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  1. 50andstillhere

    w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020

    Well I am excited that we are down to 7 more days. I am still deciding what to introduce first - I feel that if i have glass of wine, this would be a cop out..So I am thinking of introducing either rice or beans. I know I have lost weight, and I can't lose anymore. I am home sick with a cold, due to sick co-workers. I have found that if lose too much weight i am more likely to get sick, so i am trying really hard to eat a lot! I am still compliant, but i have to say meat doesn't sound that great. I will have to switch to fish etc. Has anyone else found they are more likely to get sick doing this program? I don't blame the program, I am just trying to eat enough. My areas to concentrate on is more just more food - I follow the fat, protein, veggie model.
  2. 50andstillhere

    Still hanging in there....

    Just wondering what this L. Hop Refreshers is made from? My go to drink is compliant Kombucha. Yesterday I was having a bad day and really wanted chocolate. I have come to realize that i use sweets as a crutch-more than i realized! I had some almond butter instead. Not good to eat it while under stress, but i will have to work on that issue.
  3. 50andstillhere

    Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!

    The pot roast sounds great. I already made one batch of pumpkin soup, it is so filling i may make it again this weekend. I am going out to dinner, which i find can be hard to be compliant, but I when in doubt, chicken on salad. Everyone have a great weekend!
  4. 50andstillhere

    Day 10 and feeling great!

    how do you make the "almond creamer?"
  5. 50andstillhere

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    I like all of your pictures of your meals! I wish mine looked so good. I have been eating a lot of compliant grass fed hot dogs from Whole Foods, plus fish. My shoulder is killing me too, probably from sleeping in my side, so tonight I will lean back and sleep in a lazy boy chair!
  6. 50andstillhere

    Whole30 (possibly Whole50) round 2!

    Nice job with your pictures !
  7. 50andstillhere

    Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!

    Wednesday night and just wondering is everyone is doing. I finally made soup and that has really helped with hunger and getting more veggies in me. My joints are really pretty sore, and I am somewhat surprised since I have been eating so cleanly. One positive is my belly is shrinking. I hope everyone is doing well.
  8. 50andstillhere

    Whole30 (possibly Whole50) round 2!

    So do you make your own bone broth? I have done it but it never "gels" like the recipe says it should. I figure, that it probably is still good for me.
  9. 50andstillhere

    Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!

    Are you feeling any better C_Cezeaux? Hopefully with extra veggies, and chicken broth you will get better quickly. Well we made it to Saturday and i really need to prep tomorrow because I am eating the same things all the time and getting bored. Thanks for the recipe links BeckyB because I will try them tomorrow.
  10. I like the advice from both posts. Thanks!
  11. I think it is hard to go out with friends and not have a glass of wine- which is what I will be doing tonight. Nobody in the group cares , but I enjoy the vino. I guess tea will do!
  12. 50andstillhere

    Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!

    So far day 1 is going well. However, my resolve will be tested this week when i go to my favorite italian restaurant tomorrow (no wine, no pasta!) Then the next day, no garlic fries. But, I will be with friends and family, so that is the most important thing to me. Cheers to day 1!
  13. 50andstillhere

    Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!

    Hi Ann and Becky, this is Lynn. I, too, have done a few whole 30's but i am in need of a clean slate. I have arthritis in my hands, which is getting worse with the foods that i eat. The hard thing is giving up dairy and wine, but since my gut is getting bigger and bigger, I am motivated. I look forward to encouragement from everyone. I am not even prepped and Becky is doing so well with her prep. Tomorrow I am off to Whole foods to get ready for this.