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  1. azhikinggal

    Older women following Whole30

    I am thinking about going back on it as well, as the snacking has gotten out of control again. I am 56 and run two small businesses. During my Whole30 I realized I am sensitive to dairy, gluten (which I knew gave me migraines) and surprisingly Nightshade Vegetables, but I have all of these lately and I've been suffering & know better :-(
  2. azhikinggal

    Older women following Whole30

    Thanks for the tips. I am mostly Vegan, with just adding eggs here and there, so no fish oil for me or any other animals. But I do like the other tips. I will incorporate them in my food choices
  3. azhikinggal

    Older women following Whole30

    I just turned 56 and I am on Day 3 Today was hard, as I really miss my Soy Lattes and I am trying to go thru menopause naturally and I can't tell you how bad I want to grab a popsicle, from the freezer, when I am having a Hot flash :-( I have a lot of food sensitivity, so I know this is what I need to do, but no support as family just tells me I am crazy for going on this.
  4. Garden of Life has an excellent Vegan Raw Protein Powder
  5. I am on Day 2, as a Veg/Vegan, I did an omelette these last two days for breakfast and it was way too many eggs. So, I might just do grilled veggies with Sprouted Tofu. Fruits and vegetables have Amino acids in them, which makes protein. I am a Vegetarian by choice. I will not eat animal carcasses for any reason. My doctor approves this way of life & giving up on Dairy is a good thing for me, as it does upset my tummy + I hate how the dairy industry treats the cows. Please do not bash me for my choices, as I don't bash meat-eaters for theirs.