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  1. Canadians doing Whole30

    Hi All- I'm on day 8 here and doing fine. My goal this week is 3 hours of exercise and I earned 1.5 of those cross country skiing yesterday! Came home and whipped up the Sausage, Potato and Kale Soup from the new Whole30 cookbook. It is delicious! I used Jamie Oliver sausages from Sobeys to save some time. How is everyone else doing? What was your favourite meal last week?
  2. Canadians doing Whole30

    I had to do the same thing during my 2nd round of whole30. I think there were some atmospheric influences at play making it an even more oppressive headache. It was so awful I couldn't even think straight. Once I took the advil I was back to feeling okay. I'm glad you evaluated your needs and did what was best for you. Whole30 isn't always fun, but it shouldn't be painful. Awesome work hitting the gym so much! Is that something you did prior to Whole30?
  3. Canadians doing Whole30

    Hi! Glad to have you here! I'd say for success do just what Kruddock says...follow both the rules and regulations of Whole30 and you'll do fine. Focus on the food, and your Non Scale Victories (not weight loss) and you'll do great!
  4. Canadians doing Whole30

    The list was and is fantastic. It is posted over on my journal thread and was updated this morning. Link--> It has all sorts of 'ingredient' type items, like tomatoes, mustard, etc, and not just convenience foods. I make pretty much everything from scratch other than a few convenience items here and there. About Bacon- I have been purchasing pork belly at a local health food store, slicing thin and frying that up in ghee. It is a special treat and I think is better than bacon! It becomes crispy in the ghee, but soggy in olive oil.
  5. Canadians doing Whole30

    Yum! Shepherds pie sounds perfect. We had an ice storm here last night. I wanted to stay home and be cozy, but it was my first day back at work. Packing lunches is a lot of work and I miss sitting down at a table with proper plates and cutlery. How has your week been? Any challenges?
  6. Canadians doing Whole30

    I've added these to the list! Thank you!
  7. Canadians doing Whole30

    Hi! I'm starting in January 2nd. This will be my 3rd whole 30. I'm still in Christmas mode here but with the new year comes the urge to organize and plan!
  8. Best Tasting Light Olive Oils?

    I'm sticking to this one. It has never let me down. (Sorry, I don't know how to make the photo smaller)
  9. Coconut milk intolerance

    Are all nuts considered to be high FODMAP? I'm trying to determine how Cashews vs Almonds impact me.
  10. Sorta Pizza Crust, Sorta Cauli Tortilla Shell

    Thanks for elaborating Shannon. You're right, I think individual introspection is an important part of a Whole30. We have to examine our motives and food history and make the right choices for our Whole30 (while following the rules & regulations of course).
  11. Sorta Pizza Crust, Sorta Cauli Tortilla Shell

    I absolutely respect your opinion ladyshanny... but realistically the item in question is no different than the item Tom and another moderator gave a pass to here: I think if this lady had baked her recipe in a casserole dish or just left it flat, it would be getting a thumbs up right now.
  12. One Year Post Whole30, Finally Using my Findings

    This is absolutely a 'success story' in my opinion. Bravo for going through the process of self discovery and sticking to your findings!
  13. Canadians doing Whole30

    Hi All, I'm in New Brunswick and finished my first round on October 4th! Right now I'm in the process of putting together a list of compliant products that you can buy in Canada (not necessarily from Canadian manufacturers though). This all started when the Whole30 facebook page asked us Canadians for suggestions. Eventually they posted a blog post for us but quite honestly (and this may be my personal opinion) it fell short. Now I'm a girl on a mission. So please tell me what name brands do you buy for Whole30 that fit into the following categories : Protein, Nuts & Seeds, Healthy Fats, Condiments, Canned Goods, Produce? Thanks!
  14. Can I have birch water?

    What about these? No added sugar and less natural sugar than coconut water. I know 'sap' is out as it is a sneaky sugar but for some reason this seems to confuse me.
  15. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Day 22- Got a bit dehydrated over the weekend while travelling. It really made me feel yecky all over. I feel very accomplished (NSV) as I just spent the weekend at something called the Common Ground Fair in Maine. I was surrounded by well prepared, organic, flavourful food all weekend. There were no slips, cheats or excuses!!And to think I was originally going to give myself a free pass for this weekend. (before i actually read the books)