that I may need a favor of another friend so always want to help in case I need to call on someone else at the last minute for something. I think I just need to be more mindful of my energy when I agree to things like that and in hindsight I wasn't in the best place to have 2 kids stay over when I was exhausted and recovering from being sick and at the end of the week going into the weekend. Good luck with your food prep @hmg1993!
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    First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Y'all! I felt like crap yesterday! Run down, blah, no energy! I had two cups of coffee at 4 pm (rarely do that, especially since whole30!)... AND I was ready for bed at 930... now day 1 of my period usually takes it out of me... but I did fine last period on whole30... I also slept til 7 today! I've been getting up at 5/530 all week feeling alive and ready to tackle the world! Now I wish I knew if it was the 1)dairy 2)corn 3) the additional sugar, even in honey form or what I think really is 4) I didn't eat enough protein and fats for dinner at friendsgiving and so I had no fuel for Saturday. Perhaps TMI, but the trips to the bathroom have been quite effective and the "paleo poops" have been a far cry from what my normal BMs were not on whole30... and of course yesterday and today... not as ahem, satisfying. Funny how my previous "normal" is so not ok now! I really feel like I've turned the corner... food, like the It Starts With Food book says, either is adding something to your body and your life, or its detracting. Yesterday I wanted to go out to eat and have a glorious delicious burger. And if hubby was home, I might have. I settled with In N out, and brought my own thousand island to enjoy on my PROTEIN style burger. I ordered it correctly! 3 of us ate for $8, so that was good! But I still needed a veggie or something else at home! heres to more food prep and planning this week! I'm going to CA by myself with the kids on a Wednesday and then Friday leaving for my weekend away! My husband will join me on saturday:-) woo hoo!! @mdraeger i hope you nip the cold in the butt and rest well!
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    Guys! I almost caved last night! I was really stressed out yesterday about a bunch of different things and all I wanted was doritos! I went to the store to buy chicken wings to make for dinner and after I picked them up I found myself in the snack isle grabbing a bag of doritos...and I actually bought them and brought them home with me. BUT when I got home I set them aside and told myself don't do it, at least eat the chicken wings first. So I did, and I let the bag or doritos stare at me but I never opened them! Now I need to throw them out so they don't tempt me at all. It was totally me stressing about a bunch of thing that drew me into buying them, but I was super impressed with myself for not eating them. It felt good to stare at the bag and be able to say no! hahaa! just a fun story about my night last night.
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    Lady Lois

    10/23 Start Date

    Day 20! Staying on plan and feeling great. Starting to think about what I will do on Day 31. What will I eat? How am I going to handle Thanksgiving? I don't want to overindulge, but I do want to have a few special treats. I'm thinking that I will probably start another Whole30 right after Thanksgiving. How's everyone else doing?
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    The reason we recommend that you don't drink your food is because it messes with your satiety signals. Chewing is the beginning of a digestive process. Part of this program is changing your food for 30 days. Sure you can have that smoothie as long as the ingredients are compliant but maybe you want to try something different during this experience.
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    First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @Betsie_n I'm intrigued about the food sensitivity/pulse test. Definitely let us know what you find out. Happy Friday everyone! Today is supposed to be non-gluten grains day, but the only thing I really miss from that category is corn, so we're doing fish tacos on corn tortillas tonight. I think hubby is a little frustrated by the slow pace of things because he keeps asking when we're introducing gluten. I had to remind him that he is free to do things on his own timeline and that settled him down. (I suspect he wants to know when he's cleared for bourbon/beer drinking but doesn't want to say so.) This weekend will be a tiny bit tricky to navigate, reintroduction-wise. On Sunday, I've got dinner plans with my sister-in-law and two of her friends that I haven't met. My plan is to stick as close to plan as I can and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. Then I'll go back to W30 for a few days just to let things get back to normal and pick up reintroducing dairy mid-week with gluten test next weekend. That will give me all of the info I need to navigate the holidays without too much damage and (hopefully) roll into the new year on the Food Freedom train as opposed to the typical fat/bloated/feeling terrible train that I usually find myself on at the beginning of the year... Hope everyone is doing well!
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    @hmg1993 sounds like you are in a good place mentally! Stress can be so overwhelming and I think for all of us it’s a huge reason we need to all find new ways of coping with it so it doesn’t affect our progress and we learn to not turn to food to deal with it. I know that’s probably one of my biggest things lm learning I need to work on. That and same with the anxiety for me. But it’s just one step at a time, one day at a time. Trying new strategies, staying focused on the goal, and continueing to work to develop new habits. And the fact that the binges are less extreme AND you still aren’t counting is a HUGE step in the right direction, so don’t sell yourself short. You are doing awesome! Just get back on track today and stay positive! You got this! I am finally out of my funk. Got some good sleep, feel refreshed, and am in a new place mentally that I hope takes me to new places. Starting work full time this weekend which I think will be really good. The change of routine always helps me and I will start the season off developing a good eating pattern at work, and practicing meditation and breathing each morning before I leave. I’ve also never really been religious, but I am trying the whole praying thing now because I think it will help me get through this time with my mom. On the agenda today: workout, grocery shopping, meal prepping, organizing ski stuff for work, reading/journaling. Will be making an egg casserole with sausage, spinach, artichokes, and mushrooms, Roasted veggies for lunches, baked spaghetti squash for today, and some kind of crockpot meal With whatever is on sale at the store when I go. Have a great day everyone. We have all had some bumps in the road this week, but we are all strong and just need to get right back to that good streak again. Inspirational quote of the day: ”Everytime you eat, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”
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    Started W30 Round 4

    The farther away I am from added sugars and blatant sugars, the less I want it. You might need to eat more. I eat a ton of vegetables and that includes turnips, rutabagas, potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes - things that are a bit bulky. I have fruit every day, including occasional dried fruits, but that's not for everyone. I also drink a lot of water, which I think helps flush out my system. I think not using artificial sweeteners (I love me some Diet Dr Pepper) helps too. I'm beginning to believe when they say that artificial sweeteners trick my body into thinking it is getting sugar and makes me want more. Hang in there. P.S. I'm not saying I never want anything sweet - I do. I am saying that avoiding it completely is helping me in a big way with wanting more and more and more and more.
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    Survivor started Nov. 1

    You go, girl! You sound like someone who grabs onto life with both hands. It's hard to imagine you not thriving! It's great how supportive your husband is. He must treasure you and want you to thrive, too. I think you'll do great at the program!
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    Lady Lois: I'm not sure what you should do, I haven't gotten to the 30 days yet, but I suppose that if it were me, I would want to try to be Whole 30 compliant-ish, give myself some grace, and then stay on it through Christmas and New Years. When I got out of the cycle of the holiday 7 pound weight gain, maintaining my size has been much easier. My weight still fluctuates throughout the year, but there's something about holiday spread in particular that is tough to move off of your frame, maybe it's the parade of soft buffet pants that arrive on your doorstep in time for Christmas Eve photos? Oooh, how I love those soft, cuddly lounge pants!
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    Thank-you for the heads up. I made them and they were amazing!
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    What about Gnocchi?

    If you were looking for an official ruling from the Whole30 powers that be, on July 22, 2014 they posted this on FB: We hear you all talking about gnocchi. Even though potatoes are now on the menu, this is still pasta and still falls into the #SWYPO category. Use that incredible sauce on some zoodles or a gorgeous piece of meat instead.
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    I just get myself in trouble with it. I won't buy it again.
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    I gained a LOT in a month

    I gained so much in my 30 days. I gained self control. I gained understanding of nutrition. I gained new culinary skills. I gained self-respect. I gained a new palette. I gained a new perspective on my life. I also lost a few things. Mood swings. Energy lows. Anger. Depression. And around 10 pounds and a gut full of bloat. Thanks so much for this program, the excellent free support, and the inspiration to improve my life, inside and out.
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    Just an update for anyone who comes across this post in the future. I am now at day 18 an I can run like the wind. I must say that I almost gave up on whole30 because of the PROFOUND affected my fitness routine and my ability to run. Those first 2 weeks were insanely difficult when it came to workouts...never thought it would be that bad. I stuck it out and sucked it up and am so glad that I did. I now have more energy and feel wonderful when I run. Hey...and no more "chub-rub" which means I must have lost some weight as well. So to anyone who has doubts like I did....stick with it. It will get better. Some advice: Do NOT start whole30 while training for an event. Do it in the off season or after your A-race while in recovery. I also added lots of potatoes (regular and sweet), squash and a tad more fruit to my meals. Happy Happy Happy!
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    Start Date July 1

    Hi Bob Smoothies ARE discouraged because blended liquid food digests faster than chewed food and does not send the same satiety responses to your body. It doesn't really matter that it's mostly veggies.... The recommendations are in place in order to help you get the very most out of your program, however if you choose to have smoothies, as long as the ingredients are compliant it's fine but we would strongly encourage you to bust out of your comfort zone and start eating veggies and experimenting with a variety of kinds and methods of cooking to find something you like... adults need to eat veggies Second, for your running, the recommendation on post workout food is lean protein and starchy carb. Fruit replaces your liver glycogen where protein replaces your muscle glycogen so again, the fruit is doing you a disservice (tasty disservice, but one nontheless).
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    So, I'm in the reintroduction phase, and technically I'm actually done with reintroduction. Interestingly the only thing that gave me huge issues was legumes (?) something that surprised me so much I'm reintroducing them again in a few days to see if it was really the legumes or something else. Other than tiredness and mild headaches from grains not gluten, and definitely headaches from anything with much sugar, I had no issues with reintroduction. I was SHOCKED to find that dairy and gluten did nothing to me. Legumes apparently make me super constipated and feel like death the next day, or at least they do if that day wasn't just some weird fluke. But anyway, I've also discovered gluten is just food without breaks for me. I just can't do them, so while I know they won't necessarily make me feel badly, they are no good to keep around the house. Although it is nice to know if I'm out for a special occasion or decide something is worth it it won't wreck my stomach or something. So, now I'm supposed to figure out how to eat regularly. I'm so...overwhelmed. I know that whole 30 did some great things for me. It honestly took me the whole 30 days to feel good, like not until day 30 did I start to think it was really going to be worth it, but it made concrete changes. So I know even if my reintroduction didn't show anything glaring, my body was happier without all that stuff. And I'm sold on not letting gluten back into my life until I'm better at controlling myself, or maybe never, who knows. But what do I do with everything else? Do I just eat it if I want it? Cause the truth is I want cheese all the time. Not in an unhealthy way, but it's delicious and I'd love to add it to meals...but now I feel guilty about eating anything not whole 30. And who knows maybe certain types of cheese, or certain quantities will end up bothering me, I know it's a process to figure all that out, but since I found cheese didn't seem to bother me do I get to add it to meals whenever I want now? Shouldn't I only have meals with cheese once a week? Only if I'm really craving it? Am I not supposed to crave/want/like any food? AHH I'm so confused about how to feel about noncompliant foods. I know I'm going to really limit non gluten grains because although they seem fine, I know I will just end up replacing veggies in a meal with a filler grain that is less nutritious and that it will make me sleepy later. While I love some quinoa sometimes, I'm not a grain lover by any means, so those will definitely be sparse. And what about sugar? Is a little honey ok in recipes, or should I keep being completely sugar and sweetener free? Or do I see what happens to my sugar dragon? Clearly I feel lost about how to go from here, I figured someone would at least have some words of encouragement, lol. Thanks!!
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    Monomeal Mania!!!11

    Back down in San Diego (instead of Wyoming) and I see that zucchini is $0.79/lb instead of $1.78!!! Sheesh that would've been nice last month!