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  1. One time I tried a whole30 and in the middle of it was Mother’s Day. Well I was in an Italian restaurant with my family and I decide to eat the pasta and drink the vino. It was wonderful. The next day I started over and did 30 days and I learned that it took me 45 days to get rid of the pain in my joints. So I consider that a victory !! You can do this!
  2. Rebecca001 - I use to love running in the winter, especially if there is a light snow falling. It is so peaceful,,..Yes another Friday with no vino-WE CAN DO THIS!
  3. I really don’t eat a pre snack because usually I am on the treadmill after dinner. I was thinking about having something to eat afterwards because I am so hungry when I wake up in the morning. If I lose anymore weight then I tend to get a cold or strep so I am just being really cautious because I do work in a school full time with kids. BTW- I had the driving anxiety happen to me too so I would go out on a Sunday morning and drive by myself on the highways just to get back on the road. Thanks for the advise.
  4. Hi there- I have never done 100 days- I don’t think I can go 100 days without wine! with that being said once I went 45 days and it really made a difference with my inflammation in my hands. I can understand how sugar can creep up- Are you eating it too much or are you striving for perfection ? When I tried to be “too good” is when I would plunge head first into junk food. I hope day 14 is awesome.
  5. Hello everyone, my last 4 days have been rough with gassy beans and feeling so starved. As far as the LaraBars are concerned, I sometimes use it to bring up my blood sugar because I am hungry. Yes, I eat a lot but I think I have a high metabolism, plus I don’t want to lose anymore weight. All of the runners- Rebecca, and Lorna do you have issues like that? I walk fast on the treadmill and do some weights for my arms, and I can’t imagine running miles on this program. (I use to be a runner, but my knees get too sore now, so I am jealous of runners. ) Lorna-Congrats on your b
  6. Are there easy dressings and sauces that you recommend? I hate to spend too much money on the remade stuff.
  7. I really enjoyed everyone’s post and the camaraderie. I think because I am alone in this journey that this forum helps. I have been feeling sorry for myself because I made some split pea soup and I got soooo gassy and bloated and it just reinforced the need to figure out why this happens with many foods. Also I was on antibiotics 2 times in the past 8 months and I wonder if that really messed up my gut. Like a lot of people I wanted my wine Friday after being back at work full time. I am at one of the few schools that has in person learning, full time. It can be stressful to
  8. BTW- I like to weigh myself everyday so it is hard not to step on that scale! That being said I can’t wait to see if I lost inches in my waist - I am assuming yes because I can already wear pants that were too tight before.
  9. I think the food in the States is horrible with all of the chemicals, preservatives etc. I work in a school and you would cry if you see what these kids eat. Anyways I or my husband cooks a lot more as a result. Have a great day! have
  10. Rebecca - can you still order carry out ( not sure how the Brits say it) from a restaurant ? We do it sometimes but I am trying to save money. Robin- I am glad to hear the cauliflower rice tastes good!
  11. Well here I am and it is Day 6. So far so good. I did go to chipotle for my daughter and they are now advertising Whole30 burrito bowls! They now have cauliflower rice. I may try it next time I go there.
  12. So is this the place to be? I would love to join this thread, if you are up for it. I am a little late to the party, but I started the program on Jan. 1 so I am 6 days in. I am still a little bloated but hanging in there. I have done this before, and i find the reintroduction the hardest part because I am bored with my cooking after 30 days, but since I, or anyone else , don’t have a social life, I find this Whole30 easier. (I won’t be tempted with wine or non-complicated food). So keep going everyone! .
  13. Good to know about the postings. I too started I. Jan. 1 and things are so far so good. I am already bored of my food so I think I am going to try some compliant dressings. Just to make it easy on me. How is everyone else doing?
  14. So how are things going? My stomach bloat has decreased somewhat and that is NSV for me! I did prep some chili and soup over the weekend and I am going to freeze a few portions so I am always prepared. My husband still hasn’t figured out what I can eat so I told him I would just post it on the fridge. He did try my sweet potato chili which he said he liked.
  15. I thought the same thing about lack of people posting. I started today and I do enjoy the camaraderie. What day are you on? Hopefully you chose to dive right in anyways and I hope you are doing well.