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  1. That's alright! Thanks for your reply. I don't mind. I think it might have been the CAPTCHA. At least now I know for sure coffee is good
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  2. AmyRose

    Start Date May 24th!

    Are you feeling any better today, Brocha? I’m hoping all that heaviness will pass for you and the real whole 30 magic will start to kick in. You can always eat less at a meal, although that’s pretty hard for me to teach myself. It really is a struggle sometimes to remember that I don’t need as much as I think I do. My boss took the whole office out to lunch today to celebrate someone’s birthday. I was kind of disappointed, because I had packed a fabulous salad with taco meat that I made last night. But then we got to the restaurant, and I ordered a phenomenal chopped salad with shrimp!
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