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  1. Well hello everyone and today it is Feb. 1. I am going to continue with a modified version of Whole30 but I will definitely do this reintroduction properly. I, of course, had to weigh myself and measure my waist. So I did lose some inches, which is great, now is the time to rely on working out so I can get toned up.  I don’t want to lose anymore weight so I have the added bonus of just eating til I am full. With that being said, the thing I really learned is that nightshade veggies affect me and rotating food is so important.  I think that for me it is unrealistic to think that I will never have a white potato again or eggplant or even tomatoes for the rest of my life. I will have to figure out just how often I can safely eat those wonderful veggies.  Good luck to everyone! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and it really helped me to stay on course.


    Cheers to everyone around the world!!

  2. @Rebecca001- I love the British slang! (Rubbish, boilers, bung) I live in the Midwest and I don’t mind the snow. I am have been walking outside but it is too icy to run on the streets right now.  I am going to weigh myself and measure my waist on the 31st. I am going to extend this for another 2 weeks because I had a horrible reaction to spaghetti sauce- and I am Italian!! (Gassy, bathroom issues, etc.) So because I have arthritis, I have decided to elimInate  white potatoes because, I have been eating them  a lot during this whole30.


    Like @Becs and @Lorna, I too am a food snob, but I love going to restaurants just to get out of the house and have fun with friends. (I try to order the healthiest item, but that can be hard.)

    Good luck Becs- you don’t need to eat chips to handle stress because you have different ways to cope.

    Hopefully I will read your posts on the“ reintroduction Threads” because they are very inspiring.

  3. I am Italian so it would be really hard to give up all cheese! The hardest would be to give up Romano cheese. That being said my nose is not clogged anymore during this! Also I know wheat can clog the nose too so I am really smelling better! 

  4. Saiee- you can also bring beef jerky or son to you feel up on some protein. Don’t waive you’ve got this! I hope all goes well with your lab work and test results. 

    I met with my nutritionist and she recommended that I continue whole30 longer. So I will do this for sure, until Feb 13th. I have too much inflammation still in my hands. :(  is everyone goes to the maintenance thread I will probably go there as well since I like all of our positive yet real posts. Is anyone else doing an extension? 
    ps- I am totally bored with my cooking!!

    pss- I will drink some vino on Valentines Day!

  5. On 1/22/2021 at 12:57 PM, Rebecca001 said:

    So I’m sat under a blanket, watching trashy tv, and this is my menu for the week ahead. I’m going to batch cook and freeze the meatballs and chicken for lunches and the ratatouille pots- I saw them online, you make them and freeze in a tub in individual portions, then thaw them out when you need them and before you heat in the microwave you make a little well and poach an egg in there. Thought they sounded fun. I am also going to count my veg portions again as the first week I ate 50+ portions but the last two weeks I’ve not had nearly enough. 


    So organized - I love it!

  6. I had this horrible problem when I ate my Lara bar that had just dates and cashews. I find that the sugar from the dates was affecting me along with my small box or raisins. Keep eating the veggies, fat and protein and drink a lot of water. I would also avoid sugary fruit like dates, prunes, raisins, pineapple,  and mangoes. I would just stick with berries and green apples if you really need something sweet. Good luck!! I know it isn’t pleasant.

  7. One time I tried a whole30 and in the middle of it was Mother’s Day. Well I was in an Italian restaurant with my family and I decide to eat the pasta and drink the vino. It was wonderful. The next day I started over and did 30 days and I learned that it took me 45 days to get rid of the pain in my joints. So I consider that a victory !! You can do this!

  8. 7 hours ago, Rebecca001 said:

    @50andstillhere I just realised I didn’t exactly answer your question!! Personally from what you’ve said, I would eat more protein than those bars. I’ve never used those raw type bars because that puréed fruit is basically sugar in a different guise. But if you’re feeling low blood sugar (unless you’re diabetic, that’s different) you probably need to eat more generally by increasing your calories at meals. (if you’ve genuinely got low blood sugar you need glucose not fructose, fructose doesn’t raise your blood sugars) 

    Do you do the pre/post workout snacks? They are largely protein based, not carbs and may work better for you? 

    I really don’t eat a pre snack because usually I am on the treadmill after dinner. I was thinking about having something to eat afterwards because I am so hungry when I wake up in the morning. If I lose anymore weight then I tend to get a cold or strep so I am just being really cautious because I do work in a school full time with kids. BTW- I had the driving anxiety happen to me too so I would go out on a Sunday morning and drive by myself on the highways just to get back on the road. Thanks for the advise. 

  9. Hi there- I have never done 100 days- I don’t think I can go 100 days without wine! with that being said once I went 45 days and it really made a difference with my inflammation in my hands. I can understand how sugar can creep up- Are you eating it too much or are you striving for perfection ? When I tried to be “too good” is when I would plunge head first into junk food. I hope day 14 is awesome.



  10. Hello everyone, my last 4 days have been rough with gassy beans :( and feeling so starved. As far as the LaraBars are concerned, I sometimes use it to bring up my blood sugar because I am hungry. Yes, I eat a lot but I think I have a high metabolism, plus I don’t want to lose anymore weight.

     All of the runners- Rebecca, and Lorna do you have issues like that? I walk fast on the treadmill and do some weights for my arms, and I can’t imagine running miles on this program. (I use to be a runner, but my knees get too sore now, so I am jealous of runners. :) )


    Lorna-Congrats on your beach house- that is so exciting!!

  11. I really enjoyed everyone’s post and the camaraderie. I think because I am alone in this journey that this forum helps.


    I have been feeling sorry for myself because I made some split pea soup and I got soooo gassy and bloated and it just reinforced the need to figure out why this happens with many foods. Also I was on antibiotics 2 times in the past 8 months and I wonder if that really messed up my gut. 

    Like a lot of people I wanted my wine Friday after being back at work full time. I am at one of the few schools that has in person learning, full time.  It can be stressful to say the least. Anyways due to lack of sleep and stress I have a little cold  which annoyed me.  So now I am just going to bed early and relaxing. Hopefully I will feel like getting back on the threadmill soon.  Here’s to a wonderful weekend.



  12. I think the food in the States is horrible with all of the chemicals, preservatives etc. I work in a school and you would cry if you see what these kids eat. Anyways I or my husband cooks a lot more as a result. Have a great day!


  13. So is this the place to be?  :) I would love to join this thread, if you are up for it. I am a little late to the party, but I started the program on Jan. 1 so I am 6 days in. I am still a little bloated but hanging in there. I have done this before, and i find the reintroduction the hardest part because I am bored with my cooking after 30 days, but since I, or anyone else , don’t have a social life, I find this Whole30 easier. (I won’t be tempted with wine or non-complicated food). So keep going everyone!