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    50andstillhere reacted to christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I would say you need to eat, and probably more fat, you shouldn’t be hungry. Your body will naturally adjust. My lunches are probably half the size from my first week. It’s hard not to worry about the calories in an entire avocado, but in the beginning days I just eat, the cravings are bad enough without having to worry about portions. Do you have the Whole30 book? The chapter called “Your whole30 plate” is helpful. Olives are good to add to salad or on their own too! 
    It’s half-time! Woot woot! Still looking for Tiger Blood.......
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    50andstillhere reacted to Saiee in January 1st Start Date!   
    I have been doing ok.  Poaching eggs or making scrambled eggs using olive oil, black pepper, and paprika. And ground beef patties with spicy brown mustard.   In the evening usually grilled chicken breast and green beans. 
    Also am doing crockpot soup, diced cabbage, shredded red cabbage, shredded carrots, diced yams (instead of russets), sliced mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower florets and ground beef then spices. 
    I do have one question, I thought we couldn't have spaghetti or sausage? 
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    50andstillhere reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    @Lorna from Canada funny you say that about anxiety; one of the things I noticed after doing my first W30 was that I didn’t feel anxious driving anymore. I used to get terrible anxiety on fast roads and I’d be gripping the wheel til my knuckles were white, and then one day noticed I just wasn’t doing it anymore. Now I don’t drive anywhere fast due to Lockdown! 
    @50andstillhereThe reason I started doing this was because of running. Previously I had done LCHF and lost a fair amount of weight, but as my running increased, I couldn’t sustain it. I would end up bingeing and I felt really down; I was in a spiral of eating/running/eating and I couldn’t run as fast as I could eat! this appealed to me because I could eat if I needed to. It felt like the jigsaw pieces finally slotted together and over the last 6 months I have maintained my lowest ever weight and also got very lean/toned so something must be going right; all without constantly ‘dieting’. Eating real food! Who knew?? 
    The thing I find hard is the pre/post snack. I run fairly long distances and often run fasted. The problem is that running makes you hungry (HUNGRY!!!) but not always when you think it will, but it also suppresses appetite in the short time after, so cramming down a tin of fish after running 10 miles was not nice. Plus I run 5x a week, and do 2 quite intense classes- I do not need 14 additional ‘meals’, sometimes 4 on one day!- and I could never quite get it right. The act of Running is surprisingly poor at calorie burning, especially if you are fit because our bodies adapt so well to it; however regular running builds big muscles (glutes, hamstrings, quads- these are huge muscles, the size of a good side of ham!!) and these require a lot of calories just to exist and protein to repair them, just not immediately- more of an ‘afterglow’ effect 
    so what I do now is ‘bank it’ as in I know I need additional food if I’ve run a lot, but not necessarily in that tiny window. I will allow myself a pm snack if I’ve run that day. Or mid afternoon I’ll have something if I ran in the morning. Or sometimes I just feel like the stuffings been knocked out of me and I’ll look back over my miles and my food and think ‘yeah you need to EAT’ and choose something deliciously calorific (almond butter and apple slices? ) and have it. I know that’s not technically the w30 way but it works for me. I think you have to know your own body and your limitations. 
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    OMG the Sugar Dragon came after me yesterday! Around 6pm until bedtime I wanted to lose my mind! First wanted wine, hard seltzer, anything with booze. Luckily I don’t eat a lot of fruit so I didn’t have anything to attack. Also did a no-no, looked to find a Lara Bar in my stash of protein bars that are off-limits. Fortunately, I didn’t have a compliant one. So I decided to make a cup of tea and looked at the packet of lemon ginger and it said soy lecithin (really?) so I picked another brand of lemon ginger I had and also ate 1/2 can of black olives. Slept well...and cheers to Day 11! Whew! 
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    As requested - Buffalo wing cauli is super easy (I know this for a fact because Hubs makes it and he is no cook)
    Cauliflower florets - I like them smallish - 2-3 cm/1 in in diameter approximately.
    Drench thoroughly in beaten egg (nothing added)
    Drench again in almond flour seasoned to taste with garlic, onion and chili powder. We have tried other gluten-free flour blends but almond flour is hands down the best for this
    Spritz with avocado oil and get them into an air fryer. Depends on the AF but ours takes about 15-20 minutes at 400F
    Dipping sauce:
    Homemade mayo laced with compliant hot sauce, lemon juice and chopped cilantro to taste (my homemade mayo is just egg and oil - no acid so you ay ot need lemon juice)
    That's it. 
    Oh - and here's a photo to get you motivated (I, like I said, prefer the smaller florets at the back):

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    50andstillhere got a reaction from christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I really enjoyed everyone’s post and the camaraderie. I think because I am alone in this journey that this forum helps.
    I have been feeling sorry for myself because I made some split pea soup and I got soooo gassy and bloated and it just reinforced the need to figure out why this happens with many foods. Also I was on antibiotics 2 times in the past 8 months and I wonder if that really messed up my gut. 
    Like a lot of people I wanted my wine Friday after being back at work full time. I am at one of the few schools that has in person learning, full time.  It can be stressful to say the least. Anyways due to lack of sleep and stress I have a little cold  which annoyed me.  So now I am just going to bed early and relaxing. Hopefully I will feel like getting back on the threadmill soon.  Here’s to a wonderful weekend.
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    50andstillhere reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I need to look for FFF too, I’ve only read the intro book and ISWF. 
    I’m feeling good today, soooooo glad I didn’t crack last night. Today I ran an absolutely belting 6km in well under 5 mins per km and did loads of jobs round the house.
    Maybe the tiger isn’t roaring yet but I think she’s just starting to purrrrrr ! 
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    50andstillhere reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    Saturday!! Day 9 - boy, I was missing my wine last night. What a week! Back to work fulltime next week but getting mentally ready after almost 4 weeks off seems harder than the actual work week will be. I did really, really well in taking 10 full days off - when you own your own business, taking time off is almost impossible.
    Aside from the wine whining we're doing okay. I suffer from depression and anxiety and this W30 #4 has, once again, demonstrated that it's mostly diet related. That makes me mad because I want this good feeling forever but this diet still feels restrictive so I really have to think about where I am going with this next. Just at the end of my W30 #3 my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I went from health to full on stress/distress for 9 solid months followed by an overwhelming grief for 4 months then %^&$! covid... so, this time, (fingers crossed) I will have a chance to decide what to do with what I know I need to be doing.
    In the meantime, day 9. It's sunny. Life is good.
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    BTW- I like to weigh myself everyday so it is hard not to step on that scale! That being said I can’t wait to see if I lost inches in my waist - I am assuming yes because I can already wear pants that were too tight before. 
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    BTW- I like to weigh myself everyday so it is hard not to step on that scale! That being said I can’t wait to see if I lost inches in my waist - I am assuming yes because I can already wear pants that were too tight before. 
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    50andstillhere reacted to christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I decided to go grocery shopping early this morning to get my spaghetti squash for dinner and grabbed some fresh produce. Here is my lunch -  grilled chicken on Bibb lettuce wraps topped with the lemon tahini sauce I made the other day (not drizzled, more like slathered on)  and topped with black olives and fresh parsley. I like using tahini for a different creamy topping than Mayo.
    As far an reintroductions,  I have been gluten and dairy free since 2017, so I won’t introduce those things,  but from experience, what bothers me in order starting worst is corn, rice, beans. So if I want say Mexican food, I try to just eat one of those instead of all 3...like tortilla chips! Or I have eaten grain free tortilla chips but then what happens is I start down the gluten free junk food road of pretzels, crackers, cookies, added sugar, etc. which really is the food with no brakes for me. Ideally I should eat the whole30 way and occasionally have wine! LOL 
    @Rebecca001 of course I want to weigh myself. Took the scale out of the bathroom and hid it in the closet! 

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    50andstillhere got a reaction from christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    So is this the place to be?   I would love to join this thread, if you are up for it. I am a little late to the party, but I started the program on Jan. 1 so I am 6 days in. I am still a little bloated but hanging in there. I have done this before, and i find the reintroduction the hardest part because I am bored with my cooking after 30 days, but since I, or anyone else , don’t have a social life, I find this Whole30 easier. (I won’t be tempted with wine or non-complicated food). So keep going everyone!

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    50andstillhere got a reaction from Rebecca001 in Question about forum vs social media.   
    Well here I am and it is Day 6. So far so good. I did go to chipotle for my daughter and they are now advertising Whole30 burrito bowls! They now have cauliflower rice. I may try it next time I go there. 
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    50andstillhere reacted to christine19 in Question about forum vs social media.   
    Hi I’m not on Facebook, etc. so I like the forums - last time I did Whole30 was 5 years ago and it was a very active group and super helpful. This time I first started posting with a group that started on January 4 even though I started on the 1st, but then someone started a January 1 forum. So I’ve been commenting on a few different forums and more are starting to participate. I think the issue is that some people start a new forum for every comment, instead of commenting on an existing forum. If you sort the forums by number of views or posts you can see the ones that are most active and then check out if the posts resonate with you! 
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from christine19 in Question about forum vs social media.   
    I thought the same thing about lack of people posting. I started today and I do enjoy the camaraderie. What day are you on? Hopefully you chose to dive right in anyways and I hope you are doing well.
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from becs in Whole30 for a reset   
    I too have already done a whole30, but I have decided to do another one because my stomach is just so bloated. So here is day 1 and it went pretty well since I already made lamb meatballs and potatoes. I can tell that I am already going through carb withdrawals and I am so use to having chocolate after dinner.  
    Good luck with day 2. Hopefully you will be able to regain your energy after being on this for a few days. Don’t be hard on yourself and perhaps extra sleep will help you too!
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Mama in need of a reset - starting late October   
    So When is everyone starting? I still have some pasta in the fridge so I want to start this Sunday- Oct. 25th. Anyone else beginning about that time? I have done this before and it is helpful for me that people are starting the same/somewhat date? Good luck to everyone!
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    50andstillhere reacted to heb2014 in Ann’s Struggles+Successes   
    I love that you are talking about this with your daughter. It hit me pretty hard last year after listening to Melissa Urban's Do the Thing Podcast where she interviewed Holly Whitaker. They talked about creating a life you don't want to escape from, and I was like "no way, that's not what I do". But then I started to realize it was exactly what I was doing - like when my patience ran thin with the kids or when I felt mom-guilt for something I did or didn't do: I just wanted a glass of wine so I didn't have to deal with the issues. And then I started noticing how often that sentiment shows up, this huge cliche of moms needing wine.  I heard that podcast before I did my first Whole30 and that's one of the things that really stuck afterwards - not that I don't drink anymore, but now it's only when I really want to, not because I feel like I deserve it because the kids were on my nerves.
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from enyaluna in Whole30 (possibly Whole50) round 2!   
    Nice job with your pictures ! 
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from Ann in Ann’s Struggles+Successes   
    I like all of your pictures of your meals! I wish mine looked so good. I have been eating a lot of compliant grass fed hot dogs from Whole Foods, plus fish. My shoulder is killing me too, probably from sleeping in my side, so tonight I will lean back and sleep in a lazy boy chair!
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from BeckyB in Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!   
    Are you feeling any better C_Cezeaux? Hopefully with extra veggies, and chicken broth you will get better quickly.  Well we made it to Saturday and i really need to prep tomorrow because I am eating the same things all the time and getting bored.  Thanks for the recipe links BeckyB because I will try them tomorrow.
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from BeckyB in It's wine o'clock, what are you doing besides drinking?   
    I think it is hard to go out with friends and not have a glass of wine- which is what I will be doing tonight. Nobody in the group cares , but I enjoy the vino.  I guess tea will do!
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    So far day 1 is going well. However, my resolve will be tested this week when i go to my favorite italian restaurant tomorrow (no wine, no pasta!) Then the next day, no garlic fries.  But, I will be with friends and family, so that is the most important thing to me.  Cheers to day 1!
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    50andstillhere got a reaction from BeckyB in Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!   
    Hi Ann and Becky, this is Lynn. I, too, have done a few whole 30's but i am in need of a clean slate. I have arthritis in my hands, which is getting worse with the foods that i eat.  The hard thing is giving up dairy and wine, but since my gut is getting bigger and bigger, I am motivated.  I look forward to encouragement from everyone.  I am not even prepped and Becky is doing so well with her prep.  Tomorrow I am off to Whole foods to get ready for this.