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  1. Carie Skeahan

    Seattle Whole 30 places

    I searched and found this thread for you. I hope it helps. http://forum.whole9l...__fromsearch__1
  2. Carie Skeahan

    pre-workout foods?

    For pre-WOD, the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop Packet says to include a small amount of protein (1/2 a meal size or smaller), and (optionally) a small amount of fat (1/2 a meal size or smaller). Do not add fruit or carb-dense veggies to your pre-workout snack. It specifically says if you train first thing in the morning, something is better than nothing. For post-WOD, try a meal sized easily digestible protein, up to a fist-sized portion of carb-dense veggies and little to no fat. Do not use fruit as your primary post-workout carb source, but rather choose sweet potato or yams or squash or pumpkin or beets. Your post-workout meal is a bonus meal and should not replace breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is designed to help you recover from a high intensity workout. I hope this helps.
  3. Carie Skeahan

    pre-workout foods?

    I workout in the afternoon so I usually eat some leftover protein from lunch and some avocado or some olives or salad with olive oil. It does not have to be much…just a little something and make sure it is protein and fat. Hope this helps.
  4. Carie Skeahan

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    I have noticed something since this forum started…I am darn lucky to live where I do. We have a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, New Seasons and/or random natural foods stores on practically every corner. Not to mention the farmers markets. I can honestly say I have never, since Whole9/30 came into my life, have had the need for “emergency†fast food. With that said, here are some of the “fast foods†that that have helped me out… Trader Joes has bags of hard boiled eggs as well as various veggies you can pop in the microwave right in the bag. My break room has cinnamon, salt and pepper. Add and avocado and you have protein, carbs and fat covered. Whole Foods has an awesome salad bar, but their salad dressings are all canola and/or some type of vegetable oil blend. Carry your own stash of olive oil and you are good to go. They also have a burger bar. Ask them to make you a burger w/o greasing up the grill. Again, carbs, protein and fat…done. New Seasons, same as above. They have a pretty good salad bar and you can ask for grilled chicken w/o them greasing up the grill. New Seasons also has decent deli meats (ask to see ingredients, they will be happy to show you). Grab an avocado and an apple from the produce section. Slice the avocado into strips and wrap slices of turkey around each avocado slice. Yummy! My go to restaurant is usually Stanford's. They have a really good steak cob salad. Minus the cheese, croutons and giant piece of cheesy bread. Bring your own balsamic dressing, add extra egg. I hope this helps…just some ideas. Fast food does not have to be fast food.