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  1. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    It sounds like everyone is doing a good job reintroducing food groups. Here is my question - if I experience gas with dairy isnit also a sign that it is doing more damage inside me, other than just the gas. (Sorry about being so graphic )? also- I know that cheddar cheese doesn't ageee with me does that mean all cheeses are off limits? I have arthritis in my hands it has improved but not gone 100%..
  2. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi everyone- major mistake- I decided to make split pea with ham soup! I was so tired of my pumpkin soup. After I ate it I had this nagging feeling that split peas aren't compliant (along with a bloated stomach ) so after searching, I found my answer! I have to say that I am so disappointed that I made this mistake. i will have to decide what to do next. I was feeling so strong to do my introductions properly this time! Everyone - remain strong the end is near.
  3. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Wow-that is great being able to do this without snacking. I think my afternoon snack is a "stress realiever " for me. Day 18- I love everyone' s success stories. My husband would never do this with me, nor my kids. That is why I rely on this forum.
  4. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    My system is still bloated! This has never happened before for this long on a whole30. I do think I am eating too many nuts so I am cutting back. It is so hot here that it is causing my appetite to disappear.
  5. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    There has been no tiger blood for me yet. I am still feeling bloated and tired and bored with my food already so I will have to make something new this weekend. I knew knew when I started his whole 30that I wouldn't be compliant last night. I met an old friend and we made plans a month ago. I had 2 glasses of wine. The good news is that my stomach was ok . Of course I will have start again, so this is my new day 1. After reading everyone's post , now I realize how weak I sound! I appreciate everyone's strength - so thanks to all.
  6. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi Megt- I use to run marathons when I was a lot younger. 30 years ago people who ran marathons never took goop or any other food/ substance during a race (except water ) I would not be surprised that you can run without it. Give it a go!
  7. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Kimbucha is compliant as long as sugar isn't listed. There is a whole discuss from Melissa on the forum. Tough night and morning with a lot of gas! All night and this morning. Never happened before with the program. Hopefully i will have a better day!
  8. 50andstillhere

    Starting tomorrow, 9/11

    Sweet potatos are my best friends during the whole 30. I try not to eat too many white potatoes since it is a nightshade. Good of luck to everyone !!
  9. 50andstillhere

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    This looks like an awesome thread. I would love to join in. I have done this before and sometimes unmake it to the end and other times I cave! No wine and cheese is super hard for me. My joints are achy so I want to fine tune what works for me. Good luck everyone. I have a senior in high school and 2 in college and this a stressful time for me! Good luck to all.
  10. That is such wonderful news!! I wish that you have a healthy pregnancy and keep on living a healthy life!! (I have 3 kids - cherish every moment because now 2 are in college and my last is officially a senior-it goes by so fast. )
  11. That is great that you figured it out! I now know that too many eggs in a row and the night shade veggies give me problems ! Have a great Memorial Day !
  12. Hi there - I too have been checking to see if anyone is posting and I miss the positive feedback. My reintrodctions were interesting this time around. It seems that I tolerate beans ok and some dairy, but I are out in a restaurant - cheese cake factory and had a horrible stomach ache. I am not sure if it was due to the salad dressing or blue cheese. On the other hand I ate at very upscale Italian restaurant and had fried calamari and I had no problems. I think for me it depends on the quality of food. I am still trying to avoid gluten but I am eating some carbs like rice. Keep posting!!
  13. I am doing the fast track introductions. That way I know in advance what I can and can't eat in public.
  14. So if I get a little gassy with black beans, does that mean I shouldn't eat them because perhaps they are having an negative effect ? It wasn't horrible, just a little .
  15. 50andstillhere

    April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Last day!! On to the reintroductions. Like I said earlier I am looking forward to trying legumes! Hopefully hummus agrees with me.