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    I love that you are talking about this with your daughter. It hit me pretty hard last year after listening to Melissa Urban's Do the Thing Podcast where she interviewed Holly Whitaker. They talked about creating a life you don't want to escape from, and I was like "no way, that's not what I do". But then I started to realize it was exactly what I was doing - like when my patience ran thin with the kids or when I felt mom-guilt for something I did or didn't do: I just wanted a glass of wine so I didn't have to deal with the issues. And then I started noticing how often that sentiment shows up, this huge cliche of moms needing wine.  I heard that podcast before I did my first Whole30 and that's one of the things that really stuck afterwards - not that I don't drink anymore, but now it's only when I really want to, not because I feel like I deserve it because the kids were on my nerves.
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    Nice job with your pictures ! 
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    I like all of your pictures of your meals! I wish mine looked so good. I have been eating a lot of compliant grass fed hot dogs from Whole Foods, plus fish. My shoulder is killing me too, probably from sleeping in my side, so tonight I will lean back and sleep in a lazy boy chair!
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    Are you feeling any better C_Cezeaux? Hopefully with extra veggies, and chicken broth you will get better quickly.  Well we made it to Saturday and i really need to prep tomorrow because I am eating the same things all the time and getting bored.  Thanks for the recipe links BeckyB because I will try them tomorrow.
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    I think it is hard to go out with friends and not have a glass of wine- which is what I will be doing tonight. Nobody in the group cares , but I enjoy the vino.  I guess tea will do!
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    So far day 1 is going well. However, my resolve will be tested this week when i go to my favorite italian restaurant tomorrow (no wine, no pasta!) Then the next day, no garlic fries.  But, I will be with friends and family, so that is the most important thing to me.  Cheers to day 1!
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    Hi Ann and Becky, this is Lynn. I, too, have done a few whole 30's but i am in need of a clean slate. I have arthritis in my hands, which is getting worse with the foods that i eat.  The hard thing is giving up dairy and wine, but since my gut is getting bigger and bigger, I am motivated.  I look forward to encouragement from everyone.  I am not even prepped and Becky is doing so well with her prep.  Tomorrow I am off to Whole foods to get ready for this.