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  1. Carie Skeahan

    Seattle Whole 30 places

    I searched and found this thread for you. I hope it helps. http://forum.whole9l...__fromsearch__1
  2. Carie Skeahan

    pre-workout foods?

    For pre-WOD, the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop Packet says to include a small amount of protein (1/2 a meal size or smaller), and (optionally) a small amount of fat (1/2 a meal size or smaller). Do not add fruit or carb-dense veggies to your pre-workout snack. It specifically says if you train first thing in the morning, something is better than nothing. For post-WOD, try a meal sized easily digestible protein, up to a fist-sized portion of carb-dense veggies and little to no fat. Do not use fruit as your primary post-workout carb source, but rather choose sweet potato or yams or squash or pumpkin or beets. Your post-workout meal is a bonus meal and should not replace breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is designed to help you recover from a high intensity workout. I hope this helps.
  3. Carie Skeahan

    pre-workout foods?

    I workout in the afternoon so I usually eat some leftover protein from lunch and some avocado or some olives or salad with olive oil. It does not have to be much…just a little something and make sure it is protein and fat. Hope this helps.