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    Biometrics report

    OH MY GOSH!! I just got back the medical summary from our yearly health screening at my workplace. I AM AMAZED!! For the past 5 years I've been actively losing weight, exercising and eating better. Each year my results have improved, but the jump in results this year is nothing short of miraculous!! I'm lucky that my glucose has always been good. My blood pressure was controlled by medication prior to 3 years ago when I lost just over 100 lb. and was able to discontinue it. Since then it has been in range and holding steady. But this is the great news: HDL (good) cholesterol is up 5 points. LDL (bad) cholesterol is down 14 points. Total cholesterol is down 11 points. Triglycerides are down 17 points. ALL my numbers are in the green/optimum range!! (Except BMI... Still working on that one.) THANK YOU, THANK YOU WHOLE30!! I AM SO HAPPY!! I was genuinely worried that all the meat and eggs I had been eating lately might have a negative impact on my health screening results. Silly me!! REAL FOOD is the answer!
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    It's probably worth considering that for almost everyone, the best workout is the one you will DO. So, if you enjoy a muscle-group split or always-full-body routine more, pick that one.
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    Day 18 & I could be falling apart!

    Thanks, Shannon, I did have pain before I started. Looking at my food diary I do see that I am eating a lot of potatoes and tomato sauce, which are both nightshades... I'll try cutting back on them. It just seems to be worse this week....IDK. But seriously, just putting it out there made me feel better mentally. I don't normally share
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    I'm going to do it! Starting on Sunday, Nov 17. Perhaps a little nuts with Thanksgiving coming, but if I wait until after the holiday, I feel like I'd give myself an excuse to gorge. And I have been waiting long enough. About four years ago I started paying much more attention to what I ate. Not how much, but the quality of food. Cut way back on processed food and focused on real, whole, healthy food. This past year we bought a house, which needed a bunch of updating. We got very lazy with our eating and am enjoying my "relax at the end if a long day wine" ... alot. I see and feel the results in my weight, joints, focus... everything. I see it in my husband as well. Time to change that. So sunday is the day. Anyone else going to embark on this journey then? I'd love a Whole30 buddy.
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    Hello! November 11 start

    I just wanted to say hello! I’ve been testing out a modified Whole30 for a few weeks and reading the forum. Ready to do the full program now. Spent the day prepping for a successful week, and thought I would end the day by browsing here and saying Hello!
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    mae tanner

    Hello! November 11 start

    Hello, @Puzzler!! Sorry, I missed your post somehow! How are things going? What have you been experiencing so far? Any comments or concerns? And, may I ask what your motivations are for you doing the Whole30? Anyway, welcome! Reach out should you need anything:) be well, ~mae
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    Newbie Starting TODAY Nov 15

    Hey everyone today is my first time on Whole30 and I really need it. My youngest daughter is 7 months today and just starting food. I had a diastases recti after her birth and it’s made moving around quite a slow process. I started her pregnancy carrying 10 extra pounds than I normally do and since she’s been born I’ve put on another 10 pounds , basically losing a bit of baby weight after the birth and losing none of the pregnancy weight and gaining even more. Needless to say sleep is a challenge therefore my energy is super sporadic depending on my night. Cravings for sugar and carbs and alcohol have been rampant. So I knew a big change needed to be made if I wanted my situation to change. I’ve been making changes towards eating like the program leading up to the start of the program, like no more cream and sugar in my coffee, reducing simple carbohydrates and all process foods. Cut out alcohol and reducing dairy and I’ve lost 5lbs before I even began. I also just signed up for RealPlana and I think it might be the best gift I could have given to myself and my family. I am so excited it to have to manually do this task and I think it will make a huge difference in the success of the program as well as make it easier for my husband to support me. He’s basically following along wi what my meals are, adding what he wants as well as eating what he likes for his 24hr shifts as a firefighter away from home. I’ve done many things in the past including the traditional elimination diet, I’ve been a raw vegan for 7 months at one point and I’ve gotten a certification as a Registered Wholistic Nutrition Consultant, but I am soo super excited for the Whole30! see you in there guys! Roni-Leigh
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    mae tanner

    Biometrics report

    @Angelia yay!! The proof is in the (compliant) pudding! And it feels good to feel so good, yes? Be well, and good food on:) ~mae
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    Newbie Starting TODAY Nov 15

    Thanks @Mae for the warm welcome. It’s been good so far except I’ve already consumed some sulphites and white wine in some mustard and vinegar. I sent my husband to get the initial shopping and he didn’t think about checking the labels we had at home if they would work. He’s out now looking for a compliant beef broth or any broth. Better to make our own but finding beef bones is going to take some travel. I think once we sort out the proper ingredients I’ll be all set!
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    Biometrics report

    Congratulations!! It's reassuring to see such good results. Keep up the good work.
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    I do love legumes, specially because I think it would be nice to eat less animal products. You know, the killing and all that. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I do eat meat and fish and eggs on a regular basis, but I would like to increase the proportion of vegetables as much as possible without giving up on health nor taste. Also legumes are easy to cook, but take a bit of planning. For the soaking. I don't think I've eaten any peanuts recently, it's something that I did not even care to test because I hardly ever eat them. Gluten and sugar though, that's my battle too! Before my Whole30 I would have said my inmediate problem was sugar, but now I've come to realize that other things (such as bread) may be a bad influence because it leads me to grazing.
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    I'm not one to share... but I'm on day 18 and I feel terrible. I keep waiting for the "Tiger Blood" but it hasn't happened yet. My body aches my joints are so sore- which is the reason I started Whole30. I'm on the verge of tears. Any advice? The only positive... is I am very dedicated, even with how terrible I feel, I will complete this! Please help! Meri
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    Hi, @Mary St! Yes! On the forum, there is a section called "Your Whole30 Log" under the COMMUNITY tab on which you can do exactly that:) Scroll on through what's been logged there to get an idea. Yay, yes! It's so nice to have people--like your brother--who can relate. Check in with us anytime as well! take care, ~mae
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    You had the body aches and joint soreness before you started? Is it worse, or just about the same? Is there something you're eating now you didn't eat before, or that you ate occasionally before but are eating a lot more of now? Maybe there's something that is whole30 compliant that just doesn't work for you. For instance, eggs or nightshade vegetables cause pain like this for some people, especially in large quantities, and many people find they consume a lot more of them on whole30 than when they're not. Are you keeping a food diary? Do you notice that it's better or worse on certain days, and can you see any pattern in foods you eat or don't eat on those days? Is it possible it's not food-related at all? Like, if you live somewhere that in the last 18 days has gotten colder, do you think maybe the joint pain is worse due to cold? Or maybe you've been more or less active, and that's affecting your pain levels?
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    Mary St

    Homemade mayo.... safe?

    Thanks Maw, that makes me feel better about the mayo. I'm going to try it Sunday when I start the program!
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    Hi Mae, thanks for the message. Yes, first time through. My brother recently completed his first Whole30 - loved it. I'll be touching base with him and he'll be around through the holidays, too. That should help. You mentioned "keeping a log of your journey" - is that something I can do on the forum? Thanks!
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    Hi, @Mary St! Welcome! Is this your first round of Whole30? You sound super excited, which is awesome! As I am sure you can imagine, staying compliant during the holiday season can be a bit of a challenge (especially if there are family gatherings involved--which can result in pressure!), so I say to you: Prep, prep, prep! And be sure you have a support system, i.e., accountability partner, husband, etc. Shout out if you have any questions or whatever comes up! Will you be keeping a log of your journey? take care, ~mae
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    I think Settyfitness was asking about how many days per week you're working out and how much time you want to put into the gym....if you're doing 4-6 days, no problem with doing split body routines. If you're talking more like 2-3 times per week, your time might be better spent with a full body routine.
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    I get that, I do. But one thing I did not count on... IS ALL THE MONEY I'VE SAVED!! I was online paying bills lately and I was rolling in cash!!! I was afraid I'd forgotten to pay something important so I started to look through trends from the past few months v. earlier in the year and I'm spending much, much less on food. I'm eating MORE, eating better, feeling better, losing weight very slowly and saving money. It's phenomenal. I also spend more time standing up and moving around the kitchen either in prep, cooking or clean-up instead of spending that time being sedentary looking at a screen. For me personally, I haven't missed a single thing by reducing screen time. I'm still mostly W30 except for sauces/condiments, breakfast meats, and wine. OK, and the occasional REAL dessert. But when I find myself slipping back into old habits, I take a W30 "break" for 4 - 5 days and go back 100%. That's usually enough to make me behave again.
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    Prairie Dawn

    My favorite NSV

    Oh man, I love this NSV! I'm also 34 and have done a whole30 before and this was the major thing that I noticed - not only did my face clear up, but the ever-present breakouts on my BACK cleared up, which I'd basically resigned myself to having forever! Looking forward to this hopefully happening again, I start my next round on September 2! Thanks for sharing I love how you mention treating your body with respect, too.
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    A skeptic is convinced!

    My doctor asked me to do a Whole30 to try to solve a number of health concerns. I work in the food industry and was highly skeptical of a diet that eliminates whole grains and legumes. But I have tried so many diets and techniques and I kept gaining weight and suffering from migraines, so I agreed to do this. Today is my last day and I just got off the scale - down 14 pounds! And I haven’t had a migraine in 30 days, after having them weekly for the past two years. I miss legumes but I also wonder if they contribute to my health issues. I will pay special attention to this food group on reintroduction. Today I will savor the happiness and health I am feeling. I can’t wait to go back to my doctor and talk about what’s next. I have a feeling there will be more Whole30s in my future, and I’m totally ok with that!
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    Delectable!!! First time I have tried sliced radishes before....thanks whole30!
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    Back Acne

    Completed Whole 30 in March and have stuck to the program 90% of April one of the biggest changes I noticed..for years I have horrible ugly back acne this week I noticed that it has completely cleared up. I can now feel just a little less self conscious in a swimsuit this summer
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    Tired after sugar

    I'm not sure specifically why this happens but my guess is that because your body isn't used to processing that amount of added sugars anymore, it has to ramp up the systems to do so. Or maybe that happens to everyone but after Whole30 we realize how much energy we have and the people that are using sugar for energy are using it over and over for short term spikes which create deep drops afterwards.
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    Fed Up!

    Watch the trailer of this compelling documentary on sugar, the fast food industry and a compelling reason to keep going with our Whole30.